All things are indeed created twice

This article is written by Komal Shah, Content Head, Team iPleaders.

I hated Mills and Boons. For those who aren’t aware, Mills & Boons were the love stories in vogue a long time before the Twilight brigade came along. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t have fantasies. Except these would have me as the heroine all along. I didn’t dream of knights in shining armour rescuing me, I would dream of kicking some corrupt goons in their behind. Or if there ever was a hero, his role was to be dragging me out of the office close to midnight to have a romantic stroll on the beach. Seeing as this write up was initiated at about 11.34 PM and then halted in the middle, I am living the dream.

Speaking of dreams, a sage saying goes – ‘All things are created twice – first in the mind, and then, in reality.’ Trust me, it’s true. While going through one training, I was introduced to a scientific technique called ‘relaxation’ coupled with ‘visualisation’. You can read about it here. It relates to bringing your subconscious mind to a level where it accepts suggestions and then using visualisation to make it work precisely in the direction you want it to work.

I picked up the technique quickly because I absolutely didn’t mind daydreaming. On one occasion, I recall that I put the daydream in detail, down on paper and submitted it as a write up for the journal of the Ahmedabad Chapter of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. To my astonishment, it was published. Not only that, a senior professional probably found the imagery to be splendid, and wrote back to the chapter stating he was impressed with my vision. I got fan mail for my daydream!!

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Sportspersons use this technique thoroughly. They see themselves damaging the other team the day before the matches. They see all the details – they see how they negotiated a difficult situation and still managed to bowl that unimaginable yorker to dislodge the stumps. They see how they kicked the football from miles away and brought it within the goal post. They see how they hit the final punch to knock out the opponent. You’ve got to dream it, in every single detail, feel it and sense it and believe in it. When you do this, your mind picks up the suggestions. It’s incredible how magically you will see situations turning to your advantage – it’s like there is an angel in the sky, listening to whatever you are telling yourself.  

Why not use this for your career? You wanna be Harvey Specter, see yourself as one, striped suits and cocky lines included. You wanna be one hell of an M&A lawyer, see yourself working on the deals. Your mind will automatically bring you to acquiring the right skills and make you do things towards being that. You wanna be negotiating contract clauses with the opposing counsels and ‘one-upping’ them every time? See this happen. Feel it. Feel it in your bones, how you won the negotiation for your client. The suggestions you give your mind do turn into reality. When? This depends on how detailed your vision is, and how fast you act on what your mind asks you to. Time is precious. Don’t waste it.

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