Crimes against women

In this article, Anmol Bhatia, a law student, writes on what is women empowerment all about also explaining why women empowerment is still considered a taboo and expresses her anguish about women not getting what is their due in the society.

In our country women have not been placed at a position which they deserve and talking about their equality makes people go silent.

What is women empowerment all about?

It’s not that just by providing an equal rank to women or promoting gender equality would untangle all the problems but the most essential ingredient is that a woman of our society should be provided with that much freedom so that they are free from all the social, moral and religious limitations and get an opportunity to evolve themselves so that they can take decisions for not only their own good but for the upliftment of the society as a whole.

There is no doubt that the importance of women have strongly evolved with the times. There was a time when she was restricted to be just a puppet in the hands of a male dominating society, but now she is creating a niche for herself at all the spheres, and the credit should wisely go to our forefathers who for the dignity of women abolished the evil practises like Sati system.

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Women of modern times

Even if we look the present scenario of modern times, women have made a place for themselves, but then tell me when do you not read or listen to the news regarding her being victimised or ditched. At one hand government has enacted laws and various acts for the women like equal work, equal pay with maternity leaves, acts like dowry prohibition act, 1961, takes an action against people requesting for dowry. Women are being promoted to join different fields and are achieving monumental success but then why is she still being raped or exploited?

If we research deep into the matter, one could easily detect that the problem lies in the mentality aspect of our society, people though promote women rights, but still deep inside, they want a son to be born in their families because legacy is more important. Women are accustomed and said to be assured of her safety, but the loopholes in our legal system, deny them of their rights. Women are set to be boosted and encouraged in our political environment, but men are pre-dominated as such which leads to women being mere spectators to the occasion.

Its necessary to stand for a initiative, rather than just talking about it. As a famous feminist and activist Malala Yousafzai said – “We cannot all succeed if half of the women are also held back”, this shows the significance of women in our male-dominated world.


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