Gaurav Pratap Singh completed the NUJS diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws in 2014. He is juggling two roles at present, he the CEO and head of marketing for his startup by the name of crosstitch.in a fashion discovery website, which is a search engine based website for all designer boutiques and fashion designers in Delhi NCR. Simultaneously he is working as a regional sales manager and handles a team of 7 to 10 medical representatives at Curosis Healthcare Pvt Ltd; a pharmaceutical firm. He is a graduate from the prestigious Delhi college of Arts and Commerce.

We asked Gaurav how the NUJS diploma course in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business law has helped him so far in his career. He had very interesting things to talk about his experience with the course. So, we decided to share it with you all as a success story. Over to Gaurav:

I have a lot of friends from the fashion industry and while spending time with them I realized that there is a need for an online fashion discovery portal, but before starting up something similar I wanted to get as much business law knowledge as I could. I wanted to set up a proper structure for my startup, where I have a company and few directors. When you go to an investor and pitch your idea it’s always good to have a strong structure in place.

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So, I was searching the internet for a course which would give me knowledge about business law and entrepreneurial law and I came across this course. I did a lot of analysis before deciding to join this diploma course.

I was start struck with the tag of NUJS. It is such a prestigious and reputed name when it comes to legal education. When such an established brand is backing a course it has to be credible. You can trust the course and be assured that the course material would be authentic and up to the mark.

My purpose of joining the course is totally fulfilled, I have gained all the knowledge I wanted from this course. I saved a lot of money which I would have given to legal counsels if I had not taken this course.

I did not have to use any legal firm to set up my company. I did not have any issues while dealing with the Registrar of Company. Because of the legal knowledge, I gained from this course; I did not employ or engage any legal firm in setting up my company. Till date, I frame my company’s terms and conditions and other legal documents.

The module on business structuring and company formation was very informative; it has helped me to set up my start up without engaging any legal professional.

My partners are planning to use this startup as a base and start something of their own. Few of my partners have got picked up by firms like Google and we are in the process of selling my startup to a big name very soon.

My future plan is to go abroad for an MBA degree and after that, I plan to work as a health care consultant. For being a successful health care consultant you need to be abreast with all business aspects regarding setting up a business, structuring a business and all. This course would be immensely helpful at that time.

I have mentioned this diploma course in my LinkedIn profile and CV. I’m sure this would have a positive impact while applying for my MBA abroad.

I would be happy to recommend this course to anyone. One of my close friends is already enrolled for this Diploma course after I recommended it to her.

I feel almost anyone can benefit from this course. Anyone planning to set up a startup would especially benefit from it. You feel confident when you are empowered with the knowledge of business law. You can plan your startup well, have a good structure and negotiate a good deal with the investors.


  1. Dear Gourav, I wish you all success in your future. Majority of the Trial Court Advocates are ignorant of money making skills. Your diploma may be useful to follow the legal formalities but if you don’t know money making skills all qualifications one may possess may not be useful to lead decent and comfortable life.

    I don’t know whether this diploma is providing any clues on money making skills or not. Out dated Advocate Fee Rules are meant for Trial Court Advocates only but not meant for High Court and Supreme Court Advocates. Even the Banks, Insurance Companies and Corporates are paying less to the Trial Court Advocates by taking Advantage of outdated Advocate Fee Rules but they are liberal in paying hefty fees to High Court and Supreme Court Advocates.

    Our Corporates may have the worth of billions of rupees but their Human Resources Depts are failed to recognize the hidden talents of Advocates. If they recognize they will pay appropriate fee. If the Fee is proper Advocates will provide qualitative services otherwise. In my opinion Corporates failed to enlighten the Advocates about their legal requirements and how they can use the Advocates from Trial Courts?

    Your idea is good to do MBA, the said qualification will provide you guaranteed monthly income.

    At present there is no guarantee of guaranteed monthly income to all Trial Court Advocates. Are Advocates not deprive of their Right to Life, Right to Work and Right to Development? without having sufficient work, income and opportunities? Nobody knows when the Govts. update the outdated Advocate Fee Rules? Then how talented people will enter into legal profession?


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