This article is written by Ayush Arora, a BA LLB student of Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia National Law University, Lucknow.


The dawn of the new millennium has thrown up a plethora of new career opportunities that were hitherto unknown. They have made the task of choosing the career for youth more baffling and perplexing. This article would eventually assist you in choosing your career and would aid in unveiling the tactics to be applied in opting the profession, you wish to enter into.

A recent survey on career options awareness among Indian students has unveiled that a staggering 93% of the students aged 14 to 21 were aware of just 7 career options, though there are more than 250 different types of career choices available in India.

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Ergo, consider yourself fortunate that you have an opportunity of reading the article, that relieves you from being a part of those “93%”, and right away delve into the contents of the article, to look  a suitable career option for yourself.

Career oppurtunities with all other imperative information

Under this head, we shall examine several career options, benefits of choosing that path in terms of scope, future prospects and professional growth; and lastly and most importantly, how to apply for and obtain the same.

  • Uploading videos on platforms such as Youtube

  1. DESCRIPTION: One of the recent survey suggests that most people employ their leisure hours in video screening. Not only leisure hours, but these platforms are also used for educational purposes and adapting new vocational skills. Since we people are well aware about the platform, it barely needs any more explanation, so let’s move to next head.
  2. SCOPE AND FUTURE PROSPECTS:- The survey, as I have stated above, entails the statistical data that every succeeding year, the average per-day-video-screening-time of people has been constantly rising, the highest recorded in the previous survey of 2019 (approx. 69 mins. aA day). Hence, deducing by the above data, we can conveniently infer that the prospects of video uploading are ever rising. As more and more netizens come into the play, we must admit, the easiest thing for them to pass minutes is video screening, obviously, also for the purpose of learning novel skills except for leisure. Hundreds of people have refurbished built themselves using that station platform, and hundreds are buddings. Hence, don’t misspend waste the opportunity, and make your career, wherein it would all-the-more flourish.               

Shed off the old clothes and clad yourselves in the new apparels as the wake of the hour is DIGITAL”.

  • How to earn via Youtube?

For my tech-savvy readers friends reading the article, they know pretty well how to utilize the platform to its best potential. For others, as one would know, one has to create a channel with a name preferably compatible to with the material he would be presenting (e.g “DANCEGURU”danceguru if he intends to teach dancing skills; or comicboy if he intends to upload some sort of comedy material, etc.).

Any talent that you incorporate have, is welcomed on that platform. If you have a flare for singing, upload your mellifluous voice, if you have good knowledge of your surroundings, establish a channel related to imparting general knowledge. So, going by the theory, that everyone is unique in some or the other way, that everyone has some or the other talent, it’s the best opportunity to project it to other people. Once a channel is created, and you have displayed your unique skills in there, it’s then just time to sit back, let people appreciate your talent, gather views and start earning funds!!. The more the views, the greater the funds you make.

Also to mention, platforms akin to YouTube are used worldwide. Hence, a citizen of Canada too can watch a video you upload in India, thereby giving a huge impetus to the views that you earn, eventually the funds you make. 

  • Jobs in primary sector

  1. DESCRIPTION: Certain industries, whose products are essential for basic human existence, are often labelled under the domain of primary sector, as against secondary, or tertiary sector, the demands of whose outputs might diminish in proportion to the intensity of economy’s fall break. To make the notion sound lucid, let’s place agriculture and medicine sectors to belong to primary domain, as against car accessories, or leather wallets and belts belonging somewhere in secondary or tertiary domain.
  2. SCOPE/FUTURE PROSPECTS: Since the outputs of primary sector industries satisfy the needs of foundational mankind existence, their profits won’t be even remotely compromised. Howsoever intense is the annihilation of the economy, people won’t stop eating food, eventually making agriculture an evergreen autotrophy. Similarly, a person afflicted with cardiovascular diseases heart patient wouldn’t want to impede with his life-saving medics. Also, a diabetic or a patient of hypertension blood pressure won’t delay his prescription out of fiscal exigency. People, irrespective of economic conditions, would continue to fall ill, keeping prospects in medical sector alive. Also, medicines are supplied in hospitals as well; Therefore, career in these set-ups would at least guarantee you bread and butter for your family.
  3. HOW TO OBTAIN JOBS IN PRIMARY SECTOR: So, my fellow readers who are in primary industries are immune to economic fatality. However, people of secondary sector need to relocate themselves, if they perceive an upcoming economic failure. The decision to change one’s entire domain of career, might appear apprehensive, but it’s then the time to bow to necessities. So, it’s recommended to shift to primary sector, even if the stipend they offer is less than what you are getting in secondary sector. 

The jobs in primary sector of agriculture and health shall be attained depending upon your skills and qualifications. As for medical sector, any job from manufacturing medicine, to its marketing in the local markets shall ensure you an alimentation. bread and b

Similarly, as in agricultural realmdomain, a career ranging from farming to, market shall prove to be a rewarding venture, sufficient to sustain inflow of income even in dire economic situations.

  • Jobs in mobile network companies 

  1. DESCRIPTION: As is evident from the name, the reference is being made to companies that provide mobile data and networks. Reliance, Vodafone, Aairtel, etc. serve to be as prominent examples, who strive to make internet data and call facilities available to the masses or general population.
  2. SCOPE / FUTURE PROSPECTS: Just after food and medicine, if any person would crave for anything, that would be his mobile data network subscription. That effort from the public would keep these companies alive, rendering a monthly flow of earnings in your accounts, if you become a part of them. 
  3. HOW TO ATTAIN THE JOB: The jobs here too, are granted on the basis of your qualifications. If, for instance, you hold a degree in engineering, you might work in network development domain; while on the contrary if you hold a degree in law, you shall represent the company in courts, arguing cases filed against the same by either consumers, dissatisfied by the services, or by the rival companies. Applications for jobs are entertained by HR department of the companies; preferably if you advertise in newspaper about your qualifications and experience, send individual applications to HR department, rather offline CV or online via mails, or as a last effort, uploading your profile at platforms like LinkedIn might prove to be a roaring success.
  • Jobs in government sector

  1. DESCRIPTION: The government sector is inherently known and appreciated for theeir job security. It is usually the administrative department of the country. Certain services are also provided by the government, the staff of which is referred as “government servants”, railways, for instance, serve as a prudent illustration, of transportation service being provided by the government. All other offices of welfare state, such as income tax, GST, RTO, etc. fall within the arena domain of government sector. Also to mention, the workload too is mild to moderate, burden is not as much as in private sector, and work timings are also suitable (approximately 8 hours a day), so you can spend remaining time with your families as well. Except for these, there are several other perks offered, such as medical insurance, life insurance, annual allowances for travelling, maternity leaves, reimbursement of travel expenditures on tours, and many more. Any private sector is incapable of renderingto   furnishing such benefits, as given by this revered sector.
  2. FUTURE PROSPECTS / SCOPE: Firstly, as mentioned priorly, the utmost advantage of government job is professional security. Irrespective of the intensity of economic breakdown, you won’t be dismissed from the job, unlike the possibility in private sector. Also, the sector offers you a tempting salary, and decent and timely promotions, depending upon your qualifications and capabilities. Certain sectors bestow upon you, immense authority over general public. Judges, commissioners, superintendents, magistrates, etc. are certain examples of authoritative entities, exercising abundant control not only on their subordinates, but also on affairs of ordinary population.
  3. HOW TO OBTAIN JOBS UNDER GOVERNMENT SECTOR: Establishing a profession in this sector is a very tedious, weary and an uphill tiring task. It requires you to qualify certain competitive examinations, depending upon the sector, and post for which you are applying. Immense amount of hard work and consistency are required to pass such examinations, where lakhs of candidates apply for certain limited posts. Also, there is also an age bar for extending the application, so, confirm to fall within the prescribed age limit. 

So, again, if you perceive any sort of economic seizure breakdown approaching due to any reason, then begin start your preparation for the competitive exam, provided that you keep in mind all the essential requisites and you fall within the prescribed age limits. Despite the economy’s ruin, there will not be many adversaries to on your salary. Once a government servant, one can be totally carefree, as far as his fiscal prospects are concerned. 

  • Become stakeholder at share market

  1. DESCRIPTION: Last but not the least, you might want to become a stakeholder at share market. It is a platform, where you can easily earn (or lose) money, by investing your funds in different companies. If the company makes profits, then that would be divided proportionately amongst all the shareholders.
  2. FUTURE PROSPECTS / HOW TO DO SHARE MARKETING: As stated above, it is a procedure of investing funds in different companies, and the profits and losses of the companies are proportionately distributed among the shareholders. However, during the era of economic conked out, disintegration, most of the companies are expected to suffer losses, so you would not again want to invest in secondary or tertiary sectors, which are expected to be the most horrifying targets of economic fatalities. Hence, for the purpose of investment, choose industries belonging to sectors immune to the economy’s humdrum, as discussed previously in the article.


All in all, the article deals exhaustively with the appropriate professions, one might conveniently choose during the economy’s disintegration. Now, if you analyze the article appropriately, there are several modes, you can opt for, to earn, i.e. “talent”, “hardwork” and “luck”. Now, if you have abundant of talent in any field, such as singing, dancing, comedy, etc, the article prescribes YouTube and other similar platforms as appopriate choice of earning; if you wish to pursue the path of hard work, then jobs in govternment sector, or relevant primary industries shall be desirable, and lastly, if you consider yourself lacking in both, but have confidence in your luck, and decision-making skills, the sphere domain of share marketing would prevail all-pervasive as your mode of earning.

Also, the article is helpful for people for all sorts of different qualifications. In the government sector, the requirement also lies of guards and peons, for people lagging behind in academics, to the level of postgraduates. Same is the case in primary industries. Even the peon in agriculture-related industry shall retain his job, for the industry would continue to function, unlike the peons of secondary and tertiary sector, who might be sacked due to employer’s incapacity to afford their salaries.

Hence, irrespective of your educational qualifications, or talents the article is helpful into fetching find yourself, a suitable career in the wake of economies’ fatal fallapart.

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