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This article is written by Suman Chatterjee, Team LawSikho.

They don’t normally say this to you. (You are the boss, after all.)

But, take any member of your dedicated in-house legal team aside to your cabin, and over a bottle of whiskey and a few cigarettes, he would share how tragic his life story is.

“Too much in the plate … Gas, acidity, indigestion… Please help!”

That’s what it feels like for your team.

…drafting the memorandum and articles of association.

…advising on GST composite tax scheme for your hotel business.

…preparing a new ESOP policy for a publicly listed company.

…handling a competition law raid in hostile takeover cases.

…conducting due diligence before the massive acquisition deal.

…complying with FCRA requirements for raising donations.

…the list goes on.

Every day, your in-house legal team tackles a multitude of legal issues, ranging from real estate regulations to intellectual property rights. 

One day, it might be consulting on maternal benefits for your female employees. The other day, it can be structuring a tax proposition for the Alternative Investment Fund. 

In a law firm, you get to become a specialist in your chosen subject. 

As an in-house counsel, it’s not so. 

You end up as a generalist, or let’s say, a specialized generalist. As an in-house counsel, you need to study everything legal under the sun, and still be good at it, to some extent at least.

Not easy at all. Very tough to accomplish every single day.

Memorizing the amendments and case laws.

Keeping up with new rules and regulations.

Drafting multiple contracts and agreements.

Foreseeing and advising on legal challenges.

You get the point, right?

Frankly, the output of your legal team might not be as high as it could be. Or, in other words, your in-house legal team could be 10x more efficient than they already are.

Wait! You complain about how your new legal recruits are slowing the process down?

That they need proper training and knowledge … and that they need time to come up to speed with the rest of the team?

That you do not have the necessary resources to expend on these new recruits?

No worries.

I have a solution for you.

What if you could build a comprehensive and ever-updating legal resource for your in-house legal team? (You know they need it.)

How about a vast library of readymade actionable material to assist your team performing their job 10x faster every day?

Imagine privileged and unrestricted access for the next FOUR years to …

An ever-growing DATABASE of unique ideas, strategies and insights on practical legal issues.

THOUSANDS of readymade templates, compliance checklists, drafts, and formats, ranging from corporate law to criminal litigation. And the ability to request templates and checklists that you need and we don’t have yet.

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Exclusive 24/7 access to our members-only community for direct answers to your questions related to your work.

Free passes and invitations to Lawsikho events and meet-ups across India.

Direct mentorship by top industry experts.

Priority pass for personal coaching, doubt-clearing and administrative support.

Access to the 20,000+ strong LawSikho alumni network.

Personal feedback on as many assignments as you want.

And much more than you can ever expect.

That’s what you get inside our all-in-one Master Access bundle consisting of ALL courses and libraries under the LawSikho umbrella. 

A treasure chest of actionable insights on regular legal issues, with readymade templates, drafts and formats.  

What if your team were to draft a new shareholders’ agreement for an acquisition in around a week, or even just supervise the work being done by the law firm you hired. What would you want them to do? 

Go through all the fat, lifeless law books, call up their friends…OR run the on-demand video lessons in a LawSikho course that explains the draft with real-life examples? And also provide them with a checklist, issues to watch out for and several high quality templates apart from the ability to get their questions clarified from M&A lawyers in our community, and even ask for directions from the mentors with tens of years of experience who teach in these courses?

It’s a game-changer, and I know you can see why.

Or, let’s say, your team needs to defend an urgent patent infringement suit tomorrow. Would you want to hopelessly browse through Google for the right format, call up their friends asking for help…OR would you want them to login to the membership portal and download the template with a few clicks on the mouse button and get a guide to go with that, so that you can effectively contribute to and guide the external counsel you have hired in the matter? 

Our Master Access bundle consists of 45+ premium courses on-demand spanning over 300 hours and valued at over Rs 7 lakhs. (Including new course launches for the next 4 years). 

All these courses come with a “No extra fee” price tag. They are FREE for you (or your team) as a Master Access subscriber.

Here’s a sneak peek of the courses available with us:

  • Contract drafting, negotiation and dispute resolution
  • IPR, media and entertainment laws
  • Cyber laws, fintech and technology contracts
  • Industrial and labour laws
  • Business laws for in-house counsels
  • Companies Act, corporate governance and SEBI regulations
  • Criminal litigation and trial advocacy
  • Real estate laws
  • And so forth.

You can check the complete list of courses here.

All these courses follow our unique teaching methodology:

100% unique and super-effective, unlike anything you have seen before.

An intensive and practical curriculum that goes beyond mere theory.

Weekly assignments, practical exercises, live classes, doubt clearing sessions and personal feedback.

Focus on developing a deep understanding of the law with practical insights on real-life clients’ issues.

Only 8-10 hours per week—perfect for a working professional. 

What we offer you as a privileged Master Access subscriber is an ultravast library of legal knowledge, a formidable repository of real-world insights, industry-oriented video lessons, actionable how-to guides and readymade templates that will prove immensely useful in enhancing and scaling your legal practice.

Want to take a look at the course details? Click here to read on.

Enrolment Open only for
LawSikho’s Corporate Friends

The enrolment for this course is closed for individual students on LawSikho.

However, we decided to make an exception for our corporate friends though, before we raise our prices in April.

If you run an in-house legal team in your company and want your team to avail ALL the benefits as listed above, Master Course subscription is just what you need.

A never-ending fountain of legal knowledge.

Readymade drafts and templates.

Unmatchable sessions with industry professionals.

Practical guidance and insights for real-life issues.

And much more.

All this for a period of four years—access anytime, all time.

Considering the HUGE value of this massive bundle, we believe we have kept the price as affordable as we can (not cheap, of course). 

For one subscriber: Rs 1.2 lakhs + GST for 5 years of access.

NOTE: The fees of all LawSikho courses, including the Master Access bundle, is going to increase by 20-50 per cent from April 1, 2020.

If you are not interested in a 4-year subscription, we are offering a 1-year subscription as an alternative option.

Under this model, you will get access to all the goodies for only a year.

The fee rates are as follows:

For one person: Rs 40,000 exclusive of GST.

If you buy for three persons: Rs 35,000 per head exclusive of GST.

For ten or more persons: Rs 30,000 per head exclusive of GST.

This is a time-limited offer and expires on March 28, 2020, or as soon as our slots get filled up, whichever is earlier. 

Don’t want to miss out on this golden opportunity?

Comment below with “I want to enrol for the Master Access course!” and our course coordinator will get back to you ASAP.

Oh hold on. I forgot to share the feedback of other in-house counsel subscribers of this course. What are they saying after using Master Access?

“Master Access Library is a great concept for people like me who frequently need information from different branches of law, both for procedure and rules. I look after legal cases where the span of disputes is very wide – from contracts to sexual harassment, one never knows what will be the next case. The Master Access platform has given me a single place to solve many tricky situations as the courses are practical rather than just theory. The group discussion amongst peers and the community feeling among professionals ensure I find solutions that I could never find in a book.”

  • Rajesh Ghose, Assistant Director (Personnel and Administration), GSI, Government of India

“As an in-house counsel, I am expected to oversee a broad range of legal tasks for a company, which requires subject-matter knowledge of multiple laws. I cannot specialize in contract negotiation or trademarks or M&A alone. I need to oversee these functions, as well as a lot of other tasks. I need to facilitate business outcomes through my legal skills, so cross-functional legal knowledge and innovative thinking is necessary. For this purpose, I find access to a library of courses very useful. I can access practical knowledge and skills on my fingertips. The elaborate calendar of weekly live classes enables me to join sessions of my interest and relevance at work. Access to the team for clarification of doubts and mentorship is also very valuable.” 

  • Shilpi Goyal, In-house Counsel, Schneider Electric

“I have been using Master Access Library since April 2019. It has helped me a great deal with insolvency and arbitration matters. It serves as a primary destination for both research and learning as far as I am concerned. It enabled me to appear before NCLT. I have found references to the most useful case laws quickly from the library you provided. I have also benefited from all the templates you have added based on my specific request.”

  • Hasnain Alvi, Legal Consultant at IB Group

“It is a very useful resource database for in-house counsels like me, because it provides me with a large database of practical legal solutions, templates and how-to guides at my fingertips. The price is very reasonable as well given the depth and breadth of content. Additionally, one can attend live classes in areas of interest and build up specific expertise as per requirements and challenges at work. It is not a research tool alone, but a great source of learning and development, as I can consult specialized subject matter experts for quick guidance when I need to.”

  • Priyanka Raj, Assistant Manager Legal, Oyo 

“I liked the fact that concepts were explained in very simple language. There were times when I thought I was familiar with something because I learnt about it in law school and yet I found it difficult when it came to applying the same to my work. So knowing that I can look up a topic with just a few clicks and being sure that I will find the answer I need was really helpful. I attended some online classes and found very useful. Teachers were from the industry with experience in doing practical work.”

  • Anmol Gupta, Legal Consultant, Continental Coffee 

But I am curious, what would your in-house legal team would have to say about this awesome gift from you?

Waiting to hear back from you.

P. S. Till 31st March 2020, you can enrol in your favourite course at its current pricing. From 1st April, the fees of all LawSikho courses are due to increase by 20-50% without further delay. Do note that we have enrolment for ALL courses available on our portal for the next few days, so that anyone who wants to enrol at the current pricing may do so. Even if you want to pursue the course later on, it makes sense to book your slot today. Enrol in a course right now >>>

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