A corporate law associate pursuing CS, on how the NUJS online Diploma is adding value to her profile and helping her career

November 17, 2015


Praveena Pechetti is currently working as an associate with Tatva Legal and simultaneously pursuing Company Secretary Course (CS).   Apart from her corporate law career she is passionate about social causes and is associated with many NGOs like Make a difference and Alexis society to name a few. She cherishes her experience teaching children in a Juvenile home.

She completed the NUJS diploma in entrepreneurship administration and business law in 2014 and graduated from Symbiosis Law School on 2015. Over here she talks about her experience with the NUJS diploma course, and how it helped his career. Over to Praveena.

I joined the NUJS diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Law while I was in the 3rd year of my law school. I stumbled upon this course while searching the internet for a course which would fill the gap between the theoretical knowledge provided in college and the practical knowledge needed in the corporate world. I felt that the college curriculum is not efficient enough to equip people for jobs; it lacked the necessary practical approach.

My  decision to join the course was a very informed one, I researched about the course online and spoke to iPleaders team at least  3-4 times before signing up for the diploma course.

I decided to take up this course because it provided the in-depth practical knowledge of different laws which I was looking for; I also feel that this course increases employment opportunity.  I strongly feel that this course has added value to my profile.

I’m hundred percent satisfied with the course and my expectations from the course were totally fulfilled. The course provided a holistic view on each topic like contract drafting and liquidation preferences. The webinars were really helpful; they gave us fresh new insights and access to the best brains in the industry.

I especially found the modules on Investment Law to be the interesting.  The modules on Liquidation preferences, FDI and NRI banking were most interesting.

I benefited the most from the Capsule course on SHA and SSA drafting lessons. I still refer the course and get good direction from it, and I take notes and patterns from it while drafting agreements.

Due to the nature of the work during my internship, I could not apply much of what I learned from the course. But in my current job as an associate with the law firm, it is proving to be very relevant.

Not just the course curriculum, I have benefited immensely from the mentorship provided by iPleaders team and career services such as CV consultation and mock interviews.  I got a sense of direction and completely changed my CV after the guidance provided by them.

I found studying and the overall course experience to be very smooth and value adding. The course was so structured that it was not difficult to study this course along with 2 other full-time courses.

I have even mentioned this diploma in my CV and my LinkedIn profile. I did not have a formal interview for my current job because I was interning with the same organization and was offered this job only on the basis of my dedication and performance at the time of internship.  However, I’m sure my employers would have considered the course and the knowledge I have gained through it.

When you do CS it is totally compliance related, contract drafting is a part of CS and this course gives an in-depth view about it. CS can’t teach what this diploma teaches. This is the only course from which I’m able to apply practical knowledge directly in my work, especially modules like drafting an agreement. I would definitely recommend the NUJS diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Law to anyone who wants to pursue corporate law as a career and to people pursuing CS or who have already completed CS.

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