What Should You Do When You Break Up - A Checklist

This is not for tiny – winy breakups – definitely not for teenagers. This is for serious, grown-up relationships that entangle your life to no ends.

When you are done with sulking, or crying, or disbelieving – it’s time to turn the page and move on. Probably to better things – at least if you are like me. Also, you probably need to take care of a few things soon. Here is a reasonable list so that you don’t forget:

  • Time to dust off that gym membership card. You used to look better before you went headfirst into the relationship vortex. You can do with all the good hormones and confidence that comes as free perks with gymming.
  • Go swimming. Water heals.
  • Something more practical – change your Facebook and Gmail passwords. Those accounts will be opened and read to understand what you are doing, to check if you are flirting with anyone else. No one is above curiosity and emotions.
  • Make sure your credit card is safe. No bank accounts should remain in the joint name. You may have debts to settle, but you got to let the feelings sink in first on both sides. If you have made the ex-nominee to some policies – got to change them too!
  • If you are a guy, take the time to repair some of the friendships you probably sacrificed or went cold on. Women need not be told this.
  • Break up is a major change in life – and this is time to do some lifestyle jujitsu. Instead of getting hurt by the force channel use it creatively to improve your lives. Studies show it is easier to kick bad habits and addictions like smoking while you are still recovering from a serious breakup.
  • If you are still grieving, it could be one of your most creative periods. Write whatever you feel like.
  • If you were in a serious relationship based on equality, the chances are high that you were putting up with a lot of bullshit you believe in. Try to remember how life is when you can call those things bullshit on anyone’s face again.
  • If this checklist helped, other checklists are not going to help much.

There is a great freedom in being single again. Time to return to square one ๐Ÿ™‚

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