Want to earn by writing amazing articles on legal industry and law as a career? Here is an opportunity.

LawSikho.com is looking for content writers. We mostly expect lawyers with amazing insights to be able to do the kind of work we have on mind, but in the past even some non-lawyers, though rarely, have done a good job. So we are open to professional content writers. But admittedly, our budget is small and standards are high, so tread with caution 🙂


We do not mind law students doing this, but the standard expected is very, very high, and we do not have too much time to train. So consider that before applying. If you are a student and really want to do this, maybe apply for a month-long internship first, where we can give you some training before you actually begin to do this work as a freelancer.


This will be especially suitable for lawyers with a few years of experience, who may need a side income, or taking a break from work for any reason whatsoever, or if you have a genuine interest in content marketing. While writing articles you can check spelling 

Why content marketing


At LawSikho.com, our primary method for marketing and outreach is content marketing, specifically through authoritative articles on legal career and legal industry.


As we write amazing, authoritative, insightful articles that provide thought leadership to the legal community and other target audiences that are interested in law, people see us as leading authority on legal education and buy our courses.


Our content is loved and waited for. So the stakes are high.


Content distribution strategy


Our content is primarily distributed on our blog, which is one of the largest law blogs in the world, with about 1 million unique visitors per month. The content is also sent out to our email subscribers, the number of which runs into tens of thousands.


Apart from this, selected parts of the content is distributed over our social media channels.


What the content needs to achieve

  • Provide amazing insights – which are not otherwise easily available
  • Provide a very useful checklist or a compilation that one will like to bookmark/save and treasure/ share with friends
  • Career guidance – that will our audience to make the right career decisions
  • Help the audience to understand the industry better so that they can spot the opportunities and risks
  • Capture the audience’s imagination and attention
  • Audience must say –  “wow, I am glad I read this today” “damn, why didn’t I think of this before” “I must read more of what these guys may have to say” “I don’t want to miss any of their mails”
  • The grammar must be correct. You can use the spell check tool by  smallseotools.com/spell-checker/


What we expect from content writers

Please note that tons of people write articles on iPleaders blog. We do not pay everyone. We pay for only those articles that are written with specific objective of marketing our courses and does a good job at it


We have tried and rejected way too many people. Our requirements are of a very high standard. Unless you have significant understanding of content strategy and writing, please do not waste your and our time. We accept only high quality articles, everything else will get rejected right out of the door. We don’t have time to give detailed feedback to everyone.


Do not insult us by sending stub articles. The article has to be detailed and must have at least one great take away.


We expect you to write articles that can be treasured, loved, widely shared. If not all then at least one of these.


The article should be well structured, consisting of headings and subheadings.


Here is now to write the kind of articles we like:



Also, please read this if you are interested in writing for us: https://blog.ipleaders.in/the-biggest-mistake-you-will-make-while-writing-a-law-article-and-how-to-avoid-it/


Here are some sample articles, the kind of which we will pay for:


Target group: interns at law firms

Topic: Biggest mistakes interns make while interning that prevents them from getting the jobs they want to land



Target group: ICC members and HR managers

Topic: What are you supposed to do when you get a sexual harassment complaint?



Target group: People trying to decide if they should study law

Topic: How should I know if I should study law



Target group: people who want to work at IP law firms

Topic: Best IP law firms to work for in India for lawyers under 35



Target group: people interested in real estate law practice

Topic: Is real estate law practice lucrative?



Target group: real estate lawyers

Topic: What kind of legal work will be generated from India’s ambitious plan to build 100 smart cities?




Target group: CS, CA, lawyer

Topic:What kind of work can lawyers, Company Secretaries and CAs perform around black money law?



Target group: HR managers

Topic: Legal documents that every HR professional must know how to draft



Target group: independent lawyers

Topic: How to start your company law practice



What is in it for content writers?

You not only get paid, but you get to build a following. You get noticed in the legal industry. Top law firms are dying to hire our regular authors for top payment. Which is why we keep losing them.


After all content marketing is the main way for law firms and lawyers to advertise, build following, get noticed and enhance their brand. They can’t advertise, but they can blog 🙂


We don’t mind if you leave eventually. However, while you work with us, we expect you to uphold our standards.


You will also get access to a committed and large audience of lawyers, law students and other professionals interested in law and legal industry.


We expect that you will be able to write a 1500-2000 word well researched article within 4-5 hours.


We pay INR 1500 if we can publish the article with minimal edits. If we have to heavily edit, we can only pay INR 1000. If you submit too many articles that require heavy editing, we will stop giving assignments to you.


Important logistical information

If you want to work with, get in touch with me on my email, linkedin or whatsapp. I will share 2 topics for you to write trial articles. If you write good ones, and we can use them, you will be paid for them.


How many articles will we accept? As many you can give us. We are ready to take 30-50 articles.


Topics will be provided by us, though you can suggest topics to us as well. We do not mind at all. We are also happy to discuss, assist in research wherever needed.


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