Why I Decided To Study Law And My Experience at Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies(BILS)

This article was originally published in A First Taste of Law.

I am Vaishnavi Shukla, pursuing 4th yr. LLB at Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies, Bangalore. Before starting on why I decided to study law, it would be more appropriate to give you an insight into my journey from Andhra Pradesh to BILS, which I cherish now. Being a student of commerce (emphasis to be laid on the fact that I hated science) I had always decided that I will never do something too mainstream, for instance, “Engineering”. As I took up Commerce after my 10th grade, there vanished the chances of becoming a doctor (though there are undisputedly plenty of other options available). I had strongly decided for myself that I would not opt to do something which every friend or relative of mine was doing, I find no substantial output in the ‘n’ number of Engineers and Doctors that are being produced by our country while there are plenty of other Professional courses and options available to explore, naming one, “Law”.

Why I Decided To Study Law And My Experience at Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies(BILS)

Then came, my turning point in the 11th grade which made me very clear in my head and heart that LAW is my dream and I will chase it.

As Mahatma Gandhi had once quoted: –

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“If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning”.

This quote inspired me even more. My good grades in accounts and economics, made my parents and teachers believe that I should take up Chartered Accountancy (CA) and I was enrolled to take up CPT classes after my college hours, for which I was least interested. But what urged me to pack my bags after college each day and attend the CPT classes was nothing but the subject of “Law”, which was one of the departments of study in my CPT course.

I recognized that it was this subject and department amongst all other which would urge me from within to come and sit in the very first bench every day and listen to every single lecture attentively and passionately. I concentrated more on Law rather than CPT.

This interest was further boosted by my uncle, who himself is a criminal lawyer in the Andhra Pradesh High court. His professionalism and command over Law always made me look up to him as the ultimate source of inspiration. The black and white legal attire surely brings an immense sense of respect and responsibility and pride. He has been a constant support and a major reason for the decision. As Jonathan Hirst QC says:

“In my view, pupils who have done an undergraduate Law degree start with a very considerable advantage over those who have tried to cram in everything in less than a year. A Law degree allows a student to gain a broader and more mature understanding of the subject”.

A law degree surely is an advantage for those who have it over those who don’t.

I wanted to deepen my interest in this field of study and gain a broader understanding of the subject as I had only a little knowledge of it from the classes I attended.

A Law degree provides multiple career options for a student. This is a booster and unlike other professional studies, it gives the skills to not only be a successful lawyer, but also a politician, manager, journalist, police officer, successful producer or almost any other profession that requires intellectual strength combined with a practical approach to the world. One degree several advantages- then why not?

Studying Law gives the chance to deepen our experiences across the full range of Social sciences, sharpen our minds, & strengthen our understanding.

One acquires both breadths of understanding and depth in the areas of interest.

I was aware that the Law is a dry subject and there is no support of practical examinations to boost up scores, yet I took my interest further and started to learn more and more about Law as a career opportunity and with the exciting opportunities in numerous fields with one Law degree makes this course more distinct, challenging and exciting. In the recent times, more and more students are coming forward and taking up the profession as the Law has widened its scope both opportunities wise and monetarily. The monetary benefits do attract one, but it is not the sole reason to enter this area of studies. With the widening of the scope of the law, it is attracting more students like me to explore it and secure a degree.

The studies on humanities and social sciences over the law school years enables one to develop a sense of responsibility towards the society, also, my intolerance against the injustice that happens around me and the strong sense of rebellious attitude against something which I think around me is unjust and unlawful, encouraged me to take up law, as it is that profession where “in a gentle way, you can shake the world”, as quoted by Mahatma Gandhi.

There is an urgent need to curb the anti-social elements prevailing in the society and make it a better place to live in and this can happen when we Individuals, raise our voices against the injustice and crimes. The law degree provides a better platform to voice against the crimes and several such voices together does and will make a difference, sooner or later. Without using arms or violation, just by the power of words, in a gentle way lawyers can shake the world.

Also, robots can be taught the basics but law students develop an affinity for the subject by being exposed to different writers, critics, disciplines, arguments. [1]

These were the reasons why I decided to take up law, and there began my journey to pursue law and with it came multiple questions which every student aiming to pursue law goes through in his mind, namely:-

  • Which institution would be the best?
  • Is it feasible?
  • How is the faculty of the institute?
  • How are the placement opportunities?
  • Is this the right decision?
  • Should I go for it?
  • Will I earn more? Etc, etc.

I was no exception. Choosing a right institute is very important and all other decisions and opportunities in the future are based on how good or bad institute one chooses. A wrong decision at such crucial stage of life can change the course of life and opportunities drastically. Hence, a wise decision will only better our future prospects and enable us to contribute to the legal system in a better and useful way.

Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies (BILS) was the best decision undoubtedly.

I joined a month later than everybody else due to shifting from Andhra Pradesh to Bangalore, permanently with my family. Nevertheless, there was not a single doubt, which wouldn’t be cleared by my teachers as they are always available to help. The faculty of BILS is highly intellectual and world leaders in their field, they understand the learning method of student’s very accurately and make the art of teaching and learning easier and fun by explaining difficult concepts with simple vocabulary. This is another important training which will help us while dealing with clients. As while dealing, our vocabulary and oratory skills will not help the client in understanding the problem, who is unaware of law and many a times illiterate, it is at these situations that the ability to explain difficult concepts with simple vocabulary comes into picture. Even the slightest of details, which goes unnoticed most of the times help in a great way in the future.

The chapters of Labor law, Company law, etc. which most of us believe that the theoretical knowledge is way different from practical dealings, which is not so. My experience in BILS and my earlier internships have taught me that it this knowledge will be enable us to acquire a job and deal with clients, this makes my experience in BILS thrilling and I cherish every moment I spend here.

BILS provides a wide range of activities to its students ranging from Cultural to Academic, which keeps the student’s occupied over the semester and time flies by.

Every problem here is solved before it starts affecting and Sapna Mam is the best principal BILS has had till date.

I have actively participated in college Moot court competitions and each experience has allowed me to learn about a new department of law, which interests me more. Further, the seminars, debates, orientation classes, etc given by the faculty from within the Institute and outside has enabled the students to express their opinions and carefully choose their area of Interest for obtaining Internships, pursuing LLM in India & abroad and otherwise.

The cultural activities over the year bring students of different cultures together as BILS is the place where people from various states, countries come together, live together and enjoy the pride of National Integrity. I have been an active participant in the cultural activities with constant encouragement from teachers and friends and won many of them too.

Also, the encouragement and opportunities at BILS has allowed me to take up National and International Moot court competitions which helped me develop oral advocacy training and also the encouragement further enabled me to secure two International Publications in reputed journals, on topics of” “Copyright in Digital Era” and “Insight into Competition Law, Public Procurement Bill & Bid Rigging in India”. I am further aiming to write more articles as the research process on the required area excites me and as research is a pool of knowledge, I aim to cover as many areas of law possible in order to be well versed with the current amendments and provisions of law, which would help me in securing a LLM degree from a reputed Institution as at BILS with the kind of exposure I have got, I have developed a deep interest in Business law, which is my area of interest. I would pursue it further as I am aiming to do my LLM and gain more insight into the subject.

Apart from the academic opportunities, I have been fortunate enough to make good Friends which make life at BILS more exciting and contribute to one’s most cherishable moments. Most law students manage to combine an active social life and extra-curricular activities with the demands of a course. And they come out the better for it. Being a student of BILS has earned me great respect for the Institution by the people, who are constantly in praise of it and makes me proud to be a part of such Institution.

BILS is in the ranking of Top 20 law Institutes in India and one day it will include itself in Top 10 rankings as well.

The Seminars and orientation programs are given to students on every field with a view to equipping them for securing top internships, upgrading their resume, securing top notch jobs, which are indeed fruitful. The placement committee works hard to bring best of the opportunities for its students and all these programs at BILS is making my experience here more worthy.

I would surely recommend BILS to everyone who is aiming to pursue LAW at a good Institute with the best of faculty which enriches the minds of students and also provides the wide range of cultural, academic and social activities for engaging the students in activities which would yield great outputs for securing better positions in companies and Law firms, offices, etc. It is not always the NLU’s only which provide the best of opportunities and knowledge. A diamond will shine anywhere, and BILS follows that concept and that has made its former students secure top notch jobs and set the standard and inspire students to reach that point.

This was my journey from a Commerce student to being a Law student at BILS, and my experience over the 3.5 years (7 semesters) spent here which is enriching, unregrettable and marvelous.

Thank you.





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