This article is written by Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO, LawSikho.

The better story always wins.

A lot of lawyers were thrilled to watch the last episode of Game of Thrones this Monday. Even if the last season of the epic TV series was hurried, we could not ignore what Tyrion said – good stories cannot be stopped. They spread. They take hold of the people and influence everything.

The story decides who will rule.

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Ask the trial lawyers. The better story wins. Not the dry letters of the statute book. Those are mere tools for bringing the story within a framework and giving it sanctity.

Ask the constitutional lawyers. The better story still wins. Lawyers and judges can always come up with legal justifications, to make the story they like the best, win.

Politics is a game of stories too. The politicians with better stories, that spread the best and are liked by many people, usually win.

Professional success is no different. The lawyer about whom you hear good stories are more sought after. The ones with bad stories are forgotten and avoided. Legendary law firms are all about the narratives that justify their extremely high hourly rates.

Why do big law firms hire dozens of freshers from top law schools although 60-80% either leave on their own or are fired within the first year is over? It is a story. We hire the top talent and pay them a top salary. It is a story that is very appealing to clients. How else do you establish that you have top lawyers? Hiring graduates of top law schools is a shortcut to building that story. How much of that is true story remains to be examined?

Graduates of law schools also aspire to work in a law firm because of a story. 1.5 lakh salary per month. You could be a partner in 8-10 years and earn 50-70 lakhs per year. You could even earn a crore or more some day, as you become a senior and sought after lawyer!

What a story! People chase that future. And often do not realise the dark side of the story that remains unsaid.

The crazy hours. Falling sick from exhaustion or not getting enough sleep for months. Having a therapist on speed dial. Insane office politics. Being shouted at by your boss at the drop of a hat, something that will be totally unacceptable in another kind of work environment. Boiler room environment that suffocates most people. Not having any fixed work hours, and crazy expectations about you responding to mails in the wee hours of the morning.

Well, those things don’t make for much of a story that anyone wants to say.

But then I recently heard that more and more top law school graduates are opting for things like litigation, policy research, startups and academia. That makes sense. Maybe finally those law firm stories are filtering through to law students.

Your life is probably being dictated by some story or the other. Your choices are being shaped by stories.
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Some stories appeal to our confirmation bias. Some appeal to our prejudice. Some of these are dangerous and specifically designed to influence our actions. Some stories drive us insane with rage or render us impotent.

Brands are also stories. They make us trust some products or companies more than others.

You may have already embedded in your mind some stories about what online courses are like. Or you may have been told stories about how lawsikho courses have helped someone in their career, and hence you want to take a course from us.

Whether you enrol in a course or not, whether you choose tax law or M&A as your career destiny, whether you intern with litigators or law firms, all that probably depends on the stories you have heard about those things.

What are those stories? What stories did you miss out on?

What is going to be your story? Are you actively shaping your story? What stories will your potential bosses, your potential clients, your peers will tell about you? Are those stories powerful? Are they going to spread?

Are you going to rule?

If your story is an ordinary one, you will be one of the crowd. If your story is an extraordinary one, you will stand out and will be sought after.

Here is my earnest invitation to you. You have a unique story to tell with your life, with your career, with your skills. Let us teach you how to do that best. Let us work together to take you from ordinary to extraordinary. We exist to do that!

Come join us for a LawSikho course. Let’s design your story and spread it together.

It’s creative. It’s challenging. It is exhilarating. It is probably nothing like what you expect so far.

You probably have no idea how powerful stories are yet. Or maybe you do. Come and find out with us.

Let’s embark on a journey of creating empowering and amazing stories.

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