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This article is written by Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO, LawSikho.

Tomorrow we have the first class of our Legal Practice Development and Management course. It is admittedly our most premium course, as we charge INR 25,000 plus GST for a 20-week course. 

Who is my guest for the first session of the Legal Practice Development and Management Course, tomorrow?

My first session will be with Nipun Bhatia, Vice President, Strategic process & process redesigning, Legal League Consulting. Nipun has helped over 300 law firms with various strategic services in the course of his career in law firm management for close to 10 years. 

I am just going to quote from his LinkedIn profile here:

While law firm management and strategy planning have been the areas of my specialization since 2010, at Legal League Consulting I have been at the forefront of innovative developments during the times when the legal sector is constantly reinvigorating itself. Key areas of my practice include exploring mergers, acquisitions, alliance and tie-ups among law firms in India, helping law firms and legal departments in structuring themselves (often experimenting with hybrid partnership structures), promoting new and upcoming niche practice areas, professionalization and outsourcing of business support functions, running legal departments like mini law firms; and growing reliance on automated technology-driven solutions.

I have extensively been working with several client organizations including Indian Law Firms, Corporate Departments and Foreign Law Firms, assisting them in managerial and strategic aspects of organizational management, right from top-level strategy, decisions on mergers, acquisitions, alliances, brand strategy, practice management to human resource and knowledge management. I have played an active role as a catalyst in transforming how the legal industry works and have been reckoned as an expert in the fields of strategy and business planning, partnership structuring, practice development, alliances with Indian or Foreign Firms and Brand Strategy.

I am expecting to learn a lot from Nipun tomorrow, especially given that every conversation I had with him so far has been very enlightening for me!

I will keep you updated on the future guest lectures for the Legal Practice Development and Management course also. 

In other news, there is an important and temporary change I am making to the Legal Practice Management course. Given the great demand for the course, I have decided that we should run it not merely like a course that concludes in 20 weeks, but more as a learners club. All the features of the course remain as usual, but on top of that, we are adding a plethora of new benefits.

This is based on a lot of feedback I have received. This new benefit will be extended to those who already bought the course as well.

What are these benefits?

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Attend all classes and expert-sessions throughout the year, no extra charges

Benefit Number 1: there would be one class every week, in which we would discuss a very critical aspect of growing a law practice, or management. For example, how to structure partnerships in a better way, how to incentivize and retain talent, how to manage the quality of work while scaling up a law practice, how to build a brand as a legal service provider, how to use technology to grow your client base faster and so on. 

I realized that there are way too many topics and I can’t cover them all in 20 weeks. Hence, I have decided that whoever subscribes to the program, would be able to attend all the lectures that will take place over one year starting this September, and can continue to access recordings of past lectures also.

We will take in new learners every two months, as there is a lot of demand for this course

Benefit Number 2: people can join the program anytime, even in the middle. There is no beginning or middle as such, and we will let new cohorts join every 2 months. People who join late can also watch the sessions that have already taken place as video recordings will be updated, although they will miss the opportunity to interact with the experts personally through video conferencing. 

That’s why being late is not a great idea. By joining early you get more. We are keeping the admissions open, join the Legal Practice Management Course today if you like, so you can attend tomorrow’s session.

What else can we do?

We are always looking for more ways in which we can provide more value to our students, within the boundaries of what is possible. This course and the new measures to provide more value to learners is a part of that effort.

Switching batches made easier

In our other courses also, we are making it easy for you to shift to another batch if for any reason you fall behind the schedule of a batch and need more time to catch up. For example, if you join a course that has a batch for January 2019 to December 2019, and miss half the classes for some reasons and find it hard to do the assignments, and want to shift to a batch starting from January 2020, we may allow you to do so at our cost! No charges! This added flexibility will help many learners to finally finish their courses, and we are excited about that.

You can expect us to become more learner-friendly as LawSikho grows, and we have more financial and organizational muscles to support our learners in a better way. 

Do you have other ideas about what we could do? Do not hesitate to share.

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