Where Do Ideas Come From

Where do ideas come from?

Ideas don’t come from thinking hard. Sure, you could come up with an idea or two that way – but my best ideas never came that way to me.

That does not mean you should not have a dedicated time to generate new ideas. If you can, please do it. However – this would on its own not help you to generate world-class ideas.

My best ideas come from activities – when I am exposed to something I never did. They come when I am made to think of something that I would not normally think of. My best ideas come from the weirdest (by common standards) things I have done in my life. More new things I do, more new ideas spring to life and wave at me.

If you want to generate great ideas, do lots of disparate things. Many different things – activities, thoughts, books, cultures that will shock your mind. That’s the best way I know – this helps me to generate my best ideas.

Also – remember that great ideas are those on which you are inspired enough to work like a dog. An idea you never execute or just forget about it not a great idea – no matter what potential it may have. Ideas are valuable only if they are executed – otherwise they are worthless junk crowding up your mindspace.


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