Understanding the recruitment process of tier 1 law firms
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As the world continues to modernize, businesses have to continuously adapt to the changing technological trends. And along with it, business solutions become more innovative, often prioritizing convenience. A lot of companies have utilized creativity and ingenuity in business solutions, particularly while hiring practices. Law firms are not exempt from this. A lot of law firms are actually having a hard time finding the best talent amidst the decline in the number of law school graduates in recent years. With the competition getting more rigid, finding the best talent could be more difficult than ever, especially with a growing number of jobs taking course of the virtual world and moving towards it. If your law firm needs more lawyers and you’ve been looking into virtual recruitment, these five tips will help you make the hiring process more successful:

1. Run job ads on online platforms

Gone are the days when job hunters were required to buy newspapers to search for jobs. Everything one needs is fulfilled by one search on the web, considering the transitioning popularity of online job platforms these days. These platforms usually call for minimal monthly subscriptions in turn of having access to an extensive talent pool.

When using online job sites, if possible, use location-specific keywords or tags like ‘family lawyers Melbourne’ on your job post if you want to target candidates in a particular area. But although you can wait for applicants to find your job post, you also get an option to search for applicant profiles using filters to match the criteria you need. Then you can send an application invite to each eligible candidate. 

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For employers, online job platforms are also a chance to highlight your company’s profile. To attract more applicants, make sure to take time to build a professional-looking profile. Add a short company background, contact information, and compelling reasons why your company will be great to work for. Lastly, don’t forget to add details about the position you’re hiring for. This will help reduce repetitive simple questions from multiple applicants and weed out those that don’t qualify as early as possible.

2. Utilize online screening tests 

If your company doesn’t have much experience with recruitment, you might end up with ‘bad hires’ at some point. But aside from poor performance, it could also affect the reputation of your company. Law firms offer a variety of services including advisory, consultations, and representations in various legal battles including civil, criminal, business, real estate, family, taxation cases, and many more. So it only goes without saying that law firms need only the best professionals for the job.  

To filter candidates online, a law firm can utilize a screening test application that will make finding a gem in the rough as easy as 123. One way is to run automated tests that will help you find candidates with higher IQ scores. You can also include reading and listening comprehension tests. If you want to be even more specific, a personality test may also help you narrow down the most suitable candidates for the role. 

3. Hire a virtual assistant

Managing an office remotely is not an easy task, especially if it’s for a law firm where legal documents are processed every day. If you have administrative tasks that can be completed without your presence, then hiring a virtual assistant to take over them is a good option. VAs can manage your schedule, book your appointments, set up your meetings, and even handle the recruitment process for your firm. They can help in screening and interviewing candidates, as well as onboarding new lawyers for your legal team. With VAs carrying out your office tasks, you can focus more on building your career and your business.   

4. Conduct virtual interviews

Interviews are a must in any job application, but more so for any legal profession. Your lawyers will represent your company and they’ll be the ambassadors that will encourage clients to choose you. So when hiring a new lawyer, make sure to include a proper interview. 

The good news is conducting virtual interviews is now easier than ever, which means that most applicants are capable of accommodating them. If possible, make time to interview at least the top three candidates yourself. You can do this as the last stage of the hiring process. Virtual interviews are more convenient for both parties as they can be done anywhere quiet and private, so doing it at home shouldn’t be a problem.

5. Offer hiring bonuses

Since the number of law school graduates declined in recent years, finding good candidates can be a gigantic hurdle. As a solution, a lot of companies began to offer hiring bonuses to successful applicants. Law firms can employ this strategy as well to attract the best new lawyers. 

But aside from bonuses, you may also create an attractive salary package with benefits and perks that will set you apart from other employers. As long as your offers are feasible and more than reasonable, there should be no problem implementing them.


Technology evolves not only to provide better solutions to problems and challenges but also to create more convenience for its users. With more jobs moving to the online space, virtual recruitment is only expected to get bigger. Although lawyers typically work face-to-face, an option to hire through the world wide web provides access to a wider talent pool, which law firms can benefit from considering how difficult it can be just to find eligible applicants.

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