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This article is written by Ramanuj Mukherjee.

You certainly do, whether you realise or not, it’s happening every day!

Your spirit is fed by your environment every day whether you pay attention to what is being fed or not. I wish you would be conscious and choose what feeds your spirit and soul every day.

I choose sources that inspire me to transcend my potential and grow every single day. I choose to feed my spirit with courage, positivity, art, poetry, vision and life changing ideas. 

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I remove toxic people from my life. I never watch TV. I unfollow people who are always outraging on social media or posting negative information and comments that may make me anxious or draw me into a vortex of negativity. 

I don’t watch horror movies or endless serieses. I watch very few well picked movies that inspire the imagination or the spirit that drives us to achieve excellence. 

There would be people around you who will feel the need to crush your spirit to feel better or lift their status in the environment. It’s best that we gently cut them off from our lives. 

Associate with people who add to who you are, not take away from you. 

Feeding the spirit also means taking good care of yourself. If you fail at self care and end up continuously abusing your body, keeping your spirits high would be a battle you are not going to win. 

And then, you must train your body. Few things in the world will ever make you feel as amazing as a good work out. Even if you can’t afford a personal trainer or some expensive gym, you can do a lot with what you have. 

My first physical transformation started when I just decided to do a total 1000 push ups as soon as possible. Anyone who seriously works out will find that target ridiculously easy. But for me it was a big deal! I was 22 years old. While I was athletic and played a lot of football, I was thin like a stick. 

The first time I tried it, I could do only 7 push ups at a time. Next day I did 8 more. Then 10 more on the following day. After a few days I was doing 50 at a time. And I was adding all of it. 

By the time I finished the 1000 push ups in aggregate, it was over 40 days, but I could do 70 push ups back to back by this time.

I continued my daily push ups even beyond the first 1000 though I forgot to count. And something happened. 

My shoulders grew bigger. My older shirts became too tight at the chest. I had to buy an entire new set of clothes! Never was I so happy to buy new clothes in my life. 

That was 11 years back. Today I can drop down and do 50 push ups non stop any damn time! When I recently went to a college reunion, my classmates said “wow! You look so different.” 

I smiled in satisfaction because the difference was a positive one. In the intervening years, I truly transformed myself. 

As I am writing this mail sitting in a beachside shack in Goa, as of now, today I have walked almost 16000 steps so far, representing almost 11 km distance at 730 pm in the evening. This is a normal work day for me, and I have already spent around 10 hours working since morning. I will finish my day at 10 pm, whereas I started with a meeting sharp at 10 am. I make sure when I am called and on zoom, I am walking around constantly and not sitting down so that I am not sedentary, so that I stay fit.

In the last 30 days, my average steps are above 9000 per day. This is despite having a hectic work schedule of 12 hrs per day.

I also swam in the sea for 40 minutes.  too, when I took a break at 5 pm! 

I am obsessed about not being sedentary and giving my body enough work out every single day. This is because I have experienced the impact of not taking care of my health. I know that for mind work at its best, I have to train my body. 

And also, training your body feeds your spirit too!

Finally, focusing your mind. 

Everything is hard to achieve when you have not learned to focus your mind. The Buddhists say that the mind is a monkey. Without mastering the mind monkey, big accomplishments remain unreachable.

It is not a coincidence that many successful people in our world are regular meditators. As a kid I did not believe in the power of meditation. However, what I learned over the years changed my mind.

Now I meditate every time I get a chance! And especially when I wake up and when I go to bed. 

There are many forms of meditation and not everything suits everyone. Find the one that works for you and then stick to it every day. 

You will increase your ability to get more work done and concentrate on complicated problems if you train your mind to focus.

Do you feed your spirit, train your body and focus your mind every single day? If you are not doing it consciously, your environment may feed you with garbage, and make your body, mind and spirit weak! 

I think you know how. 

Maybe, tell me where the gap is and how you plan on plugging the gap. I will write back. 

One more important thing. 

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