practicing litigation in a big city

In this article, Anubhav Kumar Pandey talks about advantages and disadvantages of practicing litigation in a big city over a small town.

Litigation has always been a popular choice among law students. The adrenaline rush of a courtroom, the sense of justice, these are the attraction for any young budding law student. Let us observe more closely different aspects of litigation.

The fundamental doubt which seeps into the mind of a young beginner in the field of litigation is where to start practicing. Big city or small town. Let us look at some advantages and disadvantages of practicing litigation in a big city over a small town.

Advantages of practicing litigation in a big city

Starting litigation in a big city is not an easy job. Though there will be ample amount of opportunities, one need not forget one fact. Because you are just a beginner, you will have to come across significant challenges. Litigating in a big city has its pros as well as cons too.

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While you will be practicing litigation in a big city, multiple opportunities will knock at your doors. Consequently, one has to be ready all the time to grab that opportunity. Furthermore, you will get multiple chances to boost your contacts.

As the old saying in the legal profession goes, Your network is your net worth. In a big city, you can visit multiple courts and practice.

Let us take the example of Delhi. The most noteworthy especially relevant point is, there are many district courts, one High Court and the apex court of India, Supreme Court too. Therefore, if you are thinking of starting your practice in Delhi, get ready to put all your efforts which you can. It is only your preparedness which is required.

In small cities opportunities are limited. It is tough for a fresher to get a kick start. Small cities also have limited courts and tribunals. Big cities are equipped with Courts as well as tribunals.

Vibrant practice atmosphere

Since you are practicing litigation in a big city the work culture will be in direct proportion to the competition. Everyone will try to give their best, and amidst in this atmosphere, you will get to learn a lot. Because of the vibrant working environment, a work ethic might prosper in you.

As a legal professional, first of all, be prepared to put all the hard work which you can. Furthermore, you will have to put day in and day out to leave a mark. The pace is the key. M.C Chagla in Roses in December mentions, how as an advocate he had to work accurately with precision. Even one had to walk with certain pace inside the court premises otherwise, chances of adjournment was high.

Finally, practicing litigation in a big city will make you realise that working accurately along with precision is the key to success in the field of litigation.

Visit a district court in Delhi and any other small town district court, you will see a difference. The atmosphere in big cities is more vibrant when compare with small town district court. As a fresher one gets to learn more and experiment more when you are practicing litigation in a big city.


The most noteworthy advantage of practicing litigation in a big city is the lifestyle which comes along with it. Almost all of us are aware of the lifestyle of big cities. But the point is, how can lifestyle be an advantage to you for practicing litigation in big cities? Almost all the people in big cities believe in technological advancement. If a businessman located in Delhi wants to hire a good lawyer, along with searching through his personal contacts, he will definitely google the query. This is a helpful way of increasing client base.

Wide area to practice

In addition to your preferred practice area, you might also get a chance to work on different areas of law. Therefore big cities help you in discovering multiple areas of law.

All the companies try to set their base in big cities. This eventually will boost the litigation practice. Therefore, if you are working only on divorce matters who knows you might also get one consumer dispute to fight.

In a small town, the area of litigation is quite narrow. Due to unavailability of industry, companies, litigation is mostly inclined towards customary litigation practice. Meanwhile in big cities disputes are between person and person as well as between natural and artificial persons. Therefore, litigating in a big city exposes a lawyer with multiple facets of law.

Area of work in small town is very narrow. Lawyers are mostly involved in traditional criminal or civil practice. Take an example of Intellectual Property law. This is such an area of law which can only be found practiced in big cities.

Disadvantages in practicing litigation in a big city

Making an impact

Making an impact is an art which every lawyer must master. Practicing litigation in a big city will provide you with ample amount of opportunity, and it will be your duty to make an impact. Making an impact while practicing litigation in big cities in India is difficult. A lawyer might question, how to make an impact?

Here are few things which a High Court junior must do to make an impact.

Make yourself visible in the court

Almost every beginner struggle with getting cases. It might seem like going to court every day is a waste as you don’t have cases to work upon. This assumption is wrong. Probably, every junior who makes it a point to be in the court during working hours make it to the top in the field. Make it a point to be visible to seniors, working, putting your effort and you will get recognised.

Make Court library your best friend

Court libraries more often work as a waiting hall for lawyers waiting for their case. Make it a point to visit the court library and indulge yourself with some or the other book. This leaves an impact on the seniors that you are hard working and willing to give your best.

Make sure to be well aware of latest development in law

In addition to the above factors, make it sure that you are well versed with the latest development in the law. This will not only help you in your case but will also help to increase your reputation as an advocate in the eyes of your fellow counsels.

Financial disadvantages

The chances are high that you will be starting under a senior counsel first. Consequently, chances are you will be paid very little or no wage at all. In the midst of all these, you cannot even complain about it to your senior. This is the most difficult part due to which people prefer to leave litigation.

Most of all the financial instability is the prime reason for which people leave the field of litigation. Do not be afraid of the challenges. As the old saying goes, if your practice runs well, then the sky is the limit. Cost of living and doing business will be high. Be ready to deal with such situations.

Hope you found your solution in this article. Want to know about lawyers who made a future for themselves in the field of litigation? Here is a list of best lawyers in India. Tell us how do you go about practicing litigation in India. Comment below.

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