This article is written by Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO, LawSikho.

What is my vision with LawSikho? What is the big thing we are going to build? How are we going to put a ding into the universe?

Those questions have kept me awake many nights. And now I have something for you. What I am going to share now was a work-in-progress for 10 years. Even when I didn’t know we were working towards this: destiny was preparing us for today.

We already field tested this, and feedback has been out of the world. In fact, for the first time, our product was bought by people even before us announcing its launch. Even before we could put together a page, or finalize the terms and conditions, two lawyers, both in-house counsel by profession, bought it right away just after having a conversation about it with us over a call.

Before I tell you what is this thing I am so excited about, I want you to imagine something.

What is so hard about making it big as a lawyer?

What is so hard about the legal profession? In my observation, one of the hardest things is access to information, insights and knowledge.

Law schools equip you with very little of it.

Then one is left to learn a bit about it, in only one practice area usually, from a senior. It takes years to learn through trial and error. Which is why most lawyers have to struggle for 5-10 years, learning just one area of work well enough to deliver results to clients. We have always focussed on solving this problem. We make sure that lawyers can learn about new practice areas rapidly. Through focussed study material, checklists, how-to guides, simulation exercises, live classes and hundreds of hours of recorded training videos one can use when they need them, we reduce to learning and prep time to become a functional lawyer who delivers results to clients.

What used to take 3-5 years to learn from seniors now take 3 months to a year to learn from our highly acclaimed courses. This saves precious time right at the beginning of their career and changes the course of the career for our students. Also, more experienced lawyers take our courses to learn about new practice areas quickly, which was very difficult until now. That’s already done. Now it is time to take the game up a notch.

The bend on the road, the step up in the game

Why just a course? What if we could offer a comprehensive library of courses, guides, resources and everything a lawyer needs to succeed in practice, on demand, at the fingertips of lawyers?

I know most lawyers will not understand the momentousness of what this means. However, I do not need them all. We have built up a fan base of loyal LawSikho users, who have loved our courses and tremendously benefitted from them. In the last 6 months alone, we have served thousands of them. We even offer one month full money back guarantee, and till date, only 2 people have availed it.

We are confident to get to the next level of evolution. And we expect to find early adopters, who are technology friendly, understand how the realities of legal practice are shifting and have an inkling of what the future holds.

When there is a change of this scale, there are winners and there are losers. The early adopters benefit the most. Those who do not see the trend in time tend to suffer or at least miss a great opportunity.

How will the world be if lawyers everywhere could access the best legal insights at their fingertips, had easy access to highest quality templates, how-to guides, formats and learning resources, could attend classes on new skills they want to learn from wherever they are, and continuously work on their most critical skills even as they continue to grow in the practice? All this without having to miss a single day of work!

Our legal profession has been the profession of the seniors because newcomers always found it hard to learn the most critical lessons and insights that one needed to succeed. Intelligence did not always play the greatest role in the success of lawyers. Most often, its the access to information and mentorship that did define success.

That is going to change.

The vision of a new world for lawyers

We are creating a level playing field. Of course, one would have to pay a reasonable fee for this massive resource library and invest their time and effort to access the infrastructure we are creating, but privilege, family connections and unfair lack of access should not be a barrier ever if you want to be a successful lawyer – whether a corporate or transactional lawyer, or a litigation giant.

If you are a successful lawyer, and want to grow your practice quickly in other areas and add to your practice, you should never suffer due to lack of access to information, insights and resources. This is what we believe in. This is the world we want to create. We have taken a solid first step towards this future.

If you are the right person, come and join the Master Access by LawSikho program. Check out what is going into the program, and do the maths. Is it worth it for you?

Here is the page. We have not made it available to the general public yet. We are sharing this information with our email subscribers because we want to give the opportunity first to you, lest we run out of spots too fast.

Is the price too high?

If one buys all the LawSikho courses one by one, it will cost over 7 lakh in Indian rupees. We decided to offer all those, with an incredible number of other privileges which would help to build your profile as a lawyer, as well as access to any future course we will launch in next 5 years, at the price tag of 1 lakh. If you calculate what you are going to pay annually for the use of Master Access by LawSikho, it is a mere 20,000 per year, and less than 2000 per month inclusive of taxes! Imagine the clients you could serve, and what increase you could achieve in your monthly income with an ocean of resources like this. Just check out here all the things that are available in this package, and I promise your mind will be blown.

We put in a lot of effort over the months to ensure that it is a no brainer. For the first time in the history of the legal education industry, anybody has dared to launch something as revolutionary as this, and I wanted to leave nothing to chances. I wanted to ensure that nobody questions why this package costs 1 lakh.

It is not meant for young law students or struggling lawyers, but only for those who can truly take advantage of such a package and grow their practice, revenue or even their salary. So if you can’t afford such a package, do not worry. It is not time for you to buy something like this yet. Start with a smaller course, and use that to increase your income first.

For lawyers who are struggling with money matters, my standard advice is to learn contract drafting. You can easily charge tens of thousands for drafting complex commercial contracts like these. Here is how you can start earning while you are still studying law. If you can’t pay for anything yet, no worries, we have tons of free content for you on our blog. Learn from them and grow first, and one day you will have no problem in investing in your personal and professional growth by buying world class resources.

For those of you who already have the base to take advantage of a product like this, feel free to schedule a call with me if you want, by calling my team on 011-4084-5203.


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