Some Questions I Ask Before I Hire Someone For My Startup

This article is being republished from A First Taste of Law.

At iPleaders, we are at a crucial stage of beginning. We have just hired some nice office space in South Delhi where we can have 7-8 of us working at a time. We also need to hire about 2-3 people immediately. Hence, we have been on a hunt for the right kind of people. This is of course our first hiring experience (we did hire people earlier from within friends).

We have spoken to several people – and now I have kind of grown a sense of what I really want a potential colleague to demonstrate. I may be utterly wrong in my approach, but apart from looking at a person’s skills, I also want to see if they will help us to create the right kind of work environment at iPleaders. I have been asking the following questions – do read them, think and jot down how you would answer them, and maybe also share your opinion on whether they are effective. We are listening!

What is more important: long term or short term? Why?

Money or relationships? Why?

Is criticism good? How do people respond to your criticism?

What do you understand by work ethics?

How often do you learn something new? From what sources do you learn new things? Tell me about three important things you have learned recently.

You have made a mistake. No one else knows yet. Now what will you do?

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