Which Side Have You Taken?

Everyone dreams. Much fewer people know how to set up goals that lead you to live your dreams. Even fewer people stick to those goals when things get difficult and keep working at them.

Too many people criticize other people, and seldom does something original themselves.

More people are in the career of criticizing rather than the number of people trying to do something on the cutting edge. It’s a dangerous phenomenon – one would wonder how does the civilization progress at all?

There are people who take a cynical view of everything and think that there’s nothing they can do to make a difference. It’s an easy option. It’s a lazy and ultimately depressing choice. There are others who see an opportunity when they see a problem.

Time to think: Which side are you on?

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Will you ever want to change sides?

Hint: if you are in doubt, there’s a simple way to know which side you belong to – just see who are your friends. People easily make friends with other people with the similar approach to life. Friends reinforce our worldviews. A super-optimistic girl is unlikely to date a cynical fellow. Negative, cribbing, demotivating people have friends who do the same to them.



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