In this blog post, Akansha Srivastava, a student of Amity Law School, Amity University, Noida, writes about the Essential Terms and Conditions one must go through before purchasing a travel insurance policy.



What precisely is ‘Travel Insurance’ and why one needs insurance while traveling?

It is, fundamentally, a kind of insurance which conceals medical costs and lost baggage and other such misfortunes that might take place while traveling broadly or universally. The insurance helps you with a considerable amount of losses. A few nations like Cuba won’t even give you access into their territory unless you have travel insurance. Arranging a holiday can be as hectic as working from 9 to 5 in a Government office. One may believe that a bag, passport and tickets are all you need however what happens if you lose your luggage at the airplane terminal? Then again, what if one of the passengers has a genuine medical condition? On the other hand, if there is a crisis at home and you have to cut short your trek and head back home? Would you let go of all the money that was utilized as a part of booking the expensive arrangements for accommodation? I guess no. This is where your travel insurance company steps in, which deals with a wide range of possibilities that may happen during a domestic or international visit or holiday be it a loss of record or medical crisis or even your travel agent cheating you or ripping you off your money.


Travel insurance gives people an opportunity to travel safely and conveniently. Despite the fact that travel insurance does not keep one sound or safe and you may arrange a very risk free and sheltered getaway for yourself, however, once in a while there are events which lead to huge losses to the point that a man gets penalized or falls into the debts for a considerable length of time.

Presently there are a variety of travel insurances in the business sector with various approaches which cover a number of losses. Purchasing travel insurance can be the trickiest and the confusing part of planning a holiday. Be that as it may, before going on to purchase travel insurance, one must remember the sort of holiday that the person wants. Is it a performance trip or a family trip? The destination and length of the holiday along the medical history state of every single person who is going with you are vital factors that one needs to be remember before picking out the type of travel insurance one needs for the trip.

Following are the factors that need to be kept in mind while looking for travel insurance:

  1. Medical Costs: An important factor to be considered is the medical costs that one may need to bear during the trip. One needs to ensure that the travel insurance covers the expenses related to health issues that one might encounter and the associated medications that one might need during the travel. A condition that is usually there in this policy arrangement is that if your treatment is not that critical and can hold up until you complete your trip and head home, then that would not be secured under this policy.
  2. Individual Liability: This condition takes care of the costs that one is obligated to pay to another person during travel because of accidental bodily harm or if the property of the other individual is harmed by the insured traveler.
  3. 02Lost property/ personal belongings: If your stuff is lost or destroyed or harmed during your travel, then the costs would be secured under this policy. You would be required to provide every detail about your assets that are lost/harmed/demolished within a restricted time frame. On the off chance that the same happens in an airplane terminal, then a report needs to be composed and submitted by the aircraft company to the insurance agency.
  4. Cancellation of Trip or missed takeoff: This service comes in use when it is possible that one needs to cancel his trip or cut it short because of unforeseen circumstances. In such a case, the insurance covers the non-refundable costs of travel and conveyance. If a flight/train/watercraft is missed because of circumstances that are found to be satisfactory to the insurance agency, then the costs are likewise secured under such policies.
  5. Delay/Travel surrender: If the tour is deferred or canceled because of conditions like terrible climate or other circumstances then the insurer will repay the costs. One ought to check the circumstances that are acknowledged by the organization before getting overwhelmed and purchasing the insurance.
  6. Money: Under this condition, if one loses money or if a cheque or prepaid ticket is lost or stolen, then the insurer is obligated to cover the costs. If there should arise an occurrence of theft, a neighborhood police report ought to be given as proof.
  7. Loss of passport: These policies insure one against costs of extra settlement on the off chance that one loses his travel permits till the time another visa is issued.
  8. 1257941978php1BaO8KWounds during sports: This area covers costs that are incurred when one gets harmed while playing a game. The essential thing to remember here is that there are just a couple games that the policies cover. Insurers need to cover more games and exercises.
  9. Trip Duration: There are some travel insurances that covers you just for a week. One ought to choose a term of the travel insurance coinciding with one’s own particular span of the trip.
  10. Prohibited Destinations: There are a couple of nations or spots that are not secured under certain travel insurances.
  11. Previous conditions: It is important to reveal the medical history of the prospective insured; else the insurer won’t pay for the costs on the grounds that there was concealment of a material fact.
  12. Liquor and Narcotics: Even though the policy says that it would cover the costs in the event that one is at a risk of paying somebody for a substantial harm done, however, in the event that the same is done while being inebriated then it would not be appropriate and your travel insurance would not cover such costs.

Filing your claim

Presently since we’ve secured the terms and conditions, the next thing that comes to mind is the means by which a claim can be made. When you make a claim, it is an extremely normal thing that the travel insurance agency, regardless of how great it is, will either abstain from paying or will pay as less as it could, reasonably. With the specific end goal to ensure that you do get paid for your claim, you ought to take care that you have every one of your receipts, essential structures, and legitimate documentation in the light of the fact that these reports will only help you make your claim procedure brisk.

The entire procedure may appear to be extremely confounded and astounding, yet there is nothing bewildering in it. Truth be told, one can get a travel insurance online as well. The four best travel insurance agencies as indicated by are-

  • HTH Travel Insurance

HTH Travel Insurance offers, without a doubt, the most direct travel insurance policies to a significant number of associations. If you’re traveling in a group, their courses of action end up being extensively sensible, with exceptional rates being available to groups of five or more people traveling together. HTH Travel Insurance moreover gives presumably the most versatile arrangements around by enabling you to pick your extension limits and your deductibles. In case you pick this one, you needn’t trouble yourself with trip insurance degree. There’s moreover the decision to purchase remedial simply travel security, which covers any emergency medical treatment you require while you’re out of the country.



wn-logo-withtag-rgbmed_4fd17c4492a61 is another travel insurance supplier that offers some uncommonly sensible rates. They give a good deal of emergency, therapeutic and dental insurance along with their regular insurance plans. Additionally, offers the most widespread coverage for sports activities covered in a travel insurance plan. Settling on them is a good choice if you’re planning to try any of the high-risk adventurous activities during your journey. Make sure your policy covers it, though! The best piece of news is that’s rates are altogether cheaper than those you’ll find of various associations, so it doesn’t matter how far or what kind of activities you plan to include in your holiday , you’re pretty much going to pay the same cost irrespective of these factors.


  • Allianz

Allianz completes the list of the low-cost travel insurance suppliers, performing better than the ordinary. You can pick between a single-excursion insurance plan and an annual plan depending upon how frequently you travel. If you foresee taking a couple of trips throughout of the year, a yearly game plan could help you save a great deal more in the light of the fact that it covers a vast number of outings taken within a 12-month time frame. Another remarkable thing about Allianz Travel security is that their policies aren’t as restrictive as the others in the business. They let you insure trips with expenses up to $100,000, something that is one of the most remarkable features of Allianz among fellow travel insurance suppliers.

Aside from these, there are travel insurances for pets also that furnish a man with the losses that happen as for one’s pet whether it is a canine or guinea pig.


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