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The Residency of Lucknow that is also known as the British Residency is a group of several buildings in a common area located in the city of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. It was named “British Residency” as it was a residence of a British General who was a representative in the court of Nawabs. Although this building has faced various changes and destruction in history but serves as a place of great tourist attraction. Lawns and flowerbeds all around surround it and people love coming to this historical place. We all know that these historical places are now under the government’s control and the tourists require tickets to enter such places and to learn and explore about its history. 

This article aims to make its readers aware of the terms and conditions of sale of such tickets, and it is important to read these carefully to know what all are included in these terms and conditions, and other aspects related to the terms and conditions of sale of tickets of Residency, Lucknow.

Significance of terms and conditions

Meaning of terms and conditions 

Terms and conditions serve as one of the most essential ingredients of any contract. Many websites use these terms and conditions by giving them a title such as “Terms of Service”, “Terms of Use”, or “Disclaimers” but all these indirectly denote the terms and conditions of a website.

These are the clarification of the conditions on which the service or a product is provided to the user, and the user by having access to these services gives his/her consent to these terms and conditions. 

Importance of terms and conditions

It is important to include terms and conditions as they provide clarity to the users that under what conditions the services will be provided to them. All the pertinent things they need to do to have access to the services and under what conditions the users can enforce it. These set out the key commercial terms you are offering to the users and help the parties to understand their part of duties, rights, roles, and responsibilities. 

Usage of terms and conditions

These terms and conditions are used by the websites and other service providers to make its user get aware of everything related to its website/company. These websites use the terms and conditions to avoid any future disputes. By clicking “I Accept”, the users of the websites accept these terms and conditions and these become binding on both the parties and bind them in legal contractual obligations. So, it is not only advisable but mandatory for the websites/companies to have the terms and conditions on their website which a user shall accept before using its services.

Terms and conditions for the sale of tickets

In 2015, the Government of India allowed ticketing services for the sale of tickets of the Residency’s historical monuments for easy availability of these tickets to the tourists, provided that the websites providing such services shall not charge any extra fees, from the tourists beyond the one set by the government. The websites providing such sale of tickets of Residency, Lucknow like other websites require terms and conditions for the sale of tickets. 

The terms and conditions should have a few essential clauses and the website mentions these as per the government rules and regulations.

  • Description

The term description includes who the parties are and what is the role of this website. Apart from this, the description part includes the purpose of the terms and conditions. 

These terms and conditions shall apply in the website in order to provide the ticketing services for the Residency, Lucknow, and by clicking “I Accept” the purchaser shall give consent to these terms and conditions and these will become binding on you from the very moment.

  • Facilities

The facilities provided by the website are;

  1. Entry e-tickets of Residency, Lucknow;
  2. E-tickets for light and sound show of Residency, Lucknow;
  3. Parking and food tickets if required.
  • Restrictions

The websites mention the restrictions that are imposed on the visitors of Residency, Lucknow, and these restrictions are:

  1. No commercial photography shall be allowed;
  2. No foods from outside are allowed;
  3. No children below the age of 16 are allowed to enter the Residency without their guardians;
  4. No one can enter the Residency without Adhaar Card or any other identity card;
  5. No one is allowed to write anything on the walls of Residency or to spoil the monument by any means;
  6. A penalty of INR 500 will be imposed if anyone is found spitting, throwing garbage inside or near the premises, or is found writing on the walls of the monument;
  7. Smoking and tobacco is strictly prohibited;
  8. No arms and ammunition are allowed and anyone found with it shall be arrested immediately;
  9. No entry is allowed with proper masks;
  10. Anyone found having any of the covid symptoms or raise in normal temperature shall be forbidden from entering the premises;
  11. Anyone found doing any illegal act or omitting any laws and rules shall face legal proceedings;
  12. No one is allowed to enter the Residency before its opening hours i.e. 10 a.m., and no one shall be allowed to stay inside the Residency after its closing time at 7 p.m.
  • Payment

The website mentions the price of tickets as set by the Government of India. The visitors/tourists shall make the payment as per their category mentioned below:

  1. For Indian visitors: INR 50 per person (entry tickets)
  2. For Foreign visitors: INR 500 per person (entry tickets)
  3. Tickets for light and sound show: INR 200 per person (for all)
  4. Tickets for food: INR 250 per plate (for all)

Note that the tickets will not be available for the same day and 24 hours prior to booking is a must to purchase the e-tickets from the website.

  • Validity

The tickets shall be valid only for the date for which it is purchased. Also, no one except the one on whose name the ticket is purchased shall be allowed to enter the Residency or use the tickets.

  • Cancellation and refund

The website states here that you can cancel and refund the tickets purchased 2 days prior, the day for which you have purchased them. Once the date of entry tickets expires, the tickets shall be automatically canceled and no refund shall be provided in any case. 

  • Limitation of liability

It is hereby stated in the website shall not be liable for any injury, losses, or damages including physical, mental, and financial losses that may occur to you inside the Residency, Lucknow.

The website is liable for the services listed and shall hold no responsibility for anything inside the premises except for the validation of the tickets. 

In case anyone provides any wrong or incorrect information on the website, the authorities shall hold no responsibility for the same.

  • Unlawful use

It is further stated that in case anyone is found involved in any illegal/unlawful use of tickets or the website, he/she will be immediately barred from using the website and the tickets will be canceled.

  • Force majeure

In case of any force majeure situation including but not limited to the pandemic, flood, earthquake, etc.; the website shall not be liable for the delay in services and the purchased tickets shall be refunded. 

  • Warranties

The website is fully under the control of the government and has all authorized licenses to run this website and to provide e-ticketing services for Residency, Lucknow, and other tourist places. All the information uploaded on the website is completely true and valid. All and any of the information provided in the process of booking the tickets of Residency are fully protected and shall in no case be shared with any third party. 

  • Grievance redressal

In case of any query or grievance in relation to these terms and conditions, the person is free to contact the Residency either by writing his/her queries/grievances on the mail id given below or calling on the below mentioned contact number.

Email id- [email protected]

Contact no.- 2356678876544

Therefore if the purchaser agrees to all the terms and conditions he/she should proceed by clicking the “I Accept” option given below to book the tickets.


The terms and conditions of such websites as mentioned above come into force after it has been agreed by the users and comes into play wherever any party breaches its obligations as agreed. It is advisable to all that you should read all the terms and conditions properly before pressing the “I accept” button. Although it may take a few minutes, a precaution is always better than a cure. It is the free will of the Residency to accept these terms and conditions or not and it should not be overlooked in a hurry. The rich heritage of the Residency has been their pride for a long time, and they try to maintain it for their upcoming generations in order to feel the same pride due to the rich heritage. So, these terms and conditions mentioned above are just a step towards laying down certain duties to maintain the heritage and culture by reading, accepting, and implementing these terms and conditions properly.


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