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This article is written by Abhishek Dubey, a law student. This article discusses the top labour and employment law firms in India along with the top advice. He is pursuing a Diploma in M&A, Institutional Finance and Investment Laws (PE and VC transactions) from

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Employment law is a broad area of law that covers the relationship between employees and employer; and union and employees etc. Labour lawyers work mainly on behalf of the union and members. In doing so, they are working under the National Labour Laws in India which encourages collective bargaining and govern worker organisation and interaction with the employer. Compliance with labour and employment law has become one of the most important issues that many companies in India have to deal with. Many of the employment disputes result in litigation.

The labour and employment law firms provide mainly the following services:

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  • Trade unions and employment-related litigation.
  • Disciplinary and departmental proceedings.
  • Employment rights and related benefits.
  • Constitutional rights and remedies.
  • Employment and service contracts.
  • Strikes and layouts, etc.

According to legal and other sources, some of the top labour and employment law firms in India are:

1. Induslaw

Indus law  is an Indian law firm advising clients worldwide on an Indian Law in relation to their business goals, business strategies and resolving disputes. It was founded in the year 2000, having its office at different places across India: Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad. It provides advice to corporates, investors, funds, financial institutions, borrowers and contractors etc. The lawyers and law firms are ranked by various guides and publications of National and International repute. Indus law employment law team advises the clients across all matters including litigation, transactional, etc. Indus law assists the management of employment risk across all levels and they advise the client on employment-related and compliance issues, as well as day to day support for the human resource department and in-house counsels. They also advise employment agreements and policies, structuring of compensation and benefits, employment aspects of merger and takeover, etc. The Indus law labour and employment team consists of 6 partners, principal associate, 3 senior associates and 4 associates. The Indus law’ key clients are Uber India, Honey well, Flipkart, metro cash and carry, Baxter pharmaceuticals etc. Avik Biswas crucial people here.

Top advice by the Indus Law

  • They Advise Heinz Craft India including mediation proceedings before deputy labour commissioner, providing a solution for temporary workers.
  • Represented the CFO of Infosys, Rajiv Bansal in arbitration proceedings for suspended payment.
  • Advised Shell India for “employees’ provident fund”.
  • Advised Shell India recommending that Uber Technologies procedure should be followed for giving compensation to senior management after they are terminated. 

Publications by Indus law in Labour and Employment law

  • The latest direction is given by Employees’ provident fund for inspection, establishment and proceedings.
  • Proposal to amend the employee provident fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1955.
  • Publications of India and the Gig economy.
  • Approval of code on wages by the Union Cabinet in 2019.
  • Prohibition of sexual harassment by Maharastra Government and Telangana government for the establishment of Internal Committees.
  • Publication on Gujarat shops and Establishment Act and also the Regulation of Employment and Service Act.
  • Special allowance to befall within the meaning of basic wages.

2. Khaitan and company

Khaitan and company are one of the oldest and full-service provider law firms in India founded by Debi Prasad Khaitan in the year 1911. Khaitan and company have its four branches across India in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, Kolkata. For more than 100 years, it has been providing services to domestic and foreign clients. Khaitan and company provide help in employee restructuring, labour law compliances, crisis responses and equity-based restructuring. Abhimanyu Pal is a team stand out senior associate in Khaitan and company and Anshul Prakash is head of a team of labour and employment law. The clients of Khaitan and company are Apax Partners, Conduent, Match Group, Innogy, Gates corporation and Aditya Birla and retail corporation.

Top advice by Khaitan and company

  • Provides assistance to Housing Development Finance Corporation for their employment issues such as code and conduct of employment issues.
  • Review and drafting of employment policies and employment and consultancy agreements.
  • Transfer of its employees from HR services to the new entity.
  • Advised Aditya Birla corporation on the structuring of employees and employee provident funds across the various states including West Bengal, New Delhi etc.
  • Defended Merks in a case filed by ex-employees for recovery of terminal dues.

Publications of Khaitan and company in labour and employment law

  • Publication by Khaitan and company in the general labour market and litigation trends.
  • Publication on general practice and restrictive covenants.
  • Discrimination protection.
  • Protection against dismissal.
  • Employees policy and statutory employment protection.

3. Kochar and company

Kochar and company are one of India’s leading and the largest law firms with more than 200 lawyers, present in 6 locations of India namely New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon and Hyderabad. The firm offers its services in the area of corporate and commercial law, dispute resolution and intellectual property etc. Kochar and company offer various services to the clients advising clients on various employment law and regulations, preparing of labour law compliances, individual and collective bargaining, employee handbook and policies of human resources. The firm also advises multinational corporations for their branches in India with the most suitable human resources policies. Debjani Aich advises in compliance with the prevention of sexual harassment laws, internal policy reforms and Vijay Ravi advises clients regularly on misconduct allegations, internal allegations and wrongful restraint. The clients of Kochar and company include Standards and Poor Global, One Plus, DS Smith, Ely Lilly, Parexel etc.

Top advice by Kochar and company

  • Prefered employment counsel to S & P global.
  • Provides assistance with the various employment contracts including daycare service agreements, settlement agreements and employment services.
  • Handling of consultation and sensitive employment terminations, separation as a result of the police investigation.
  • Retained by OnePlus China to conduct comprehensive pan India due diligence to ensure employment law compliance.

Publication by Kochar and company

  • Special allowance under the Employment Provident Fund Act, 1952 needs to be special.
  • The doctrine of a single economic entity and corporate separateness.
  • The fear of the unknown.
  • Requirement of continuous services under Industrial Dispute Act, 1947.
  • The legal issue of termination of employment of probationary employees.
  • Applicability of anti-sexual harassment policies.
  • Harassment of women at the workplace.

4. Nishith Desai and associates

Nishith Desai and associates earned a huge reputation by having Asia’s most innovative law firm award. It gives advice to Indian companies for expanding their business. Nishith Desai and associates have established its offices in India and beyond India such as Singapore, Munich and New york. The firm has been recognised as the most innovative law firm of the year 4 times in a row from the year 2014 to 2017. Nishith Desai and associates specialise in employment and labour practice. In India, employment law is based on the law made by the federal state, administrative as well as judicial decisions. The key fields of labour and employment law are headed by Vikram Shroff for large scale downsizing clients, regulatory compliances and employee stock option plan structuring. The clients of Nishith Desai and associates are Aditya Birla groups, Advent International, Agami System and ITP publishing etc.

Top deals by Nishith Desai and associates

  • It made labour law compliances easier in Bangalore.
  • The injunction of the High Court against its sector employees.
  • Increment of wage ceiling.

Publications by Nishith Desai and Associates

  • Construction workers benefit from social security.
  • The state government has the best safety for women in the technology sector.
  • India’s law on child labour law needs to be addressed properly.
  • Labour law compliance to be made easily in Bangalore.
  • Pension and retirement benefit 2013 publication.
  • Business transfer and employees rights.
  • India’s new law on the prohibition of sexual harassment at the workplace.
  • Social security agreements in international taxation.

5. Trilegal 

Trilegal is India’s most leading law firm across four cities of India: Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai and Gurgaon. It has represented the clients invaluable and high profile transactions. Trilegal areas of expertise include merger and acquisition, private equity and venture capital and energy and projects etc. In the practice of Trilegal labour and employment law, Atul Gupta brings huge expertise to a large scale retrenchment. The team handles tribunal dispute and internal investigation, concerning confidentiality breaches, breach of restrictive covenants. Swarnima is a leading voice in me too campaign and provides training to employers across the country. Negotiation with the non-unionized workers in the manufacturing sector is also practised by Trilegal. The clients of Trilegal include Google, Vice Media, Intercontinental exchange, PayPal, Spotify etc.

Top advice by Trilegal

  • Provided assistance to Bytedance in establishing its operation in India from HR and employment point of view.
  • Advised Bank of Baroda for employment and human resource policy with the triplicate merger with Dena Bank and Vijaya bank.
  • Advised Accenture for notification issued by the Karnataka government on minimum wage notifications.
  • Provided assistance to Pfizer in its proposal to frame organisational HR policies. 

Publications by Trilegal

  • Publication on the government to bring into force the payment of gratuity.
  • Publication on the effective benefit of maternity benefit.
  • Recent changes in employment laws.
  • Maternity benefits closer to reality and in force publications.

6. ALMT Legal

ALMT Legal is a highly recognised law firm in India having great expertise in advising the clients in India as well as outside India. It consists of 70 lawyers and 20 partners. ALMT has been recognised as India’s top bracket firm. The employment team of ALMT legal help in advising clients with all practical and legal issues occurring due to engagement of employees, directors and independent directors contract. ALMT legal also solves the problem arising out of employee and employer relationship. The lawyers of the ALMT legal offers services to international employers and senior executive services across different sectors of industry. Due to a change in Labour and employment practice with the foreign employer and employees issues, more consideration is required with the contractual workforce with employer and employee relationship.

Nowadays it is important for the employer to give employee stock option plans and other benefits and incentives to employees, the ALMT legal provides the solution to organisations with such issues. The firm advises the client to adopt internationally accepted policies and procedures for all these systems. The employment law and practice include employment and service contracts, employment litigation, non-competition, tax laws etc. Aliff Fazelbhoy leads the labour and employment law, Ahetesham Ahmed A. Thaver is recognised for providing legal advice to clients India as well as across the world. Recent advise by ALMT legal includes working hours for working employees in the organisation, prevention of sexual harassment, conciliation proceedings etc.

Top advice by ALMT legal

  • Advised the global tax structure and employee stock option plan.
  • Advised on various aspects of Indian employment law generally, termination of employment, termination and service contract, drafting terms and tax structuring laws.
  • Advised a large number of global banks with their human resource policy.
  • Advised a US financial product to set up a call centre services across 6 locations of India and issue regarding the employment of women in the workplace.
  • Advised software multinational corporations with respect to their termination, appointment and disciplinary proceedings.

7. AZB and partners

AZB and partners work in the entire sector of employment law. The firm tries to work with unique solutions to the client applicable according to laws. The AZB and partners are involved in drafting and reviewing contracts including non compete and non-solicitation clause. The firm also provides training to managers and other employees for recent regulations. The firm also reviews and provides a handbook for employees with important regulations. One of the common things of business is the termination of employees just either for any reason or either the scheme of business. The firm also offers services to the employees in case of termination which has been given to the employees who are offered protection under central laws. It also advises  on employment issues in case of merger or acquisition by way of share sale or business transfer, specialised labour council for voluntary and retirement scheme provides assistance in an investigation relating to sexual harassment at the workplace, handling allegations for senior employees. AZB and partners handle the issue of multinational companies clients arising because of culture, language etc. Nohid Nooreyezdan and Sunila Awasthi regularly advise clients regarding the internal investigation as well as an internal investigation, sexual misconduct etc.. The firm also advises protection data privacy that is related to cybercrime happening due to employees misconduct. The clients of AZB and partners include Amazon Seller Services, Thomson Reuters etc.

Top advice by AZB and partners 

  • Advised large e-commerce companies on various employment issues including compensation restructuring, maternity benefits and proceeding for defence etc.
  • Advised multinational banks in regulation of banking industry, unit closure and unique banking industry policy.
  • Provided assistance to European Technology with company manufacturing operation in India with the investigation into the unethical practice and investigation and proper procedure for investigation as well as termination.
  • Provides assistance regarding the child sexual abuse and women sexual harassment policy, the provision benefits, maternity benefits etc.
  • Provides mass media companies in relation to the compliance laws including remuneration, exit strategy and termination etc.

Publications by AZB and Partners

  • Publication on Employees Compensation Act, 1923.
  • Publication on Code on Security Rule 2019.
  • Drafting code on wage rules.
  • Drafting code on social security.
  • Publication on diversity and equality law.

8. Jyoti Sagar and Associates

Jyoti Sagar and associates have a team of experienced employment law specialists who work with clients from a wide range of sectors to tackle the problem of employment issues across India. Lawyers of the Jyoti Sagar and associates have wide experience of handling the case in the practically sensible employment-related problem. The lawyers have an extensive and practically related sensitive problem. JSA also offers employer training that they are meeting with compliance obligations, policy matters and employer and employee relationship, policy matters, employee disputes etc.

They advise on conducting background and checks that the client work in compliance with workplace laws, the issue with directors from executive and non-executive, assuring employment, and labour aspect deal to minimise associated risks and ensure legal compliance, advising compliance and investigation, programme and policy, obtaining license and registration under contract law labour statue, advising on procedure for disciplinary inquiry, hiring, remuneration, taxes and termination of employees, conducting employee audits to evaluate legal compliances, designing documentation, reviewing and operating all types of benefits and plans, advising on international employment issues with subject to remuneration, social security benefits, taxation issue also the Indian law applicable. Jyoti Sagar and associates have a strong regulatory aspect related to employment and labour practices, regularly designing and making compliance-related to the problem related to handling the investigation of employee misconduct. The clients of Jyoti Sagar and Associates include Sistema Shyam and Technologies, Mercer India consulting.

Top advice by Jyoti Sagar and Associates 

  • Advised Mercer India consulting on its acquisition of Induslynk training services.
  • Advised Semiconductor and Software solutions for the transfer of employees due to acquisition.
  • Advised research and advisory company for an internal investigation of employees misconduct.
  • Assisted an online marketplace and hospitality provider services with formulating and advising in anti-discriminatory laws. 
  • Provided assistance with sexual misconduct by a senior director in a weighing equipment company.

Publication by Jyoti Sagar and associates

  • The impact of #MeToo in corporate companies.
  • The legal implication of #MeToo.
  • Dealing with employment laws in the modern workplace.

9. Majmudar and Partners

Majmudar and partners employment law practice are good. It has been recognised by various legal research directories. The work of employment law practice includes advising and drafting employee agreements, designing of Human resource policies, giving advice on retrenchment and termination of employees, contract labour laws and establishment of shops under Shops and Establishment Act, 1953 structuring stock option and employee benefit agreements and counselling of Indian companies under employment law. The head of labour and employment law is N Raja Sujith and Neerav Merchant and their practice include reviewing and implementing internal maternity benefits, people and disability act, drafting of non compete and non-solicitation agreements advising on minimum pay requirements. The clients of Majmudar and partners include International financial institutions, manufacturer and technologies companies. The key clients of Majmudar and partners include MBB labs, CRU group, 1 FB support services, Gallagher service centre, Gallup, viagra etc. 

Top advice given by Majmudar and Partners 

  • Advised MBB labs, the subsidiary of May Bank, on the review and finalisation of the employee handbook, offer letter and employee agreements and also advised in issue relating to the transfer and termination of employees.
  • Advising 1 FB support services on termination of employees resulting from an information leak.
  • Advised Tyco fire and security India for the transfer of employees on the corporate merger.
  • Advised Gallup India on employment issues as well as a retrenchment of the transfer.
  • Advised Gallager service centre on mandatory compliance centre for disabled employees under Indian employment laws.
  • Advised united retirement plan consultant in compliance with Indian employees laws to be incorporated in India.
  • Advised Solmax international corporation pacific for termination of employees of senior-level employees.
  • Advised Chep South Africa employees on its transfer to the Chep India pacific employees.
  • Advised Rofu ltd in connection with Indian employees and their impact on foreign exchange and Income Tax Laws.
  • Advised H and R block on its Income and Tax laws issue in relation to the grant of Employee Stock option Plan.

Publication of Majmudar and Partners

  • Publication on inequality in India, Part 1 and Part 2.
  • On account of India’s employment and labour and market problems.
  • Publication on dissecting India’s organised sector.
  • Publication on the growth of employment and earnings in the tertiary sector.
  • Publication on the labour market, trade patterns and workers living standard.
  • Reforms and employment elasticity in the organised sector.
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10. Shardul Amarchand and Mangaldas

The labour and employment team of Shardul Amarchand and Mangaldas works closely with the firm’s tax professionals to assist multinational clients with employment structure, merger and acquisition transaction and employee benefits. The instruction head seems to be Pooja Ramchandani, assisting with regulatory compliances pertaining to minimum wage, age of retirement and working age, internal investigation, retrenchment and employees transfer. The practice also includes wrongful termination and wrongful allegations, the transition of employees, integration of benefits and compensation, employee stock option plans and other incentive benefit schemes, contract labour analysis, breach of secrecy, non compete and non-solicitation obligations, HR policies and key employment contracts.

Top advice by Shardul Amarchand and Mangaldas

The advice is given by Pooja Ramchandani in Shardul Amarchand and Mangaldas in employment law are:

  • Advised KL gates on a general overview of applicable labour laws in India, the employment contract with senior personnel and consultants and requirements of human resources manual.
  • Advised DSP Inc on retrenchment of employees after closing in the Indian subsidiary.
  • Advised space software technology private limited to check the issue of employment from employment.
  • She advised Ge group in the transfer of employees, retrenchment of employees and social security and other benefits.
  • Advised Park Ohio Industries on termination of service of director.
  • Gave advice to a united technology corporation for the issue of transfer of employees.
  • Gave advice to Clayton UTZ in relation to employee contract.
  • Advised American Corporation Bank on the transfer of employees.
  • Advised Intel in relation to the issue of principles of natural justice.

Publication By Pooja Ramchandi for the labour and employment law

  • Publication on regulating India’s gig economy.
  • Publication on the rule of provident fund as directed by employee provident fund organisation.
  • About the administration of employee provident fund organisation on an issue related to employee provident fund.
  • Publication on to compete or non compete clause under employee agreements.
  • Publication on rights of person and disabilities Act, 1995 and the role of private employees.
  • Obligation regarding outbound employees for social security benefits.

11. Cyril Amarchand and Mangaldas

The dedicated team practice of Cyril Amarchand and Mangaldas helps multinational companies as well as local clients for their workforce. Employment practice group gives advice to employer organisations in India as well as foreign countries. The employment law advice given to clients include employee benefits, non-competent arrangement, data protection and sexual harassment etc. The employment law practice includes employment aspects related business and commercial transaction such as merger and acquisition, restructuring, joint venture etc. Rashmi Pradeep,  Ankita Ray and Kaushalay Madhavan, are the key people in the labour and employment team of Cyril Amarchand and Mangaldas. Rashmi Pradeep is recognised as a chamber practitioner in labour and employment practice. The key clients of Cyril Amarchand and Mangaldas include Air India, the Boston consulting group, People Interactive, Sky Power group, Thomson Reuters India etc.

Top advice by Cyril Amarchand and Mangaldas

  • Advised ExxonMobil services and technology in relation to compliance with the latest maternity benefit amendment act.
  • Advised Air India as per the instruction of Air India to conduct a review of the regulatory framework governing more than 6000 employees for strategic disinvestment.
  • Represented People Interactive in a matter concerning the misappropriation of employees of confidentiality of information by employees.
  • Advised Bank of America Merrill Lynch for LGBT community programme for its LGBT Employees.
  • Advised Boston Consulting Group on employment matters such as maternity benefit, compliance with sexual harassment laws and terminations.

Publication of Cyril Amarchand and Mangaldas in labour and employment practice

  • The hiring structure of employees in India and their applicability to the law.
  • Publication on rights of a person with disabilities acts in 2016.
  • Publication on non disclosure agreement in employment contract.
  • Publication on the scope of sexual harassment by Indian Courts.
  • Model bill of shops and establishment 2016.
  • Publication on the legal regime for employees stock option plan.
  • Analysis of amendments to the bonus act.

12. HSA Advocates

HSA advises several of its clients, including multinational clients on labour and employment law-related matters in India. The service and advice include advice and assistance in settlements, negotiating an employment contract, advising labour issues in merger and acquisition, structuring etc. HSA also advises clients on employment, labour and industrial issues. The advice includes terms of appointment and condition of services, transfer, layoff, retrenchment, discharge or disposal of employees, minimum wages, gender equality and other developing regulations. The key people in labour and employment include Bharat Sharma, Gaurav Sahay, Jivesh Chandrayan and Soumya De Mallik. The key clients of HSA advocates include Terms A/S, HH global, procurement and creative production solutions, SREI infrastructure finance, Acme solar Holding India etc.

Top advice by HSA advocates

  • Provides assistance to Avantor Performance materials India with reviewing employment contract, ESOP policy, senior employees remuneration terms and various human resource policy.
  • Advised Acme solar Holding for its modification in Employee stock option plan.
  • Advised Walson services in compliance with the Minimum wages act.
  • Helps in the establishment of HR policies for aerospace company Terma.
  • Advised for the issue regarding the transfer from Info Biz India to the new entity as part of an asset transfer.

Top publication by HSA advocates

  • Publication on code on wages bill 2019.
  • HSA advocates provide legal updates in labour and employment law.

13. Phoenix legal

Labour and employment are one of the key practice areas of Phoenix Legal. Apart from advising on labour and employment issues, firm advice on merger and acquisition, business transfer, reorganisation transaction. It advises clients in the preparation of legal issues, structuring of compensation wages, drafting of employment contracts, non compete and confidentiality agreements, termination notices to negotiating collective bargaining contracts, advising on termination, retrenchment, layoffs and strikes and seeking various and registration under various labour employment-related laws and regulation. The firm provides assistance to manufacturing companies employing a large number of factory workers covered by various labour/ employment-related statues as well as companies in the service sector including software and BPO companies. The labour and employment practice at Phoenix legal offers advising services related to the policy audits, restructuring, internal investigation, regulatory compliance and drafting and reviewing of employment Contract. The firm’s corporate lawyer includes Manjula Chawla and Sawant SinghSaket Shukla, Abhishek Saxena, etc. They advise on retrenchment issues and other employment issues arising out of merger and acquisition.

Top Advice by Phoenix Legal in Labour and employment law firm of India

  • They advised Paypal India on conditions of employment for night employment shifts for women working in an office.
  • They advised Deutsche Bank on the employment and labour issues resulting from the client selling to global sale apex group for 170 billion dollars.
  • They advised the Volaris group in the issue of transfer of employees when acquired by Nokia.
  • Assisted Penumbra with the structuring of employees and consultancy agreements.
  • Retained by Groupon to provide a range of employment advice such as overtime policy, immigration issues, POSH compliance etc.

Top publication by phoenix legal

A code wage in the right direction.

14. Samvad and Partners

Samvad and Partners is concerned with the statutory compliance advice, structuring agreements including employment, termination, exit settlements agreements and appearing before courts and tribunals. The Samvad and Partners specialise in case of employees misconduct including harassment and differential treatment. The practice of employment and labour law firms is co-headed by Poornima Hatti with instruction involving stock option plan disputes, legislative developments, internal investigation and prevention of sexual harassment policy. Commercial partner Ashwini Vittalachar gives transactional advice. The key clients of Samvad and Partners are AnI technologies, GRNRM networks, JP Morgan, Dell global consumer products etc.

Top advice by Samvad and Partners

  • Advised terra blue corporation with the dispute between senior management and founder. 
  • The issue regarding non competes for clause and other types of a clause in the employment contract.

Top publication by Samvad and Partners

  • Publication on Anti sexual harassment policy.
  • Sexual harassment policy and lunch of online complaint portal.
  • Publication on Payment of Wages Act, 1936.
  • Cost and fee allocation in civil procedure.
  • Publication on Is sexual harassment at workplace preventing the growth of women.
  • Publication on the recent amendment in employment provident scheme.

15. Singhania and Partners LLP

Singhania and Partner have a strong employment advisory which advice on workforce retrenchment and restructuring, C- suite level termination, internal investigation, HR policy review, corporate transactional suite, designing and implementing sexual harassment policy. The labour and employment team also advises on the issues facing the overseas and Indian company regarding employment contracts. The employment lawyer team of Singhania and Partners represent the dispute between management and employment issues. They also advised on an issue related to sexual harassment policy laws, constitution and management of internal complaint committee in an internal investigation. The clients of Singhania and partners include Standard and Poor Global, Pixel India, Semtech Advance India etc.

Top advice by Singhania and Partners

  • Advised Standard and Poor Global with a full suite of employment mandates such as retrenchment, Human Resource policy, training for sexual harassment policy.
  • Assisted the American Bureau of shipping with the preparation of their human resource policy, prevention of sexual harassment policy and employee handbook.
  • Advised Value Momentum Software Services on termination, setting up and many more issues etc.
  • Conducted training session of Thyme Software Services in compliance with the sexual harassment policy.

Top publication by Singhania and Partners LLP

  • Contributions made by employees for social security schemes are not taxable.
  • The supreme court forges to decide employee and employer relationship in Balwant rai vs Air India ltd case.
  • Publication on acquisition transaction and labour laws in India.

16. Lex Counsel

LexCounsel believes that India has the largest workforce available at salaries, the availability of talent in India gives encouragement to foreign investors to invest in India and gives employment to Indian educated at a lower cost. There has been a debate for harmonising and rationalising to improve foreign investment and business climate. For the benefit of cost, the advantage one has to be careful with the compliance laws in India. The lex counsel advises on employment retainer and consultancy contracts, settlement of employment dues, collective bargaining and trade unions etc.  Dimpy Mohanty is the practice head for the labour and employment law team.

Top advice by Lex Counsel

  • Provides full scope labour policy to CPA global India.
  • Advised publisher Flaggates on large scale redundancy services.
  • Advised Flesimmin hard with senior separation agreements.
  • Advised Macmillan for various state laws specific.

17. Link legal

Link legal advice includes a full range of employment services across all sectors including aviation, manufacturing, infrastructure, real estate, oil and gas etc. With depth knowledge about employment law, Link Legal gives advice to multinational corporations to different types of business across employment litigation, industrial settlement and industrial problem etc. Atul Sharma and Milanka Chaudhary are the key people here.

18. Singh and associates

Manoj Kumar associates advised the number of clients with their matter for foreign employees entering into Indian Workforce. The team also advises clients with the domestic Human Resource policy and employment contract. The key clients of Singh and associates include DWF, Microsoft, Clinic pace worldwide etc.

Top advice by Singh and Associates

  • Advised Russula automation and engineering for their Human Resource Policy.
  • Advised ZTE telecom sector for the Indian employee’s workforce.

19. Ahlawat and Associates

Compliance with labour and employment issues has become one of the important issues that any country has to deal with. The lawyer of Ahlawat and Associates advises that business needs to be compiled with the employment law in India. The team of Ahalwat and associates advises companies that they are in compliance with laws. The work of Ahlawat and Associates includes the drafting of related documents, compliance with labour laws and drafting of Human Resource policies etc.

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