Rakshitha V. N is currently a practicing lawyer at Karnataka High Court and deals in civil matters. She has done her LLB from University Law College, Bangalore University and has interned with many prestigious law firms.

She completed the NUJS diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws in 2015. Over here she talks about her experience with the NUJS diploma course, and how it helped her career so far. Over to Rakshita.

I joined the NUJS diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws while I was in the final year of my law school. I found this course while searching the internet. I was gearing up for my corporate internship at that time and wanted to strengthen my hold on business and corporate laws.

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I was confused and didn’t know what to choose as my career; corporate law or litigation.

So, I wanted to try out both before deciding on the best option for me. I wanted to go for a corporate internship so that I get an actual feel of what to expect in a corporate law career. So that I could make an informed career choice. I did this course while I was interning and the learning from this course helped me in my corporate internship.

I was very impressed by the course syllabus; it was very extensive and covered almost everything I wanted. This has helped me gain knowledge about sections I was not much aware of; sections which I hardly came across in my law school.

My college curriculum didn’t cover all this and I found it to be very knowledgeable. This course has helped me in my college studies also, as many of the aspects and topics covered in this diploma course were part of my final year course syllabus. Having advance knowledge of these gave me an edge over others and made it very easy for me cope with my law school studies.

I especially found the modules on IPR and Company Laws to be very informative. Webinars were another aspect of this course which I appreciate a lot; webinars with industry experts gave us practical insight into various topics. The webinar on ‘How to go about a show cause notice’ was the most beneficial webinar as per me. Show cause notice is the first step of litigation and this webinar helped me clear my concepts.

I’m unable to utilise much of my learning from this diploma course, as I’m into litigation and civil matters, but this course has certainly enhanced my knowledge and skills. Even in litigation the drafting skills acquired through this course are proving to be very useful.

In future, I plan to go for an LLM. If that happens, the knowledge gained through this diploma course would be very helpful.

I would absolutely recommend this course to other people. Especially law students; they can get their concepts cleared and gain the basic knowledge of law through this course. Having a strong foundation is very important at this stage, as this is the time when people make the career choices which they have to live with for the rest of their life.


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