Currently, I am working as a Corporate Trainer, Psychotherapy counsellor, at Consultivo. I work on understanding the human behaviour and inspire them to attend excellence. I have successfully completed the course on Executive Certification in Sexual Harassment Prevention & Workplace Diversity from NUJS. My experience was good with iPleaders while doing this course.

Though grasping of the study materials of the online courses solely depends on the quality of the learner, but for this kind of courses, if a student is from a law background, then it will be much easier and beneficial for them. I have found the study materials are absolutely perfect, and as per industry standard. I did this course purposefully as it will give me a specific amount of knowledge in my area of practice.

A very well designed course, all the modules are well explained, and webinars were extremely helpful. The only request I can put forward to iPleaders is to add a standard format of yearly reporting, even if there are no incidents recorded. I know how to prepare a yearly report, if there are incidents recorded; however, I want to get an idea of a proforma that can be used in cases of zero incidents. Overall, this course helped me to gain a decent amount of knowledge. I’ll always appreciate the backend team for their helpful and quick responses.

Currently, I am undoubtedly implementing the practical knowledge in my area of practice that I have learnt from this course. I have already referred this course to two employees of ACC Cements, and they have enrolled this course in front of me. I believe that being a chairperson of a committee. I have definitely done a justice to myself by doing this course.

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