This article is written by Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO, LawSikho.

If you do what everyone else is doing, it is most likely that you will get average result at best. Maybe below average results even.

You can’t expect to do better than everyone else unless you are doing something drastically different.

What’s your differentiated strategy?

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I have a suggestion. It always works. Read on if you are interested.

Most people make short term decisions keeping in mind short term interests. It is rare to find someone who is taking actions with long term or even medium term in their mind.

To plant trees that will give you shade and other resources 30 years later? Very few can think up a plan like that and act on that consistently.

Forget 30 years. Are you doing anything that will help you 10 years down the line?

Most people never start their own enterprise or firm because they do not want to go through the initial 2-3 years of struggle!

If you have to build a habit, which is hard, but will start giving dividend in 3 years, will you do it?

3 months of consistent working out under the guidance of an expert can transform your body. Anyone can be super fit and attractive. In some extreme cases, it can take 6 months or a year.

I saw it for myself. From weighing 107 Kgs I went to 88 as of today, in a matter of 3-4 months. I retained most of my muscles, just having lost fat mostly. I have been super busy, had no time to go to a gym, but got professional help. I did my workouts early in the morning after I woke up. I managed my diet carefully and went for the best advice in the world. I researched, experimented, followed proven techniques.

And created routines I can easily follow, on a day to day basis.

Easy to follow over a long period of time is critical to success.

But that’s too much, too slow for most people. That’s why there are way more obese and unfit people in the world as opposed to fit people.

Most people will say yes, yes and yes if you ask them if they want to do long term things for success.

But to know the truth, look at your day today. What did you do that is keeping in long term interests? What about the last one week?

The folly is in thinking too much and taking very little action.

If everything you do is just to survive at the moment, you will survive. All you will have is a lifetime of survival. Nobody dreams of just surviving.

Plant a seed today. What can you do with long term benefits in mind? Something that your future self will thank you for?

It can be a habit. It can be an investment. It can be a new skill that you begin to learn.

It will take months before you see improvement. It will be a year maybe before you begin to get really good at it. But it could change your trajectory.

That’s how lives are changed. One habit, one day at a time. It all adds up over the years.

Our approach to teaching legal skills is based on this principle. One assignment, one skill at a time, we train you to think, act, draft, negotiate, strategize. We give you tasks that you will face in the marketplace. We give you feedback so that you can improve week after week.

Our one year courses are popular because of the great results they produce, and the reason for success behind them is simply this.
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A long term training program, that changes your approach as a lawyer, differentiates your performance from others, makes you ready for the real world.

Even if you are already practising, no problem. You can fill the gaps with our program and get ahead.

The habit of continuous training and development, and engaging your mind in intellectual problem solving will help you to grow into a formidable lawyer. We can promise you that.

Are you investing time, money and effort into long term plans? If not, how are you going to grow bigger than the average? What’s the gameplan here?

Try it out. Here are our upcoming programs

Here is our master access program, which is our most long term program, with a 5 year horizon, and still a few slots are available.


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