This article is written by Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO, LawSikho.

The first month of 2019 is over. Almost. Just a couple of days left now.

There will be 11 more months like this. And then, just like every other year before it, 2019, another year in your life will be gone too.

Will the next 11 months be special? Will you be taking your game up a notch? Will you be chilling or hustling? Will your life change this year?

Life does not change overnight. All overnight success is the result of years of deliberate practice, hard work, stubborn vision and dreaming awake when the reality does not match your standards.

For most people, the next 11 months will be just like the previous one month.

Seasons will change, new trends will appear, you will be introduced to new people as the year progresses, but as more things change they often stay the same even then.

All the familiar misgivings, familiar ifs, familiar regrets and familiar new promises for the next year.

You know what, it didn’t matter what you said you are going to do at the beginning of 2019. What are you actually doing in the last week on January? Are you still on track?

I started working out, but I missed working out in the last 4 days. If I don’t pick it up again, 2019 will be again like 2018.  But it could be different.

I started intermittent fasting in the beginning of the year. I did it for 2 weeks, but then stopped. This week I haven’t started at all! I intend to pick it back every day but actually haven’t.

I was taking Spanish lessons every day. I have done it last night also. I miss a few days here and there but I usually pick it back up. You can be reasonably sure that by end of 2019 my Espanol will be up to the mark. Just a matter of time!

Can’t say the same thing about my goal to get ripped in 2019!

I stopped for a bit to reflect how 2019 has been going so far. I thought about these things and I am clear that I need some additional triggers in my environment if I have to achieve my ambitious fitness goals in 2019.

So here is what I did today.
click on the image

I convinced Abhyuday that we should put a punching bag and some kettlebells right in the middle of the office floor. Maybe eventually I will get a bench press too. It will not only inspire me to work out more, but encourage the whole office to stay fit!

People who stay fit usually tend to achieve more in life.

I also got him to order an advanced weight and body-fat-percentage tracking machine and keep in the office.

I am thinking of putting up posters that remind me to work out in my bedroom. I should see it when I wake up and when I go to sleep.

If I have my environment surrounded with triggers that remind me to achieve my goals, that increases my chance of achieving that goal by many folds.

Do not brand yourself as lazy, undisciplined, tired, old etc because you are not achieving your goal. You can engineer your environment to increase your likelihood of success.

And most of the time, it works.

A friend of mine writes letters to herself that she is supposed to open on her future birthdays. She was sharing with me how she promises things to her future self and most of which turn out to come true!

That’s a very creative and powerful trigger.

What are you going to gift to your future self? You need to start working on it now.

What triggers are you going to surround yourself within your daily life? It is a chance to design your life.

If your life’s goals have anything to do with learning law or becoming really good will skills like drafting, negotiating, legal research, litigation strategy etc, please consider taking up a course from lawsikho.

There are many triggers from our side that will get embedded in your life once you become a student.

  • You will get calls from us to check on your progress, especially if you are not progressing
  • You will get weekly exercises from us
  • There will be weekly live classes
  • You will be part of an active whatsapp group consisting of current students as well as alumni who are posting questions, asking and answering doubts and even sharing job and client opportunities
  • You will have our app in your phone, which means whenever you are unproductive and idle, you could open the app and start learning
  • You will get hard copy material from us, which we recommend that you either keep at your work desk or next to your bed. This ensures you will pick it up once in a while and begin to read. It’s a powerful trigger.
  • When you write articles and publish through us, suddenly your friends, peers, teachers, colleagues will take note and praise you. This will add as a further trigger. Appreciation and acknowledgement is a very powerful incentive and amazing trigger!

Are there any other triggers we can/should add? Please let me know if you can think of anything else.

We are always looking for more ways to make our learners success more likely.

What are the triggers you have already put in your environment, consciously or unconsciously?

Now that you are thinking about it, what triggers are you going to keep and what will you remove?

And btw, admission to a bunch of courses will close tomorrow, 31st January. Classes begin from 1st February.

Don’t waste time if you think you can benefit from enhanced knowledge of law, regulations and policy. You can even try it out for a month risk free. See this refund policy. Just jump in, and sow the seeds of success in your 2019.


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