5 reasons law students love mooting



“and there I was standing at the podium…..for my first moot court argument…my heart was literally in my throat……and then it began…..I started speaking….I could actually feel the blood pounding in my ears…so nervous I was… but slowly and gradually I gained momentum and spoke with the highest amount of confidence that I had ever mustered in my life….

And when it actually ended…there I was standing …feeling proud of myself on the fact that at last I overcome my inhibitions and presented my case in the boldest manner possible….”

Primarily, moot is the mock trial of how the legal proceedings take place in the courts. It is always regarded as a beginner’s guide. If you love challenges and arguments, then you can also develop a love for mooting during your life in law school. If you have decided upon advocacy as your career then mooting can be a great beginning for your dream.

Now coming to the point why law students loves mooting:

To quote Thomas Jefferson “brevity is best because it leaves no room for inattention by listener”. Mooting makes you brave and confident personality. The challenge and the excitement that you experience while mooting cannot be gained in classes.


  • Mooting is like a competition with fun, and the grilling helps in building up great oratory skills that develop confidence in your ability as advocate. Mooting gives an Opportunity to prove your case even if you know that you are wrong and when you argued in a persuasive way with full of confidence and clarity you feel like you have won the world.
  • Mooting helps you in learning and being perfect in formal legal writing and drafting. It makes you soo perfect in this field of legal writing and drafting that if your batch mates or seniors ask you anything about brief and formal legal drafting or when you work in firms as intern or as an employee, you will always get praised.


  • Mooting develops the skill of team work and coordination. You develop the skill of dedication, working with other fellow team members. You might have so friendly connections with a teammate that you even won’t mind sharing a piece of delicious cake.
  • Mooting can develop research and analytical skills which is the essential requirement for a law student. You learn how and where to apply your research work and mental ability. You need to be exquisitely preparing to argument your case in the moot competition so it is the research that makes you perfect. Once you start researching you might get to know many new facts of law and it makes you more curious.
  • Another reason why a law student loves mooting is that mooting resembles a college paid vacation with condonation for attendance. You get to see new places, you Meet people and see new places and it helps in developing new contacts when you come to meet students of the other laws schools which is very helpful in networking.


So it is through mooting that you get to know how to construct an argument, find a way around an awkward precedent, presenting a clever answer for a judge on the fly and as a hero you turn a hopeless case in successful win. Not to mention, for all this, you need to be better than your opponents at understanding how to go about the Mooting in a manner that is different and, of course, better than your opponents. Doing this online course designed by some of the best Mooters in the country can certainly be a good start at winning. And obviously that is where the fun lies!

The above article is written by: Poonam Bera
3rd year law student at Army Institute of law.






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