CLAT 2010 and NLU Delhi Results: Cut-off Comparisons and Preference List

Republished from 2010 A First Taste of Law archives.

After the much nail-biting, the CLAT and NLU Delhi Results are finally out. As we had predicted, the NLU Delhi cut off was not much higher than 100 (it was 102 for the General Category, as can be seen from results here).The final cut off wouldn’t be above 100 once subsequent lists are out.

The highest score in CLAT was 165, in line with our prediction of 160-165. The cut-off for NLS, Bangalore was at 152, very close to our estimate of 150. For NALSAR, Hyderabad it was 148 and 145 for NUJS, Kolkata, marking the overall cut-off for the top 3 law schools at 145. This was slightly above our estimate of 140, but still quite close as an indication. If I have assessed things right, the cutoff for NUJS should come down a couple of marks as some people won’t take up their seats.

Incidentally, I was taking a look at the other cut off predictions:

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  • LST – 145-160 for top 3 law schools.
  • (don’t miss this): “If you expect a score of 155 or more out of the maximum 200, you should be hopeful of getting a seat in one of the eleven national law colleges.” What an accurate prediction.
  • Prime also went for wide ranges: NLS Bangalore = 160+, NALSAR Hyderabad = 152 – 160, NUJS Kolkata = 145 – 152. Well, now I see the advantage of predicting a very wide range rather than specific cut-offs – you are going to get something right!

Our hearty congratulations to all those who made it through the CLAT or, and the NLU Delhi exams! And for those who didn’t, they shouldn’t lose heart. Colleges such as Government Law College, Mumbai, Amity Law School, New Delhi, and a number of other law colleges all over the country offer fabulous opportunities for any person who is seriously interested in pursuing law. Students who start from another university but sustain interest in law and work consistently towards it shall definitely make it as big as anyone else from another university anywhere in the world. Remember, succeeding in the CLAT or NLU Delhi Exam is not the end, it is just the beginning. And if any of you is still insistent upon doing law from a National University could choose to take a year off and reappear for the CLAT in 2011.

Ok, finally here is our ranking for law schools, so that you can easily make our admission decisions




4. ILS, Pune

5. Symbi


7. NLU Orissa


This ranking is based on Ramanuj’s overall assessment of the opportunities and exposures that these institutions offer, recruitment included. It’s not open for debate. If a law school is not mentioned, it would come somewhere afterwards the ones mentioned here.


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