Young litigators journey can be challenging.

Cliklawyer, a technology-based platform for legal work related to recovery of money, contract enforcement and financial justice, is inviting applications for empanelment from litigators based in specific locations.

Cliklawyer was started in March 2016, and has enabled recovery of over INR 20 lakhs in a short period of 3 months. Cliklawyer enables lawyers to access and capture work from clients ranging from a variety of industries.

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Started from Delhi, Cliklawyer wishes to extend the availability of legal experts to multiple locations (see below) across India.

The opportunity to access a consistent stream of legal work can be highly valuable in the journey of a young litigator. As an empanelled lawyer on Cliklawyer, you have the opportunity to access a new channel for receiving legal work on a variety of matters. Details of the empanelment are provided below.



Tier 1: Litigators of 1-3 years’ of experience.

Tier 2: Litigators with 4-5 years’ of experience


  • Mumbai
  • Bangalore
  • Kolkata
  • Ahmedabad
  • Pune


This is a 1-year empanelment, which is automatically renewable for a further period of 1 month. You can terminate this arrangement at any time by serving a 3-month notice.

Nature of work and legal fees

Majority of the work relates to taking up and contesting a case completely (i.e. drafting, filing and arguments) at the trial court level. All lawyers empanelled with us will be requested to operate at a pricing structure issued by us. We rely a lot on technology to standardize and make our operations efficient, which enables us to offer an extremely low pricing structure. For example, the cost of drafting a complaint to Magistrate: Rs. 5000/-, Drafting of summary suit: Rs. 5000, Drafting of a civil suit: Rs. 8000/-. You will be provided training on strategy and with templates. For a young litigator, this is an opportunity to have access to coaching as you develop in your effectiveness.

You are free to take your own matters, so long as your deliverables to Cliklawyer are not impacted.

In case you wish to terminate your arrangement with us, you can send us a 3-month notice.

How to apply

If you are interested, send an email along with your CV to [email protected] latest by 10th June 6 pm.


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