Tresa Ajay  has interned with prestigious organizations like Human Rights Law Network, Citizen Consumer and Civic Action Group (CAG), Ninan & Mathew Advocates etc. She is currently pursuing B.A LLB (Hons) from National University of Advanced Legal Studies (NUALS), Kochi.

She is also pursuing the NUJS Diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws. She had a very fulfilling experience with the course so far and has many good things to share about. So we decided to share it with you all as a success story. Over to Tresa.

I came to know about the NUJS diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws through a friend. I was telling her about how I wanted to be productive in law school and do something besides the mundane activities that every law student has to compulsorily do. She told me about this course and sent me the link also so that I could go through the course structure and see what it had to offer. I was excited when I saw that the course would not only give me study material but practical life skills that every law student only learns on the job.

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The course structure was superb and touched upon every aspect of the law that a lawyer hoping for a career in the corporate field should ideally know. The online learning system on which the study material is provided is very user friendly and even videos on certain topics are provided so that the learner has a better understanding of the topics.

The webinars conducted by industry experts were another added advantage; it had professionals breaking down complex topics so that even laymen understand it. This makes the process of learning easier.

The added advantage of this course is the iPleaders Club; which is an independent skill development platform where you work towards taking your career / work/ business to the next level by performing activities, this is an extra advantage of the course as this service is provided free of cost by iPleaders to all its students.

Another interesting feature about the course is that all are assigned mentors to help us during the course. This is really beneficial as most of us are not from a family of lawyers and have no one they can turn to for tips on mooting, career guidance etc.

The fact that we have to submit an article every month has improved my writing skills tremendously. You not only learn to improve your style of writing but also learn the nuances of how to do good research which are important skill sets for a lawyer.

I have improved my writing skills so much that two of my articles were shortlisted and published on iPleaders blog

As of now I’m yet undecided if I would want a future in corporate law or in the judiciary, but I’m sure whatever path I choose; the knowledge gained from this course would come handy there.

I am extremely glad that I took up the course as all these activities are teaching me a lot more than what 5 years of law school would ever teach me and is also adding more skill sets to my work profile.

I would recommend this course to anyone. Even people from nonlaw background can benefit from this course as basic legal knowledge comes handy for each one of us.


  1. find the article very encouraging and would love to join the coures if time and recourse permit.


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