Uttam Sharma is an associate with Sharma Kajaria and company; Kolkata and is currently looking after corporate commercial litigation. Prior to this, he has interned with many prestigious law firms. He has done is L.L.B from the University of Calcutta.

He completed the NUJS Diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws in 2014. He had a very fulfilling experience with the course and has many good things to share about. So we decided to share it with you all as a success story. Over to Uttam:

I joined the NUJS diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws while I was in the final year of my law school. I got to know about the course through an online advertisement.  When I browsed through the website, I found some study material and videos about the course which I found really interesting.

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On further research, I found that NUJS diploma has the best course curriculum compared to similar courses available in the market. The most interesting part was the way everything was presented and I got impressed just by going through the contents.

Also, since I was in my final year at that time, I thought it would be beneficial to be associated with a big name like NUJS and having an additional qualification from there.

I feel that this course opens new avenues for law students as they can learn lots of things from this course and expand their skill set.

My purpose of joining the course was fulfilled and it has been a wonderful journey for me as I was able to secure my current job because of this course.

All the modules in the course are designed in an impeccable manner but I personally found the module on tax laws to be most beneficial for me. As there is not much focus on tax laws, SEBI and other business related matters in the law school curriculum, this course helped me in those areas and I am able to utilize this knowledge in my current job. I also developed my drafting skills and knowledge about business laws through this course.

The mentorship assistance provided in this course is very helpful for students as well as for mentors, I’m also  a mentor for one of the groups. This has helped me improve my skills and knowledge, as I am asked lots of questions by the group members and I have to research and refresh my knowledge in order to answer those questions. This helps me improve my skills as well.

In future, I plan to continue litigation and I feel that the knowledge gained from this course would help me further also, as it has given me a basic knowledge about lots of things and everything has become a lot more easier for me now as compared to what they were earlier.

I have mentioned the diploma in my CV and LinkedIn profile. I was also asked questions about this course during my interview for the current job.

I have already recommended this course to several persons and will continue to recommend it to others.  In fact, I had also recommended this course to one of my friends who did the course along with me.

I feel that anyone from a legal background like law students will certainly benefit from this course. Entrepreneurs and businessman will also benefit from this course, as they don’t have knowledge about laws most of the times and this course can give them the basic knowledge about laws. Even people doing C.S. would benefit from this course. Overall, my experience with the course has been great; it is a great learning opportunity.


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