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This is a step-by-step enrollment process at the Delhi Bar Council, it’s a follow-up from our earlier post on How to become a lawyer: Enrol at the Bar 

For getting enrolled with Delhi Bar Council, you have to do the following:

1. Firstly, Obtain a Form: – costing Rs. 400/- . You have to get a challan from the Bar Council clerk, and then remit the amount with IDBI Bank in the Bar Council premises itself. Thereafter, on showing the paid challan, you will be issued with an enrolment form.

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2. Fill up the Form, get it certified/recommended from 2 Advocates with an experience of 10 or more years.

3. You need to affix your photographs on the enrolment form. (make sure the photographs are recent)

4. You need to come along with your : (i) provisional LL.B. degree certificate; (ii) proof of your date of birth (iii) your basic degree certificate; (iv) LL.B. attendance certificate etc. One should keep in mind that for submission of form, it takes not less than 2 visits – 1 for obtaining the form and all requisite information and the second visit for submission of the form duly filled in, recommended, with all the attachments. Only after seeing/checking the completely filled up form with all its attachments (both original and attested xerox copies), the Clerk will give a further challan to enable you to remit the enrolment fee. You can also get the enrolment speeded up using the “tatkal scheme” by paying a sum of Rs. 3000/- or so in which case your application will go in circulation amongst the Bar Council Enrolment Committee Members and Chairman and you can get the Enrolment Number within 2-3 days. Otherwise it would take anything between 15-20 days depending upon when the Committee will sit for enrolment.

[Source: 216791.asp#.UbAeVPljUqY]

Address: 2/B, Siri Fort, Institutional Area, Khel Gaon Marg, New Delhi – 110 049.

Contact no. : 011 2338 7701.

Website : is not an official website, although information provided is useful).

Note :- There is also a branch office in the Delhi High Court premises.

USEFUL TIPS (To be kept in mind)!

  • Write your FULLNAME exactly as it appears on your mark sheet, in the exact sequence as required on each form. Middle Name must be written.

  • Your photograph must be taken in “uniform” which means that it must be in formal attire, preferably in a coat and tie.

  • The photograph should be of stamp size. (May different from state to state)

  • All document copies need to be attested. Getting the attestation from your college principal is the simplest, cheapest and fastest. Else, any gazetted officer, Special Executive Officer or member of the Bar Council will do.

  • You need to submit the recommendations of 2 advocates who have been in practice for more than 10 years. Don’t forget to get their enrolment number and enrolment date, which will be on their Advocates ID Card.

  • For any query directly contact the office of your respective State Bar Council.


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