Devina Ogale; a fifth year law student at ILS Law School, Pune signed up for the Diploma course in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws offered by NUJS when she was in the 3rd year of her law school. Devina is also pursuing CS professional level. She has interned with established lawyers like Kranti Sathe, who is a celebrity family lawyer and has fought divorce cases for many Bollywood personalities. She has also interned with Dhaval Vussonji and Associates, a law firm in Mumbai wherein she dealt with corporate law related matters. She is passionate about social causes and has interned with various NGOs also. She cherishes her time spent at Jeevan Foundation the most; An NGO at Chembur, Mumbai which deals in Human Rights protection. She has always excelled in her chosen fields, she was felicitated with the Achievers Award; for her all round performance in the Diploma course by NUJS. Let’s hear what Devina has to say about the course. Over to Devina:

I joined the NUJS diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws while I was in the second year of my law school. I had first come across the NUJS diploma course in my college, as this diploma course is quite popular in my college. Then I looked it up over the internet and really liked the curriculum and syllabus. I decided to take up this course because it provided the in-depth practical knowledge of different laws which I was looking for. My seniors and batch mates, who had completed the course, recommended it highly, further encouraging me in my decision to pursue the course.

This course is a perfect mix of substantive laws and procedural laws. The course explains the concepts in detail with proper reasoning.  The language is easy to understand and brings clarity about the concept. The course explains the procedures in well-defined steps and makes it easy to comprehend, even if a person is not from a law background.

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The course also helped me in my CS studies; where we have an exam on drafting.  The drafting exercises of the NUJS diploma course provided me with the format, language and important points to be included while drafting. I referred the drafting module in the diploma course as it was simplified; examples like nondisclosure agreement and partnership deed etc were defined and explained very nicely in it. The format for drafting, important points to be included all this information was provided in a very structured manner. I completely relied on the diploma material for the drafting exam of CS course.

The drafting exercise in the course also helped me develop my drafting skills. The Model agreement provided in the course is very compact, every clause and minute details are covered in it. If I ever have to draft a partnership agreement or an LLP agreement, I would be referring it. It has given me the much needed practical knowledge.

Apart from drafting. Modules that I personally found extremely beneficial, were the module on Foreign Exchange and the IPR module. These were very knowledgeable and interesting.

The syllabus and study material is also structured in a way in which one can find answers to specific questions about the law easily, which often comes in very handy. Every concept is explained in a practical manner with examples and case studies.

This course has definitely helped me prepare for Law school studies as well as for my CS. My final year syllabus includes company law and drafting. Since I have already covered these in my diploma I have a better understand of this compared to my classmates and it gives me an edge over others in my class.

I have even mentioned this diploma in my CV. Although I have not appeared for many interviews. I’m sure this leaves a positive impact on my profile and gives me an edge over others. I strongly feel that this course has added value to my profile.

I plan to work for a year or so after my law school to gain practical exposure and after that, I plan to do my LLM. Having my basics cleared through this course would certainly help me in my CLAT and LLM studies also.

I would be happy to recommend this diploma course to anyone. I have already recommended it to many of my classmates and friends.  I personally feel there are certain aspects of law which every person should be aware of so that no one takes advantage of them, especially people who are into business, entrepreneurs, and aspiring entrepreneurs. In a way, this course is beneficial for anybody who wants to get basic knowledge about law.




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