Five Experiences as a First Year Student in a Law School

Five Experiences as a First Year Student in a Law SchoolMuch has been written on how to prepare for law entrance exams, which are the elite law colleges, the pros and cons of selecting law, the future of this profession and myriad of other topics. However this article focuses on another very important aspect, the aftermath of declaration of CLAT, AILET and other law entrance results: that is the experience on entering the portals of a Law School for the first time.

As soon as the aspirants know which college they are going to join to pursue their prestigious Legum Baccalaureusdegree, it actually marks the beginning of their anxiousness, apprehension and fears. The dreamy eyed students do not know whether the Suited up world of Boston Legal lies ahead or is ‘tareekh pe tareekh’ the ultimate reality. This article highlights five experiences you go through in the First year of Law School

Seniors- Seniors Everywhere:

On entering a Law school, the first thing that comes to a student’s mind is the presence of 4 batches of seniors in their college. Because of this freshers generally go through a mixed bag of emotions: they feel excited but nervous too, they are a little anxious on the thought of meeting their seniors but they look forward to interacting with them too. However it is ultimately the seniors who tell you which book is an easy read, the trade tricks of fetching marks in various subjects, what mooting and adjudication is all about, which all are the places you can go to hang out with your friends, the do’ s and don’ts of College life . Freshers later on do realize that it is the seniors who are a genuine helpline for their journey in the law school.

Trust Me, I am a Law Student:

The first year of law school gives you an identity of your very own. When someone asks what course you are pursuing, you can proclaim your law student status with pride. You consider yourself to be among the elite group dressed in black and white. The thick heavy books, the bare acts, the case reporters and various legal databases give you the proud feeling of entering into an honourable field so different from the courses and degrees of your peers. The joy you feel on flaunting Latin or legalese in front of your friends who are not from the legal background is inexplicable.

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Intellectuals All around:

The first year of Law school makes you realize that debates, discussion and arguments will be a very important part of your life in the years to come. You start getting acquainted with the world of contentions and deceptions. On witnessing the moots, debates and discussions you really get impressed to observe how well read and well informed good speakers are, which triggers an inspiration to read thoroughly and speak confidently. Terms like Moots, Adjudication, PD’s, and Client Counselling which were earlier not known to you soon become an essential part of life. Moots and the aura around it is very intimidating. Not knowing the basics of mooting before hand can be very disturbing for anyone who wishes to leave an impact during their law school life. This online course can help with everything related to mooting.

Making so many assignments, synopsis and appearing for exams with the help of last minute study, makes you an intellectual too.


The first year of college teaches you a lot of adjustment thus preparing you for harsh and competitive life ahead. Studying and living with people from every nook and corner of the country with different cultures, habits and aims, teaches you how important it is to adjust and adapt to move ahead in life. After coming from the safe protected cocoons called home you feel you have to learn to accept life and the challenges it throws at you courageously. Hostel life comes with responsibility which ideally comes with maturity. If there is one clear evolution path to adulthood, then hostel life provides it. One really learns how to make personal decisions, manage one’s life and maintain a budget. Hostel life is one that brings a triad of the good, the bad and the ugly.

Life’s what you make it:

The first year of college really does make you capable enough to understand that you are the creator of your life and it is you yourself who is the best judge and critic of your abilities. In the beginning you might feel lost, not knowing what your abilities are but by the end of the year you start identifying and recognizing yourself. You learn independence and create your own identity. You go through so many experiences, some good, some bad, happy moments and embarrassing ones too which altogether make you a stronger and better person. Law school does not only teach you the abc’s of Law, it teaches you what life is.

Article is written by:

Sunanda Singh Bisht

Batch of 2018 , Dr. RMLNLU


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