My 5 Years Of Studying Law At Lucknow University

This article is written by Priyansha Srivastava. If you want to share the stories of your law school, write to: [email protected]

“I am not what happened to me , I am what I choose to become”.

-C.G. Jung

Like every individual carry some ambition in their eyes and work accordingly, I too was amongst themwho carried a crystal clear dreams in my eyes of studying in a top most law college. I guess that very moment I was too young to realise that carrying dreams in your eyes isn’t enough, you need to work to achieve your goal. I was given a month’s time after my board examinations to prepare for CLAT. I tried my best but couldn’t make it through because of onepetty reason and i.e. my weakness with maths section. My days went dull and the darkness propounded leaving me to curse myself for not being able to achieve what I wanted. But it is said where no dooris left seek for the window, I did the same, a new ray of hope collided my life one particular day when my Uncle came in with the admission form of law department, Lucknow University. Though it was not in my plans but somewhere or the other I knew that “life is what comes in when you least expect it”. Anyways not being able to purse my goal I had no other option than to choose what’s lying on my way. Admission procedure completed and I became the full-fledged student of Lucknow University.

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Herecame the first day of college and all of its first year students were required to attend the orientation programme. Before proceeding into the auditorium where orientation was being conducted I had that spark of excitementin me for I would be meeting new people whom I would call my friends and new place with completely professional environment but things weren’t that easy going as it appeared to be. Seeing the stern looks of the Professors out there and nervous faces all around me , my morale instead of taking a hike sank a bit. After I came back home I threwa tantrum that I would drop instead of going to the University. Then after being told by my grandma about the pros and cons of what I had in my mind she ultimately convinced me to carry on my studies over here.

Then came the second day, I went inside the classroom with all new faces sitting inside waiting for their dream journey to start. I sat with three girls sitting in a row and started with the exchange of introduction and the journey started with a smiling curve on faces and sharing our dreams and aspirations. Then entered our subject teacher and we were told the origin of the term “law” and its importance in each and every lives. Like this days passed and passed on well but I was not very satisfied. First semester went merely in settling down and knowing each other, for less opportunities were given from our faculties side such as group projects, assignment etc. thereby leaving us to take in ourselves the initiative to know our college mates.

We had all art side subjects therefore it wasn’t that much of a problem for they are interesting and knowledgeable except for the ‘history’ which till date has not gained my interest in it. Anyways, like this our semester examination turned up leaving us so very nervous as if we were made to sir for IAS examinations . Especially giving examinations in those chilling winters was not a child play and the biggest hindrance which came on my way then was not to get a hold on my subjects but it was to retain the same for long. Then the result came out and left me into the biggest shock of my life with merely 60% of marks and that day I realised that somewhere or the other this college can never be the best thing that happened to me, not because of the less percentage but because not getting the credits of my hard work in the right manner since my exams went on quite well and getting less than the hard work you put in leads you to pulled off morale. But I believe negativities in life do not come to uproot you from your confidence level but to work harder in that direction and showcase the life that you too are tough. I worked even harder in the next semester and was regular with my college with no bunks and absolutely no carelessness but yet again life knocked me down and in the middle of my examinations I met with an accident because of which I had to skip two examinations , leaving me to fall into the crippling thoughts of my drowning career. A ray of light showed its way and I was guided by my faculty teachers to apply for improvement the next year, providing me a sigh of big relief. I took a pledge that I would convert this loss into a better opportunity and would work hard on my subjects to balance the same. So this is how my First year of college took a flight.

Second year of college was very serious from the starting itself because of all the strenuous subjects we were made to deal with. In those initial days of my 2nd year I got so frightened with my subjects comprising of Law of contracts, Law of Torts, Jurisprudence, International Law, IPC, etc. that a mere thought of opening the book used to give me a kind of goose bumps but I was equally aware of it’s importance in government jobs and for a full- fledged lawyer so anyhow I convinced my mind to not let my confidence go down and work hard, however being new with all these subjects I couldn’t score well in my examinations but this time the result was satisfactory because I reaped what I sowed.Third semester examinations though being tough yet were interesting and I took it as a challenge and worked upon it leaving no stone unturned and luckily did comparatively well in the Fourth semester and thereby scoring highest in psychology with 80% which was my improvement paper of first year.

Then came the important year of my college life in which I did less for myself but did a little more to groom up my college. It might sound astonishing but like all law colleges, Lucknow University was not that much active in the practical source of learning such as moots, debates etc. When we were in our first year the concept of moot came to an end with the passing of the very active batch of that time. In my second year we did not give a heed to it but it is said “it is better late than never”. And in the very starting of our third year we i.e. me along with one of my friend took the initiative to restart morebund Moot Court Committee with well-established procedure and had detailed discussion with our teacher conveners as well as our dean and with their cooperation we gave a kicking start to the establishment of a moot court committee and then CV were called out for being its member and by god’s grace I was selected after going through two levels comprising of interview as well as CV selection. In that very year we conducted intra-semester moot court competition as well as inter semester moot court competition. This was a small push to influence the morebund cultural committee to give a new start as well. The feeling of seeing the success of what you have established is immense and no other happiness could be better than this.

Fourth year will always have a special corner in my heart for the people whom I used to call my friends became my best of friends and the subjects which used to give me goosebumps were under my control and the feeling of being the second seniormost gave me the feeling of what all I’ve gained and all the fake memories of not getting into a topmost law college almost vanished in the air, leaving no sign of regrets in my mind and soul. I was again selected as a member of MOOT COURT COMMITTEE. Also the subjects of the fourth year were interesting and difficult at the same time, the combination which we would hardly find. My control over the subjects of Fourth year was far more than satisfactory because of our beloved as well as so knowledgeable faculty members who made us learn those subjects like a child’s play. Seriously the way they have contributed and imparted their knowledge and the moral values cannot be compared to any sayings and any book in the world. Like this days went by and exams turned up and test phobia took the limelight and then arrived the time of results, when we crossed our fingers with the best hope we could master. It is said “hard work pays off” and I saw it happening for the first time and I scored 71% which was merely like a dream come true for me because scoring in seventies is something like floating on the 7th cloud and so was my position and I got the third rank in my batch which was more than what I expected and thanked from heart to all my friends, teachers and of course my parents who contributed in this achievement selflessly. In my fourth year also we conducted one inter- semester moot court competition. This year which was and still is my most memorable year went on joyfully leaving all good remark.

Then arrived my Fifth year of University as the name suggests from starting only it turned out to be stern since we were made to choose the subjects of our own choice, and believe me it is not at all an easy task for one wrong decision can show you what not. Not just this, it was the high time to actually start working upon your dreams and ambitions especially for me where I couldn’t take any other chance to risk my dreams or bring my career into a stake. This time I started my journey by interning in one of the Maharatna companies of India, ‘ONGC’ and also from the very beginning started working upon my subjects with firm determination and anxiety.

So, this was my journey till now in my University which includes all bitter and good experiences. In my opening para I mentioned about the very famous saying of Sir. C.G. Jung upon which frankly speaking I kind of denied or disagreed when I thought it to be less of what I got i.e. my admission in University but with each passing day I realised and today I am confirmed with this fact that Yes, This university is not what happened to me but what I chose to be. With no shame I accept this fact that before getting admitted to this renowned University I had certain conflict with my thoughts as to the college I am joining or the dream I couldn’t achieve but spending 4.5 beautiful years of my college life I have drawn a small conclusion that “never underestimate yourself”, for your identity is not from the place you have been brought up or groomed up but from the deeds you have committed even if you are attached to earth and today I can proudly say that “Lucknow University was the best thing that could ever happen to me”. Life is all about the changes you least expect but in the end we realise that such changes makes your life worth living and cherishing. You just need to accept the changes, respect the changes and work in order to maintain that change and convert that change for good.




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