For the first time in India, students from GNLU will have the opportunity to enroll in the LL.M Pathway program created by Texas A&M School of Law with Gujarat National Law University. 

The students wishing to participate in the program may earn up to 12 credits at GNLU on a case-by-case basis which will be evaluated and transferred to Texas A&M School of Law as per the American Bar Association’s credit hour calculation.

Students will then spend one semester and possibly a summer term at Texas A&M School of Law, completing the rest of the 12 credit requirements to become eligible to receive an LL.M. from Texas A&M School of Law at the close of that period of study. 


Applications for Fall 2020 are being accepted now. 

Have questions about the tuition fees, visas, eligibility for the bar, OPT, or the application process? Contact Ananya Gupta at [email protected] or by phone at +91-7204686355, Autumn Lockett at [email protected], or GNLU representative Ms. Harsha Rajwanshi at [email protected].



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