“Online course and placements? You must be kidding.”

This is what we have heard often from many of our prospective students, business clients or any other person that we have met in our lives.

However, sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

The one year Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Business Laws offered by NUJS Kolkata, is one of a kind online course in India which not only offers career counselling and assistance but have actually placed its students in law firms and companies in full time lucrative jobs.

Unnita Bhattacharya, a 2014 graduate from KIIT Law School, Bhubaneswar signed up for the Diploma course in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws offered by NUJS when she was in the 4th year of her college. Unnita bagged her first job from Innove Law, a Mumbai-based law firm through the recruitment and placement assistance provided by the diploma course.

Unnita has agreed to share her insights how she uses the course in her day to day transactions at her job, where she handles complex investment deals.

Let’s hear what Unnita have to say about the course. Over to Unnita



When you are in law college and you find every other student going for some certification course, you feel you are lagging behind if you are just pursuing LLB.  Similarly when I was in my fourth year and everyone was pursuing some or the other course, I dug a lot on the internet just to make sure that I don’t end up going for something useless. Then I found this NUJS Business Law diploma course.

I preferred this course over the others because of few reasons:

(a) Course is being provided in association with NUJS, which is one of the reputed law schools in India,

(b) The course has been concentrated on Business laws, something about which I was already determined.

(c) The brief introduction on the practical aspects of law which are not taught in any semester of any law school was really appealing.

Hence, I expected this course won’t be a repetitive of what is being taught in our everyday classes and I definitely now know that it did not disappoint me.

The course at the beginning took me some time to understand especially the way it works. You don’t get to know the usefulness of the course unless you confront a situation which tests you. However, apart from the contents which were provided to me, I feel the webinars were really helpful. Overall, everything was new to me and I had a good experience pursuing this course.

Eventually this course was immensely helpful while I was preparing for job interviews as the course provided me with knowledge which is core practical in nature. The academics and the timely assistance of the course ensured that I do fairly well in each of the interviews, I appeared for.  Not only the course prepared me for the interviews but have provided me the opportunity to get my first job at Innove Law, Mumbai.

After my graduation in law from KIIT Law School, I applied for a six-month long internship at Dhir & Dhir Associates, Delhi where I got an opportunity to work with general corporate, infrastructure and banking & finance team. Although I wanted to pursue my career in corporate law but usually in college, students are not exposed to various fields of corporate law. This six-month long internship not only helped me to decide which field I want to go for but even taught me professionalism, commitment and other interpersonal skills.

Since December 2014, I am working as an Associate with Innove Law, a Mumbai based law firm dealing in private equity & venture capital and  general corporate. Currently I am working on advising few clients in relation to closed loop wallet payment settlement system for an e-commerce platform and import and sale of nicotine in the Indian market.  Apart from that, I have closed a private equity fund raise.

Considering the fact that this is my first job, I believe I have been given an incredibly unique opportunity. Right from 30 million venture capital fund raise to foreign investment advisory, I have had my hand in every kind of work. This way, it allows me think out of the box and a day at work is not at all boring as its giving me a whole new experience almost every day.

When I joined Innove law, the first thing which landed on my plate was a 30 million venture capital fund raise. I was a fresher and I had no experience in dealing with termsheets, shareholders agreement and other related documents. To my relief, I had pursued this course and had idea about them. Apparently, the best part of this course is that I have access to the study materials even after a year of completion.

Even today, whenever I am stuck at work, be it negotiating term sheets or in relation to reviewing of shareholders agreement from a promoter’s perspective, I know where to look at.  The materials provided by this course on fund raising has been immensely useful in my day to day work, where I primarily work on deals related to raising funds and its other related aspects. Other modules are equally knowledge building.

I will highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn and willing to spend time on this course. The course is well-organised and gives a better understanding of the various aspects of law.


  1. Hi Unnita,

    Thank you for sharing your experience. Could you please let me know if this degree can be recognized as full-time degree or it’s a diploma from NUJS.

    Also, can I use this degree as masters in business law for teaching in LAW universities?



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