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In this article, Arnav Srivastav elaborates on Top ten places in Delhi to intern for content writing.

Writing isn’t as easy as it seems. Just ask me, and I’ll cry a thousand rivers! But those tears reflect a heavy metric of hard-work and due diligence, which also give you divine satisfaction. In simple and plain words, writing is a form of expression, a tool to relay to the reader your feelings and opinions on a subject. It isn’t just anyone’s cup of tea. At times it can be really hard and tedious to conjure up words and form cohesive sentences. Writing, at best is an art, and like everything else, to learn something, you need someone to learn it from. Content writing, as a profession, is picking up at a brisk cadence in contemporary times. Many companies are now deferring to the learned ambit of professional content writers to get the job done. The emphasis is exclusively on getting the most high-quality, yet, appealing articles for their websites. As a culmination of the same, the demand for young, hard-working interns has also augmented. Internships are an amazing opportunity for youngsters to get hands-on experience, and also earn while they learn and have fun. Delhi is a melting pot of eclectic cultures and burning new ideas. It is the ideal place for a young and ambitious individual to learn, while also having the time of their life. Here we present to you the 10 best places in Delhi to internship for content writing.

Learning Brothers

Learning Brothers specialize in the development of custom learning solutions, content digitization, and implementation of learning ecosystems. [1]The firm uses industry, domain, and technology experience to quickly identify needs and develop a learning solution plan. It is quickly becoming a leading hotspot for aspiring writers to come together and share their enthusiasm for writing. Apart from the great learning experience, the internship also entails eye-catching stipend, ranging from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,000. Their sole criteria for accepting applications are content writers who are specialized and have the capability in providing relevant content. A prefect destination for you to grow!

Qualification:  English (Hons) , BBA ,MBA ,MA , BA.


Legal drafting is perhaps the most important asset for a lawyer. Superior drafting skills ensure an inherent advantage over other competitors. One thing is for given: if you intern at ClikLawyer, you’ll come out a drafting paragon. Out of many tasks appointed, few are preparing drafts on Criminal Complaints, Copyright and Trademark registration along with SAAS and T&amp, C agreements for websites. The torrential research work that awaits you is beyond your comprehension! Even though it is a lot of work, you get to learn in tremendous amounts the skill that is required to draft legally sound and correct verses. A great learning experience for you!

Know more about ClikLawyer internship. Click here ClikLawyer

Contact:  011-395-85700

Charming Label

If there’s one thing that embellishes your personality, it is charm. The efficacious power to woo people with your words is rare, and takes a lot of hard-work to develop. This place has charm even in its name! Charming Label offers a paid internship to willing students and professionals. The experience is research-oriented, with an extensive job for the interns to learn about different commodities, which should be complimented with excellent writing skills. The pay is anywhere around Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 4,000.

Women on Top

Magazines are a fun and interactive way to converse with your reader. With glossy pages and alluring images, they become an effective tool to impart your opinion of the society. The Women on Top magazine is an emerging magazine in Delhi, all set to launch its first e-magazine launch. The not-for profit organization seeks to revolutionize content writing for its female readers. It is looking for eager individuals who have a passion for creative writing and think out of the box. In a fun-learning environment, you are bound to have the time of your life, with the firm also providing you with a Work Certificate. Don’t miss this chance!

The Viral Stuff

The Viral Stuff is the home of the most viral content on the web. Right from new and cool gadgets, to the latest happening around the world, the Viral Stuff is an all compassing milieu for an inquisitive reader. Their vast horizons require a heavy metric of writers, which is why they open up internship chances for budding writers. Founded by alumni of prestigious technical colleges of India like IITs and DCE, the firm offers a paid internship program, which can be availed by almost anyone willing to write.

Tidings Central

In the information burden age, the team of young journalists at Tidings Central aims to put the news in a broader context, provide in-depth analysis of a wide range of issues that matter to the electorate and educate the masses, from a bird’s eye view. With social media now entrenched in the minds of young and old alike, the way influx of new technology is influencing our lives, with everyone being able to voice their opinion, it has become imperative to objectively identify the tectonic shifts in the social development of our country, unlike many who indulge in be fooling and cajolery of any particular ideology.[2] Even though the internships are unpaid, the experience you have working and collaborating with people from different walks of life is priceless.

Contact: [email protected]

HT Digital Streams Limited

What if someone told you that you could earn as much as Rs. 10,000 just writing for a reputed institute like Hindustan Times? You would think they are bluffing. But I am not! HT Digital Streams Limited provides multi-media content management services. They indulge in various forms of content writing, and handsomely pay you a bucket load of money. Selected intern’s day-to-day responsibilities include selecting and submitting relevant tags/keywords against each article present on the online panel. A brilliant opportunity for you to earn money and invaluable learning experience!

Happily Unmarried

Happily Unmarried is India’s coolest youth lifestyle brand. This super-awesome site is looking for interns in the fields of content writing and design. If you use clichés and are not creative, this internship is not for you. Happily Unmarried is offering a paid internship if you are willing to work for long hours.[3] The opportunity awaits you, with its arms open. Your move now, chief.

Contact: 0172 519 1555

Wedding Affair

The wedding game is pretty strong in India. Almost everything is associated with weddings, which apparently the miser uncles and aunties don’t abstain from spending on. It is surprising to know, that there is an organization that is employing writers to make the most important day of a person’s life worth every memory that have associated with it. The internship is a paid one, with a suitable opportunity for you to earn some fine buck and embellish your CV with an internship at one of India’s emerging wedding magazines!

Contact: (011)41650833/34/35

Orange Octopus

Orange Octopus – an after School Activity Centre for Children is a bridge between your child’s home and school, comprising of out of the box fun and “learning through play” activities to boost every facet of a child’s overall development. Orange Octopus holds the vision to pioneer the concept of bringing the best to children in a unique way and to help each child master various skills in a fun filled way. They are offering exciting internship opportunities to young and ambitious interns to get valuable experience and knowledge of content writing. They expect the following from their interns:

  • Update and write content for the Social Media platforms.
  • Form mailers and customized messages for the clients.
  • The candidate would be involved in developing promotional activities and organising events/ summer camp for the Centre.

The internship is a paid one. So pull up your socks and get ready to have an experience of a life time!

Contact: 8527770736


iPleders is an initiative which is drastically moving toward its goal of providing good quality legal education. iPleaders teaches you essential practical tools which are not taught in a law school. iPleaders blog is one of the most read legal blogs in India. One way or the other you must have come across the term, “Access to Justice,” iPleaders blogs is converting this term into practicality. Started in 2011, the online blog has catapulted to national fame, becoming one of the most read legal blogs in the country. Its professional and adroit team of skilled individuals has worked day and night to make iPleaders a household name in the legal arena. They offer paid internships for willing content writers, upto Rs. 5000. Do not miss this glorious opportunity to live your dreams!

Contact: 011 3313 8901

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