We are a startup in the online education domain, working on projects of our own as well as in collaboration with top universities and government bodies for the last 4 years. At iPleaders, we work on transforming what training one can give to budding lawyers, law students, entrepreneurs, government officials and others who want to understand the law and use it to their advantage. We are working on access to justice for the last few years, and have made some real headway.  Things that were impossible 4 years back, are very much reality now. That’s how we work – away from the spotlights, cracking on the real problems and taking on things others think are impossible to change. You can read about us more on our website: http://ipleaders.in

Our blogs have the highest reach in India amongst all issue based legal blogs (news/job/internship websites). Check out http://blog.ipleaders.in and http://superlawyer.in. Through these, we are helping more than 1.7 lakh individuals a month as many lawyers and law students volunteer their time.

Our courses like these http://startup.nujs.edu and http://sexualharassment.nujs.edu has been widely acclaimed in media and elsewhere.

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We are service providers to some of the top brand names like Samsung, Feedback Infrastructure, Agrocorp, JCB and other listed companies for legal compliance training.

We are also in the process of creating breakthrough technologies in the domain of access of justice that will change the face of legal industry in India in the coming years. We need highly capable and ambitious people to make this happen.

Now here is a position very essential right now to achieve the success of our dreams.


Designation – Webinar Coordinator


Experience – At least 2-3 PQE in the Litigation, Law Firms, LPOs, Academia


Essential Skills

  • Must have excellent communication skills
  • Must be willing to work in a challenging fast-paced work culture



  • Creating value and adding knowledge to more than 1200 business law diploma students.
  • Work from home.
  • 3 hours a day for six days.
  • Opportunity to continuously make a difference in live of others.
  • Opportunity to conduct research.
  • Opportunity to build a great network with legal experts.
  • Opportunity to continuously train and develop yourself in research, networking and making a difference


Role of the person coordinating the webinar

  • Has to conduct six webinars every week.
  • To ensure the webinars happen on time promised to the students.
  • To make sure that the webinar adds value.

Salary range: 1.44 – 2.16 Lakhs per annum. We will provide high-quality training.

If you are interested in joining a rapidly growing startup, be part of the legal education and technology revolution in India, and make a difference, then this is the right opportunity. Mail  [email protected] with the subject line “Webinar Co-ordinator”.


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