Diary of a 20 Something: 22 Things As I Turn 22

By Srishti Aishwarya, from archives of A First Taste of Law, which has now been shut down.

In a matter of days, I’m going to turn 22. I’m not telling the exact days in order to sound a bit modest. I feel like I’m already 40, though somewhere in the hindsight I feel that my 40-year-old self would laugh over this claim of 20- Something me. Anyway here are a few words of wisdom (or that is what I would like to think) from this Twenty- Something.

  1.  Teenagers are kids
  2. College gets boring towards the end.
  3. The biggest challenge in life is to find money and man (woman if you belong to the other gender).
  4. People would laugh at you if you believe in true love or fairy tales. Apparently these two are almost synonymous.
  5. Drawing from last point, finding a guy/ girl who loves you and is willing to marry you is equivalent to finding a sea in the middle of the Thar desert.
  6. Thinking of doing what you dream of doing isn’t that realistic.
  7. Devdas wasn’t that wrong after all. Drinking does help to at least forget your problems.
  8. In all probability, you would try meditating and other self-help technique at this age.
  9. There is nothing more painful than an empty wallet which is the case way too often.
  10. Crying is kiddish and for teenagers.
  11. If you are with your girlfriends, in all probability you are having All-Men-are-Bastard chatter going on.
  12. You end up talking about settling down once in a while.
  13. Life isn’t all that hunky dory and well there are responsibilities to take care of as you grow up. You really need a roof on your head and food to eat and a bloody job for that.
  14. Your parents really don’t understand what’s going on in your life.
  15. You are sick and tired of thinking over your life again and again.
  16. The word career and a question concerned with life five years down the line is scary or uncertain.
  17. Going on random dates doesn’t sound all that cool.
  18. There are times when you really wish to go back to being a kid.
  19. It feels too weird to realize that more than two decades have passed since you were born.
  20. Being sweet sixteen and the hype about it seems like the thing of yesteryear years.
  21. You have started believing in the 30s being the new 20s.
  22. Last but not the least, clapping over the fact that your birthday is approaching isn’t considered sweet or cool or attributable to any nice objective.

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