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We ignore the most vital things and run towards the crowd; just by reading the first line, you would not understand what I am trying to say, but yes, in the end, you will believe in it as well. So, in this article, I will share a comprehensive structure about networking, real-life examples, and hacks to build networking (trust me, I know many platforms that you might not be aware of). Further, this article is especially for young lawyers, law students and graduates, and law aspirants who want to learn the nitty-gritty of networking. In simple words, this article talks about “how networking can be built.” 

I believe there are barely any individuals talking about how to build a network and the importance of doing so in the legal field. Everyone keeps telling us “Go, build a network, because it is important” but no one tells us “HOW?” A few questions might occur in your mind like “Why do people always guide us indirectly, like a puzzle?” or “Why don’t they just keep things simple?” Well, worry not, I am going to keep things simple and straightforward in this article because I myself don’t like to solve puzzles for basic necessities of life. 

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NETWORKING is a necessity of life. Yes, you read it right! Human beings are social animals (most common dialogue, but it is vital that one understand the meaning behind it). 

In this article, I am going to explain how amazing networking can be built without any strong efforts. Yes, I will be talking about how you can build great connections with CEOs, businessmen, entrepreneurs, experts, teachers, professors, employees, employers, HRs, or anyone with whom you wish to build a powerful network.  

Let me first explain the structure of this article. I will not keep it very long, but yes, I will explain it in bullet points, headlines, and real-life examples at the end, along with some extraordinary hacks and personality development tricks that will help you achieve a goal of networking with the right people. So let’s begin, shall we? 

It takes time to meet the right people 

The truth is, you may have to meet 500 people to meet the right person. There is hardly anyone who will tell you this harsh reality of life, yes it’s true you might meet 500 people but only 10-12 may stay connected with you at your present movements professionally as well as personally. In this article, I am going to write about how you can meet those 500 people. I can help you in finding these 500 people rest will be in your hands only.

No matter your personality, you can still learn the art of networking

Are you an extrovert or an introvert? You know what? It is just a myth; there is no such thing as an extrovert or an introvert. We open up to those whom we trust, respect, love, and care about the most, and trust me, it has nothing to do with blood relations. Now is the time to return to your childhood and recall a time when you helped your friend’s mother more than you needed to help your own mother (does that make sense?). Simply put, it has nothing to do with blood; the reason for all of this is where your energy is taking you. Now, stop giving yourself excuses that you are very introverted, so you don’t like meeting people;  you are an extrovert who will only meet people to get a sense of leisure. We are both introverts when it is difficult for us to share our feelings of pain or pleasure, and extroverts when we party, celebrate, and sometimes talk too much with those around us. 

Let’s get down to business: “How can we build a network?” You’ve looked for it and read it, and I’m sure you’re feeling lonely, vulnerable, and stressed about networking; don’t worry, you won’t feel that way after reading this article. 

Building a network in a professional space

A single, short, one-word answer is “HELP”. You must help your surroundings with a strong will that you truly want to help them, no matter what (rationally), and the magic that I am about to reveal to you is that the only people for whom you feel like helping (no matter what) will have the potential to turn your life upside down or upside up; I have experienced both so I can reveal this secret. 

Always remember, the zeal to help someone is not common 

Do you know what consumes a lot of your energy? The effort is required when you subconsciously decide to help someone without even realising it. There, you need to make sure you help the right person. If you help the right person, it might change your life drastically, but yes, if you help the wrong person with the same zeal, it might destroy you too.

Choosing connections virtually

You don’t need a big, heavy website to build a professional network; always start small and keep increasing it. Connecting with people in virtual reality is the easiest thing to do. For example, you can join several WhatsApp groups, Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, Telegram groups, YouTube subscriptions, Bumbles, and Tinders you name it- but ask yourself: Are these connections real? Will any single person from these above-mentioned groups be affected if something bad happens to me? Will these connections help you if you are searching for a job badly? Will these connections reach out to me and instruct me on what is right and wrong? Clear your mind; these virtual connections are useful to show up or show off what you already have, what you can offer, and what you are good at. What can you do for them? Again, to be clear, I am not talking about vague, weak connections; I am talking about strong relationships and how you can build them. You can live a stress-free life if you only have one or two strong connections with the right people.  

You don’t have to be excellent at something to build a strong connection. “When you meet someone and then return home and sit alone and think, “You have no worries in life,” you’ve made the right connection. This is what you need to keep looking for, is the connection making you more worried in life, like you are not enough, or does it strike out some kind of passion in you, make you fearless, and make you feel that you are enough. This is where you need to realise this is the right connection. You might meet such people once a year or once in several weeks or months, but yes, this is exactly how you will recognise the right connection. Let’s end the conversation at a deeper level. Now let’s begin with the conversation at the outer space/upper level. 

Real-life hacks to build networking

Basically, these are the options where you can meet people who share your interests. 

Sitting in the courtroom and hearing judges and advocate speak 

One important hack is to sit in the courtroom and listen to judges and advocates. I’ve never tried this hack, but most senior counsellors advise us to. 

Join physical sessions by Bar Councils

I remember how Saket Court and the Delhi High Court Bar Council kept organising sessions on different legal topics. Sometimes they also organise events for MR. Advocate and Miss Advocate, and anyone can easily take part in them. 

Attending events

One can also join offline events through various legal platforms, such as LawSikho, iPleaders, and Skill Arbitrage, inter alia. Presently, Lawsikho is the only organisation that organises weekly offline events/meetups every Friday at “The Circle Works, Huda City Centre, Metro station, Gurugram.”

Events are the best things that anyone can easily attend and gain knowledge from while also building networking skills. LawSikho has recently started their offline events, every Friday, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., at The Circle Huda City Centre, 5th Floor, Boardroom, Gurugram, Haryana. We named it “LawSikho Dialogue”. In these weekly events, LawSikho invites well-known legal personalities such as:

  1. Sumit Chander (Supreme Court Advocate), 
  2. Mr. Bishwajit Dubey (Partner at Amarchand Mangaldas Delhi NCR Office), 
  3. Swaneet Bhatiya (Language and Legal English Expert & Faculty at LawSikho), 
  4. Vikash Chandra Shukla (Law Firm Partner at Prudential Partners), and 
  5. Advocate Bhumesh Verma (Managing Partner at Corp Common Legal).  

LawSikho has organised 30+ offline events in Gurugram so far, and many of our attendees have gotten internships, freelance work, and made new friends. Sometimes, many advocates attend these events just to get expert opinions from guest speakers so they can argue better in court. For further details on such events by LawSikho, you can always contact me on my WhatsApp at 8979233993. 

As you can see, events, sessions, and webinars in offline mode play an important role in building a network. Now let’s talk about several online platforms where you can get updates about such offline events and sessions. 

Offline events

Good platforms to stay updated about all kinds of offline events

TownScript, Book My Show, and Couchsurfing (I’ve used these platforms, and they’re great for meeting people and attending offline events). 

Stepping out, meeting people, building relations 

You need to step out to meet people and build real relationships. If you are lazy, scrolling reels day and night, then it is a strong sign you need to step out and have real connections in life, and if you are feeling that, despite everything, you are lacking in something, then step out and talk with people in offline mode also.

Having evening snacks with a well-known law firm partner and talking to him about real problems in life is a blessing hardly everyone gets: When you compare yourself to a guy doing his LL.B. at a university in a small district with few opportunities, you will see this offline event opportunity as a diamond in your fist. I have seen how those who stepped out of their comfort zone have reached far and are now in the most protective environment. 

A connection can be virtual, but networking is not 

As I mentioned above, out of 500, only a few will actually be next to you, and to build that, you just need to step out and explore as many opportunities as possible. 

Real-life example 

I thought of giving my life example, but it will make this article lengthy, which I don’t want, but yes, I can tell you one thing: my life changed from the downside to the upside just by having one strong connection, network, or whatever you call it. I will definitely be sharing my life story in the next article. I hope this article will both help you and give you the courage to meet the right people in the right places. If you enjoyed reading this article or found it useful, please leave me a message on my WhatsApp number, 8979233993. 

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