This article is written by Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO, LawSikho.

This morning I got a call from a lawyer who is above 50. He did two courses from NUJS which were managed by us. He was asking what we are doing these days. 

I told him about LawSikho. So no university certificates anymore? He asked.

I said no sir, we decided against working with any university. We are able to offer better courses now and ensure better results now that we have the autonomy, I said.  Also there are already so many university courses. One could do a UGC recognised course from IGNOU or NALSAR or NLSIU if they want. We need to offer something more valuable than a university certificate to win in this game.

Let the universities offer the courses they can. They see these courses as a side opportunity to make a bit of money. This is not their real focus.

I don’t want to play their game. I will create a new game. 

And that’s what we do at LawSikho.

Our courses are not about certificates! It’s about you being better at your work. It’s about a lawyer having competitive advantage over his peers. It’s about an entrepreneur knowing cutting edge legal insights that he can use to get ahead in his game. It’s about a business executive learning law effectively so that he can apply those lessons in his day to day work, dazzle the leadership and climb the ladder faster than the rest.

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It’s about a lawyer doing his work faster and with more aplomb and getting his clients a better outcome. It’s about a law student working hard to learn new skills every week so that he knows as much as a 2nd year associate knows after working in a law firm. 

And that’s a different game. The universities are not even ready to play this game. 

And that’s why LawSikho does not need any university certification to survive.

We don’t even have any competition!

And that actually makes our certificate a lot more valuable. People who get the certificate have jumped through some hoops, and the industry has noticed the impact we have been making. And that’s why industry leaders like ITC, ICICI Bank and Mahindra rely on us to train their lawyers and executives.

Who cares if you got some certificate from a university? I doubt it will make a career for you. On the other hand, a LawSikho premium course could totally jumpstart your career in a fresh new way.

So the lawyer I was speaking to said yeah, if I learn from you how to do IBC work at the NCLT how do I care if I got a certificate. I am beyond that now!

And that’s the business we are in. 

Just to be clear, any course you do with us, the certificate we send to your address is issued by a private company, and has no recognition, accreditation or affiliation from any university, government or third party. And you will find it very hard to find a course that will give you more bang on the buck than our courses.

If you still want to do a government recognised course, feel free to ask us. We will even tell you which ones are better than the rest.

We have no competition with them. We are a notch above.

Here are some of the courses you could enroll in today and start learning


Diploma in Intellectual Property, Media and Entertainment Laws  

Diploma in Advanced Contract Drafting, Negotiation and Dispute Resolution 

Diploma in M&A, Institutional Finance and Investment Laws (PE and VC transactions) 

Diploma in Cyber Law, Fintech Regulations and Technology Contracts 

Diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws 

Diploma in Companies Act, Corporate Governance and SEBI Regulations 

Executive Certificate Courses

Certificate in Labour, Employment and Industrial Laws for HR Managers 

Certificate Course in Advanced Criminal Litigation & Trial Advocacy  

Certificate course in Companies Act 

Certificate course in Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 

Certificate Course in Advanced Corporate Taxation 

Certificate Course in Advanced Civil Litigation: Practice, Procedure and Drafting 




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