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This article is written by Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO, LawSikho.

“It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.” – Julius Caesar

Can you guess why the Caesar held men who were ready to endure pain with patience in high regard?

Who amongst you have found it possible to stay up all night before the exam, but impossible to study in a disciplined way for a single hour with full concentration every day all through the year? 

That’s basically me. 

I always took pride in how I could study overnight before the exam, and still did quite well, and even topped a few exams. 

But what if I systematically studied throughout the semester? What if I could apply myself with great intensity all the time and not just before the exam? What if I planned thoroughly and executed with precision in order to maximize outcome for myself? 

What could be possible?

Well, it is too late to answer that question now as far as I am concerned. I finished college almost 9 years back!

It is not like that I suddenly changed after college. The habit of working at the last moment, with a deadline looming over my head proved to be a difficult habit to abandon.

I am sure that many, many of you face the same problem at work. You only work hard just before a deadline. You are not able to do that kind of work without a crisis of looming disaster. You only do the most urgent work under some kind of threat, but you fail to do the important work that is required for the kind of growth you desire in your career.

I know how you feel, because I was that person for most of my life. I did really well under pressure, but when the pressure was off, so was my discipline and concentration. 

However, it was not a big loss that I didn’t learn how to do it in college. Later in life, this habit proved to be way more costly. Especially after I started a business. As the CEO of a company with close to 40 people working tirelessly to cater to a few thousand students at a time, and trying to double every 6 months, I had to evolve. 

I have evolved a lot.

I had to learn to plan things, to get work done at a predictable clip and plan for what’s coming ahead upfront rather than being reactive when a crisis is on my head.

It is not that there are no crisis for me to handle anymore, but I realise that I can avoid many of them by taking long term action and that once I deal with an emergency, it is also my duty to think about how to avoid it from happening again.


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I had to go through a complete transformation to make this happen. The buck stops with me, I cannot blame the failure of our company on someone else. Any mistake that our team members make would be ultimately my failure.

I had to learn to plan instead of doing last-moment work. 

I often have to plan months in advance! I have to even plan for what’s going to happen in the next financial year and begin working towards the same. I have to put plans in motion that may take years to materialize.

Patience, and ability to endure. I value these things much more than I ever did in my life.

I have come to realize the power of preparation and doing consistent work over time, through the transformation of my own organization! Fast growth was never possible without me learning to create and execute complex plans that take months and sometimes years to execute.

I had to first accept that heroic effort on a single occasion or even sporadic bursts is not nearly as valuable as long term sustainable effort that compounds over a period of time.

I have come to appreciate the power of a team, machinery, an organization, which is only viable when we take the difficult actions I used to avoid till the last moment on an planned basis! I not only have to do it myself but get my entire team to operate like that. 

What could your life look like if you could learn to work consistently, regularly rather than sweating over deadlines? What if you became proactive from reactive?

What growth could be possible that is only a fantasy today?

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