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This article is written by team iPleaders.

Corporate law internships are high stakes. You can get a great job or not depending on how you perform. Out of hundreds of internship applications, only dozens are selected. Out of dozen interns, one or two at best are offered a job or an opportunity to come back for another internship.

Corporate law internships are not opportunities for learning as many students mistakenly think. These are opportunities to shine, to perform, and to demonstrate what you are capable of, so that you are given a bigger opportunity. How do you prepare for this opportunity? Are you making any conscious effort towards that at all?

As somebody who’s spent a great deal of time being unemployed, underemployed, or an aimless student, I have felt the pangs of boredom and feeling like I’m spinning my tires in the mud and doing nothing with my life. And of course, with every aimless day running into each other, it’s incredible how fast the days turn into weeks which turn into months and eventually, years.

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I’ve seen people accept it and just do nothing as time slipped by. You can spend your entire life saying that “Oh it’s too hard, I’m not going to do it,” or, “I’ll start tomorrow.”

After all, people want to see instantaneous results, which aren’t going to happen. However, the good news is that systematic effort of five months is enough to turn an incredible amount of stuff in your life around for the better if you want to. And if you’ve ever been unemployed, directionless or had a lot of spare, aimless time, you know how quickly five months can disappear. So why not make something out of it?

We, at iPleaders, take the pleasure to announce the launch of Ace Your Internship program, the country’s first program designed to enable you to secure and succeed in corporate law internships. We observed the process of securing a corporate law internship and converting one into a job offer for hundreds of law students and then identified the elements that worked and that didn’t work. We then developed this program so that you can progressively acquire the qualities and skills that take your performance to a higher level before you even walk into an internship.

Champions are not made on cricket field or boxing rings. They are made in net practice sessions that run into hours, days of giving it all you have with a punching bag, practice, discipline, sweat and blood. It is no different if you want to be a successful lawyer. A critical step in that is getting the right internships and acing them.  What if we say we made a program that will train you for exactly that?

In the Ace Your Internship program, you will learn and develop the following skills:

  1. Why do clients approach law firms and what do they expect from the lawyers
  2. What is expected of you as an intern and what skills and qualities you need to demonstrate
  3. How to excel at different tasks that interns get
  4. How to write compelling covering emails that are opened and read
  5. Extensive CV-Writing Training: How to represent yourself best in your CV and how it influences your interview
  6. Interview training – Detailed video lectures on how to answer different kinds of questions in HR and technical interviews
  7. How and when to network with seniors and co-interns
  8. Technical knowledge and skills that are indispensable in a corporate law internship:
    • Corporate Law
    • M&A Law
    • FDI
    • How to perform due diligence exercises
    • Practical contract drafting skills
    • How to excel at proof-reading and drafting assignments in an internship
    • Debt Finance
    • General Corporate and Advisory Practice
    • Stamp duty
  9. How to keep growing your legal knowledge and expertise over time
  10. How to stay updated with new developments in law
  11. How to read financial statements
  12. Tools for Exemplary Success in Internships:
  13. Improved mechanisms for Manupatra search
  14. How to hack Google search
  15. Speed up diligence through BSE and MCA searches
  16. Email writing training
  17. Most important MS Word features for corporate lawyers
  18. How to draw complex corporate structures in PowerPoint from Day 1.

In addition, you will also get access to 5 live online trainings (1 per month) around the following areas:

  • CV creation and CV-writing
  • How and why to build your LinkedIn Profile
  • Mock Interview
  • Email and Follow-Up Training
  • 1 contract drafting exercise
  • Feedback on article-writing

Your skills are of little value unless recruiters know that you have them. In fact, most recruiters undertake a Google search for candidates to learn more about them. How would it be if they found you wrote on an area which is relevant to their practice? What if your article gives them new insights they are looking for?
In Ace Your Internship, you will also learn how to publish and promote 5 articles online in an area of your interest.

If you don’t know whether you want to be a corporate lawyer but want to secure at least one corporate internship, it makes sense to walk in prepared. Someone said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

If you want to get top law firm internships and ace your internship, you can’t afford to miss this program. It is the most exhaustive and targeted program available on how to secure and ace a corporate law internship.

To know more about it, mail us at [email protected]  or call us at 011-33138901.

Remember that champions walk into any situations well-prepared.

Bottom line is this – no it won’t be overnight. No, it won’t be easy. Five months isn’t THAT long. However, it’s long enough to make some incredible changes to your legal career, to your work experience, to your life in a positive, meaningful way. You can change SO much in that time.

Only way to get out of rut is to take action. I learned it the hard way, somewhere along the road in my career. Action moves the needle, that’s the secret.

All the best!


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