Resilience of Body, Mind, and Soul
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This article is written by Priyanka Cholera, a student of MKES College of Law, Mumbai University.

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Geet Taneja is a Life elevation coach, Neuroplastician and Clinical Hypnotherapist), She has been working on Spirituality since past 15 years, she has studied Art of Living, Buddhism; She went on to become a Clinical Therapist, Past Life Regression Therapist, She has helped several people across the globe by conducting workshops and seminars. Alongside this, she sports a Corporate Career, to imply her learning and measure the impact.


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Is resilience of body, mind, and soul possible?

We as humans have formed this notion that anything good comes to us only after hardships or suffering, people underestimate the scope and impact of resilience and spirituality. There are many tools one can use to impact their lives immediately. Geet, says she has learned all this over fifteen years of Experience in Spirituality.

What should we know about our minds?

Happiness is a combination of three aspects in the same order i.e. 1) Mental Health, 2) Emotional Heath and 3) Physical Health. The Physical body has various energy fields. Before understanding the mention of the concept, one has to understand the Mind. Our Minds comprise two types of Consciousness or Two Parts of mind, such as The conscious mind that makes up 10% of it and the Subconscious Mind that is 90% of the rest of the mind. 

Our, conscious mind is our senses and our engagement in reality, like talking, listening or thinking, Hence when we go to sleep our conscious mind is entirely inactive, and during our sleep, our subconscious mind is active, it starts storing everything, you came to cross while you were awake, Every memory and every emotion that you did register or paid attention to, even that memory is stored in Sub- Conscious Mind. Hence everything we feel or believe, every memory is provided from our subconscious mind.

During a bad- phase, everyone tells you to think positively, but it is very difficult to do so when you’re incapable of producing positive thoughts, all these difficulties can be dealt with, by working with our Subconscious Mind.

How thoughts influence our mental health?

All the thoughts that we think are creating our reality externally as well as internally, hence our thoughts also determine the secretion of all ‘happy hormones’ such as serotonin and oxytocin and functioning of organs in the body; Thought is the origin of everything that we feel, for e.g. if you think about a situation negatively, your brain will reduce the amount happy hormones.

Thus our outlook towards any situation is very important.

Whenever we think a negative thought, it ultimately causes it to have negative emotions, eventually resulting in Bad health. Geet, concludes that Negative Thoughts, Negative emotions are interlinked.

When thinking continually, that thought due to repetition becomes a pattern and it starts controlling your life as if it is on Auto-Pilot.

All the questions such as why am I not getting my due, despite working hard? Why am I not attracting good things? All these answers lie in your Sub-Conscience. 

How do we enhance our Mental Well Being?

The first and foremost task is to delete all the negative thoughts in your subconscious mind, and unfortunately, it is the most unestimated conversation. An affirmative change, stems only from the subconscious mind, trying to change your conscious mind will only bring temporary results. e.g. Many of us have difficulties maintaining long term relationships, despite changing partners, the pattern of unsuccessful relationships doesn’t change; The moment we let go of the unhealthy beliefs our life starts changing for the better.

How do we delete unhealthy beliefs?

Geet shares that there are many ways to deal with the said issue but she professionally uses Faster EFT; Hypnotherapy is also an option to do the same.

The second step is to make conscious positive thinking patterns, while you’re at eradicating bad thoughts, you should also focus on making new neural pathways for developing new habits, like when you wake up in the morning, you have been conscious about your first thoughts and make sure you are consuming positive words.

The third is inner-dialogue, we’re always talking to ourselves, all humans have a voice that communicates with them, we have to make sure we’re having positive dialogues only, we have to be more loving and kinder to ourselves to heal. We have to become our own biggest fan and support ourselves in the same way. Whatever we create inside our head it will be created in external reality. 

How can we take care of our emotional health?

Since we have begun our life or been conceived, there has been an intake of negative thoughts, we have collected it and stacked it over the years because no one has taught us how to deal with it. The storage of negative thoughts in mind seeps into the physical body and it starts creating diseases. Hence it’s crucial that we clean our mind like we clean our house, all the emotional baggage that you have been carrying for so long has been ridden. 

For instance, If a stranger addresses you as Idiot and you feel triggered by it even though that person is a stranger and knows nothing about you, still you feel agitated because in your sub-conscience mind there is memory stored regarding it; if the same situation happens to a person who has no memory of people criticizing him he will not be offended because there is nothing in his Subconscious mind to trigger him.

How do we enhance our emotional well being?

One of the ways to do it with immediate results is the EFT technique, Geet speaks from her own experience.

The second way is to Forgive others and Yourself is very important, whenever you practice it you will feel like a boulder lying on your chest has been taken off. And after practicing forgiveness you might realize how much weight you have been carrying for so long. Once you let someone go you will question yourself and say “why didn’t I think about it earlier? Why was carrying so much burden?”

Breathing techniques and meditation also help to let out not only the emotional charge but also the mental patterns.

All the above-mentioned techniques take time and patience to show impact, because all of our lives we have been sleepwalking and all of a sudden you wake up you can’t be expected to excel at it at once, we have given ourselves the time to process it.

How does Mental Well Being impact on our Physical Health? 

Our thoughts, our emotions impact our physical health, and 90% of people are not aware of it. All the negative thoughts and trauma get stored in your body, and after a point, it manifests the diseases. A lot of research and documentation has been done on the said topic and it has helped to find out the relationship between certain thoughts and body organs. E.g. Liver Problems indicated pressed anger, lungs represent peak sadness, etc.

Geet shares her personal experience about diseases that she could cure for her clients by Faster EFT sessions.

Why are people facing Mental health issues in lockdown, more than they did ever?

Lockdown has caused people to introspect and face themselves hence the confrontation has been difficult for many people. 

Youngsters from the current generation use tools like toxicities which include alcohol along with partying to distract themselves from facing their emotions, and from the fear of being alone. And now due to lockdown, all the outgoing activities are restricted and people are forced to be ourselves. This transition is very important because we have never really spent the time to know and connect with our inner self. People are so busy making relationships with others they forget to make one with themselves.

How can people form personal boundaries?

In lockdown people are stuck with smaller houses and with many people in such cases, it can be difficult to have personal boundaries and privacy.

It is very important to know all the boundaries are first created in our minds, imagine there are three concentric circles, and the center of the circle you’re present, in that first circle no one is allowed to join, neither family nor friends. 

But in all cases, we invite everyone inside the circle, including partners and relationships. The first and foremost thing we can do is form boundaries in our minds and realize that NOBODY can come into my inner circle, then comes your next circle where you might consider adding other people. 

In space of your first circle, you should have dialogue that happens exclusively in that space, and mental boundaries do not imply physical boundaries, once you create these boundaries in your head people around you will start picking on it.

How can people from all age groups deal with mental health problems effectively?

Geet shares her expertise that, a problem for all age group arise from relationships. How our friends, parents, partners, bosses, and children treat us has a huge impact on our well being and everything beings with it; e.g. Self-esteem issues are common across all age groups, one can be 80 years old and still have a problem loving themselves and accepting themselves.

The first step will always be to form a relationship with ourselves that consists of love and affection and encourages yourself to do things that make you happy and say things that you want to say, and not look for the same love and affection outside.

How does the journey of self-love begin?

To reach self-love there is a path that we all come across, over the years we have criticized and hurt ourselves, and to reach self-love we have to go through the phase of confronting ourselves about it and letting it go, which can be difficult but it is undeniable.

Why do we seek validation from others?

All the lives we have been shown the outside world only and given the desire to conquer it, no one has ever told us to look within and discover. In her opinion, we should conquer the world inside us and everything we want to conquer outside will be added as a bonus. 

As a child how did your parents respond to your needs, achievements, or failures, validation needs for the rest of your life depend on it? E.g. if your parents were never satisfied with your results as a child, then you will look for it from everyone around you, and as a grown-up too you never be satisfied with what you achieve or never feel validated by anyone.

To overcome this, one has to realize that they cannot go back in time and fix anything, you can change those patterns by doing exercises. Such as whenever you have done something good, face yourself in the mirror and tell your reflection “I am proud of you”, even when you have a bad day tell yourself in Mirror “it is alright, I know it happened, you don’t have to be upset, we’ll figure it out”, despite the simplicity of this exercise it has great impacts.

Why does set back in a romantic relationship affect us so much?

While we’re growing up, we consume a lot of content In forms of movies and shows which set unrealistic standards for ourselves and our partners, and especially women who have been taught to delay everything till they get married, such delay will pile up a lot of unrealistic expectations.

In reality, no prince is charming or white horses, she explains that whatever you see in your partner is a reflection of your internal self, hence if you don’t love yourself, you won’t be able to seek in others too.

Hence if you choose someone out of self-love, it won’t be because of the lack of love but the excess of it.

Questions by Audience 

Why do people suffer from insomnia?

Insomnia is output or symptom of what is happening inside us that needs to heal, just like insomnia all the body diseases are communication methods through which our body tells us to stop looking outside and go within; it means to like something is bothering you, and your Sub- Conscious is fighting for your attention, it is telling you “listen to me, there is something wrong, you need to look here”.

How can someone begin their journey without a coach?

Geet shares her experience that she started her spiritual journey very young and she did not have access to anyone. So her journey began with reading books and learning about spirituality through various sources. But it is always advisable to have a coach because we cannot recognize troublesome patterns within us by ourselves.

What books do you Suggest to read? 

 The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, The Power by Rhonda Byrne, You Can Heal Your Life by Louis Hay, Vishen Lakhiani’s The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, Secret, The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness, Book by Inna Segal.

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