For the first time in India, students have the opportunity to spend just one semester in the United States and earn a U.S. law school LL.M degree.

Under the GIFTED Program, students will spend the coming fall semester studying at JGU – the credits from which will in part (up to 12 credits) be eligible for transfer to Texas A&M Law.

The spring semester will then be spent in residence at Texas A&M Law, after which students will (subject to the successful completion of their courses) earn their LL.M degree from Texas A&M Law. Additionally, however, by combining the non-transferred credits from the fall and JGU credit for the student’s spring coursework (adding up to a minimum of 16 credits at JGU), students will be eligible to earn an LL.M from JGU as well.

For the 2020-21 academic year, tuition and academic fees for the program are expected to be approximately $24,000.

Have questions about the bar, OPT, or the application process? Contact Ananya Gupta at [email protected] or by phone at +91-7204686355, Autumn Lockett at [email protected], or JGLS representative Ms. Anshu Gupta at [email protected]

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