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This article is written by Suman Agarwal, she is an award-winning Image Management Professional.

With the world going global, there’s a huge demand for Image Consultants who can help others be confident and project a long-lasting image to achieve success. Which is why image consulting is one of the hottest career paths of the century. Moreover, you do not need a certain qualification or have to be a certain age to become an Image Consultant. This brings us to the question:

Who is an Image Consultant?

An Image Consultant is a certified image professional who helps others in grooming, styling, and presentation so that they can achieve greater success in their professional lives. 

However, becoming an Image Consultant doesn’t guarantee success. Success requires you making the right decisions at every step along the way and putting in conscious efforts to evolve every day. 

So, read out to find out what should be done before and after becoming an Image Consultant to ensure success. 

Before You Become an Image Consultant 

Ask Yourself if You’re the Right Fit – It is very important to know that you’re making the right decision. So, before you choose to become an Image Consultant, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have great communication skills?
  • Am I very particular about the details?
  • Am I passionate about changing lives with counselling and training?
  • Am I confident and a good public speaker?
  • Do I have a good dressing sense?

If your answer to all these questions is ‘Yes’, then you have a great potential at making a glorious career in image consulting 

Choose a Great Image Consulting Institute – A good image consulting institute or an image management course can make a world of difference in shaping your career. So, do your research both online and offline to make sure that you choose only the best image consulting course. Here are a few checks you must make before confirming an institute:  

  • Look for reviews online and find out how successful image consulting professionals certified from that institute are. 
  • Check if the institute offers certifications in accreditation with credible national and international institutes. 
  • Check if the institute offers a world-class curriculum. 

Find Your Expertise – Image consulting courses train you in a multitude of areas including grooming, styling, public speaking, presenting, shopping assistance, and much more. This allows you to explore multiple glam career paths. Based on your strengths and availability, you can choose opportunities that will also allow you to grow. 

One of the greatest advantages of choosing to become an Image Consultant is that you can pick more than one glam career and always keep it interesting. Here are a few career options an image consulting certification opens for you: 

  • Personality Development
  • Celebrity Stylist
  • Grooming and Etiquette Coach
  • Corporate Image Consulting 
  • Makeover Consultant
  • Wedding Consultant
  • Personal Stylist
  • Event Stylist, etc. 

After You Become an Image Consultant

Set Up Your Individual Image Consulting Firm – With the business enablement support from your image consulting institute, you can set up your own firm. You can set up your business without any field experience or can choose to first establish a client base. However, just setting up the firm isn’t sufficient. You must market yourself and your business online so that you are easily discoverable. Here are a few things you can do: 

  • Create a website and optimize it for the most searched image consulting keywords. 
  • Promote your services on social media channels and mention your social media account information on your business card. 
  • Create a blog and write informational content to provide value. 
  • List your business on Google. 
  • Conduct webinars, workshops and training sessions online.  

Keep Upgrading Yourself – Once you become an Image Consultant, you must stay relevant to stay in business. Hence, use additional training courses and tools to educate and upskill yourself continuously. The key to becoming successful is always being open to learning since a learning attitude will help you seize every opportunity that comes your way. 

Soft skills training has great market potential in the 21st century. So, you can opt for a soft skills training course to gain additional expertise. 

Walk the Talk – You can be successful only when you practice what you preach. Hence, to inspire others to be confident and in presenting themselves brilliantly, you must look good and leave an impression on your clients that doesn’t fade easily. 

Consistency and dedication are sure-shot ways to set yourself up for success. So, follow the tips above and prepare to make it big. All the best!

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