This article is written by Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO, LawSikho.

So there were traditional cabs before the app cabs came along. Those cabbies were rude, independent and worked in whichever way they liked. They didn’t give a damn about customer service and charged a lot more than they were supposed to officially.

Then the app cabs came, lured in a lot of new drivers. The old cabbies, however, mostly refused to join these new cab systems.

I remember a Bombay cabbie telling me – yellow taxis in Bombay were always there and always will be there. Apps may come and go. He does not have to bother about it.

So after a good 6 years since app cabs came into India, who makes more money? Independent yellow cabbies or the new app-based cabbies?

Before I give you the answer, let me ask you something.

Is upskilling even a priority for you?

What new skills did you learn in last one month? Or last one year?

I am a learning machine. I am always learning new skills. I do not even know any other way to live. This is the most exciting life I have ever known. If I don’t learn new things I think I will stagnate and become a boring irrelevant oldie. It’s my biggest nightmare.

Always learning means never growing old, never being left behind and dominating every situation. Or learning to when you don’t or can’t dominate.

You may not start at a good place. I didn’t. But if you keep learning new and relevant skills nobody can stop you from getting to an amazing place in life.

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I am learning new languages. It keeps the brain fresh by forcing it to work hard.

I am learning about organizational habit creation.

I am learning about the subconscious mind and how to use it to become more productive and get better results.

I learnt new ways of working out that led to rapid muscle building.

I am learning how to do sales quality check.

I am learning how to sell a premium product like Master Access, that is priced at 1 lakh (although for 5 years).

I learnt some important new finance skills. I am trying to learn how to build better reporting structures. Most of the time though, I am thinking how I can double the revenues of my company, how I can get to 2 million traffic on iPleaders blog every month and how I can build the most powerful legal education brand in the world. I am trying to understand what skills I should learn to get there.

All these things add up towards my goal in life of who I want to become.

And that’s why this post by Kunal Shah, one of India’s most successful entrepreneurs, really resonated.


How are you planning to upskill yourself?

Are you like the app cabies who embrace important new trends or those old yellow cabbies who just go with the flow, and refuse to learn new skills?

What is the next big game in town? Are you missing out on important trends?

What opportunities are you missing out because you are not upskilling yourself?

What skills should you be learning? Reply to this mail and share with me. It’s fine if it’s not a skill we teach in LawSikho, it could be anything. But at least commit to yourself about how are you going to upskill yourself in the next 3 months. Sharing it by replying will deepen your commitment to learning.

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