This article is written by Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO, LawSikho.

People think that a heart attack comes suddenly, without any warning. All of a sudden, tragedy strikes, like lightning. It is therefore inevitable, an act of God, an accident.

What a lie!

Most people think that and behave accordingly, but it is nonsense. Heart attack is not an accident, and it does not happen all of a sudden.

It is the result of many years of bad habits. Every bad meal, every single day of not working out, every time one is stressed and angry, something happens to your body. Tiny shifts. Very small damages. All these adds of over the years, unseen, unnoticed, unaddressed.

The body is very strong. It works around all toxins, problems, difficulties. Until one day, everything becomes too much to handle.

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When a lot of those negative factors are accumulated beyond the limit of tolerance over many years, one day the damage crosses a threshold. And then heart attack happens.

Or if you are lucky, you visit the doctor before it actually happens, and doctor realises that an attack is imminent and give you timely treatment to reverse the condition.

Whatever you do, don’t kid yourself. Disaster does not happen all of a sudden. It happens due to months and years of neglect and sweeping things under the carpet. The payday comes at once, but it has been caused by a long history of infractions.

Getting fired at a job? Well, it may look like the last mistake you made cost you your job, but the truth is that the bad karma against you had added up over time. The last mistake or whatever it was, was the final straw.

A break-up? It may seem like the last argument or betrayal caused it. But that’s never true. It was just the last blow on a relationship that was already fading away or perhaps, had already died.

We ignore small things and worry about big things.

It is such a stupidity!

All big things happen due to the accumulation of small factors. If you want the big stuff to go well, pay attention to the small stuff. If you want a big disaster to be prevented, you cannot prevent it by looking at macro level stuff. You need to look at the smallest details.

Every time you make the right choice, it propels you forward. The effect of it may delay the heart attack that would otherwise come many years later. Maybe you just postponed it by a week by going for a walk. But you do not realise. Nobody can tell you that. You have to remember it!

If I study something right now, learn a new skill, there is no way I can foresee how it will help me over the next 10 years. Maybe it will not. Maybe it will change my life. Hard to tell right now.

I know one thing though. Every small thing I learn will contribute to my success. I want to be an automatic non-stop learning machine. It is the best skill ever out there.

It is the secret of the success of all the successful people I know or read of. Small actions. Consistently taken over many, many years. Never give up on even during bad times. Right choices along the way, small ones, but repeatedly made with wisdom. This is what makes a real difference.

Long term vision, but focus on small, doable actions.

What are the choices you are making that will add up in a big way for your future? What actions do you take every day that are shaping your life?

What are your health habits that will ensure you stay super healthy? What are your eating habits that will serve you well in the long run? What are your learning habits that will make you a superpower in years to come?

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