In this blogpost, Mayuri Khandelwal, a student of IInd year, Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur, writes about the procedure which needs to be followed before filing a complaint against any content which has been broadcasted, and also mentions various forums under which such complaint can be filed.

Media owners aim to drive revenues through sensationalizing content to draw more and more viewers from the buying class of the society. They have self-regulation instead of state control. But a user should know that his powers are not restricted to switching over to another TV channel or tune into another radio station if you find content provoking or inappropriate to be shown on national television. You can legally file a complaint against that media content.

Grounds on which complaint can be filed

  1. To file a complaint, the user has to be sure that the content, against which the complaint is being filed, should fall under the following categories of violations:
  • Child Abuse: This includes child maltreatment like physical, mental, sexual or emotional abuse of children. Child marriages are also covered under this head.
  • Violence against Women: This category deals with offences which are gender specific.
  • If the user finds anything which contains anything obscene or nudity or sexual conduct which is not appropriate for children.
  • Broadcasting anything which creates superstition in the minds of the viewers.
  • Any content which creates a communal disturbance or promotes violence, it can be in the form of any speech, statement or any video. Also, the content which is against the law and order the country.
  • Excessive usage of drugs, alcohol and solvent abuse.
  • Coarse and offensive language or the content which contains explicit scenes of violence.
  • Content which contains criticism of friendly countries.
  • Criticizing any particular religion or a particular caste or tribe in the country.

However, it is to be noted that this list is not exhaustive.

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  1. Then the user needs to record that piece of content which according to him is objectionable; this can be done either electronically or by making notes.
  2. Another important thing to be kept in mind is that the user must always note the name of the show in which such objectionable content is being shown with the name of the channel and the date and time of the broadcast.

Time period for filing the complaint

A complaint should be made to the broadcaster, within 7 days from the date of the first broadcast of that particular episode or news or the show, which is broadcasting such content, and the time period shouldn’t exceed more than that.

Procedure for filing the complaint

  1. Immediately record the biased segment or message. Note the basic 5W’s: who, where, what, when, why and how. Then write down clear details, also try to describe in detail what was said or shown and in what context. Make sure to write down the correct name of the show, the channel responsible for the segment, along with the exact date and time.
  2. Mention the objection first then use a constructive approach for more strategic reasons. A polite and moderate tone projects an image of reason, firmness and seriousness. Try to avoid being emotional and using the words which suggest insults, threats or overreaction. Remember that your main goal is to get a public apology, and prevent further bias and mobilize public support for your viewpoint. Using antagonistic and negative approach often makes people more defensive, and this stops them to take any suggestions or demands for change.
  3. Always communicate directly to authority- For practical purposes, you may find it more persuasive and effective to send your complaint to EMCC and also to the concerned channel. And it’s very important that you always keep a copy of your complaint for future references and records.

Various laws applicable on the operation of cable television

In the year 1995, in the famous “Airwaves” case wherein the Hon’ble Supreme Court said that “the broadcasting media should be under the control of the public and distinct from the Government”. But there are certain acts for the regulation of media.

The Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act 1995- This act aims to provide a basic framework to regulate the operations of cable television broadcast across the Indian Territory. According to this Act, channels on TV and radio are bound to adhere to advertising and programme codes prescribed by the Law. And the non-adherence to the standard codes can lead to legal proceedings under the Criminal Procedure Code.

This Act was further amended in the year 2000, and 2002, to include new developments in broadcast media, such as Direct-To-Home services. Apart from this, The Cinematographic Act, 1952, also gives powers to government nodal agencies to regulate content in films and video productions.


EMMC has the authority to monitor broadcasters and cable operators with reference to the quality of the content they are broadcasting. If something is of mediocre quality and has content that many may find violating the ethics of society, or any guidelines and any Law of the Government of India, then viewers can file a complaint.

Bccc – broadcasting content complaints council

Broadcasting Content Complaints Council (BCCC) is the self-regulatory body for non-news, general entertainment channels (GECs) set up by the Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF) in consultation with the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting (MIB). BCCC has so far, issued ten advisories relating to the necessary restraint on the content of television shows. The advisories issued by the committee headed by Justice AP Shah are Portrayal of women, Treatment and Sexualisation of children along with their health and safety, Telecast of award functions, Treatment of animals/wildlife, TV comedy shows, Telecast of content on children’s or cartoon channels, Telecast of content sensitive to minorities and Showing acid attacks on TV.

News Broadcaster Association (NBA)

This is another agency which seeks consumer complaints against unlawful reporting. It is an industry consortium for news broadcast channels and aims to promote self-regulation in news reporting. It mainly deals with the news channels.

Zee broadcasting

Zee Corp. has taken an initiative under which any complaint relating to the content of TV channels of Zee Media Corporation Ltd can be registered under the Code of Ethics & Broadcasting Standards and News Broadcasting Standards (Disputes Redressal) Regulations of News Broadcasters Association (NBA) to the person appointed by the Company[1].

There are some complaints registered against TV shows like:-

  • Jodha Akbar telecasted by Zee TV;
  • Nach Baliye 7 telecasted by Star Plus
  • Balika Vadhu telecasted by Colors TV.

In April last year, the Council had even issued an advisory to all channels asking them to ‘refrain from airing any content that may amount to misuse or wrong depiction of the national flag, national emblem, national anthem and map of India’. The body has sent the advisory to all the channels and reiterated the points stated in the document.


Guidelines one can refer to while filing a complaint against a TV show or NEWS channel

Though it is the responsibility of the Government to regulate the electronic media but ultimately viewers play a very significant role in regulating the media and this can be done by raising their voices which will ultimately benefit the society and secure our values and ethics.


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  1. I’m also against with the decision of Salman Khan.if the big Boss S13 is already decided the winner & favor on sidharth shukla then why they wasted ours important time of 140days.
    I have a big complain for a tv reality show called biggboss on colors TV which is showing torturing and disgusting harassing content to viewers. A contestant named Sidharth Shukla is violently pushing and threatening another contestant named Asim Riaz but creative team is not stopping him in fact backing him by praises on WKW. Poor guy Asim Riaz been bullied of 5 other contestants at a time and bearing all this with patience no warning for these contestants but humiliation for this guy every week. Sidharth Shukla have been seen harassing and disrespecting other female contestants too but creatives ignored all this just to make him fixed winner. Audience are so tortured and tired of this injustice please look through all this matter.

  2. hello. I have a big complain for a tv reality show called biggboss on colors TV which is showing torturing and disgusting harassing content to viewers. A contestant named Sidharth Shukla is violently pushing and threatening another contestant named Asim Riaz but creative team is not stopping him in fact backing him by praises on WKW. Poor guy Asim Riaz been bullied of 5 other contestants at a time and bearing all this with patience no warning for these contestants but humiliation for this guy every week. Sidharth Shukla have been seen harassing and disrespecting other female contestants too but creatives ignored all this just to make him fixed winner. Audience are so tortured and tired of this injustice please look through all this matter.

  3. hello. I have a big complain for a tv reality show called biggboss on colors TV which is showing torturing and disgusting harassing content to viewers. An contestant named Sidharth Shukla is violently pushing and threatening another contestant named Asim Riaz but creative team is not stopping him infect backing him by praises on WKW. Poor guy Asim Riaz been bullied for 5 other contestant at a time and bearing all this with patience no warning for these contastnat but humiliation for this guy every week. Sidharth Shukla have been seen harassing and disrespecting other female contestants too but creatives ignored all this just to make him fixed winner. Audience are so tortured and tired of this injustice please look through all this matter.

  4. Hi !
    I am writing this from Punjab and i want to file this against Show coming up on ColorsTv under Viacom18 head named “BigBoss”
    This show is giving audience mental stress as it is promoting bulling,abusing,physical violence,vulgarity.
    The show is completely biased towards One of their male contestant.
    It is disgusting to watch a 40 yr old man along with his gang bullying a 26 yr old guy.
    Show is encouraging the bullying to do that!

    I would request you to kindly do something against this!!

  5. I am Preeti Singh From Gurgaon, there is Reality show BigBoss 13 , this show is totally Biased towards 1 Contestant his Name is Sidharth Shukla , as Creative Team Head Miss Manisha Sharma has Some Close Connection with him
    They Tortured every day to Viewers, We badly Go through the this, Who So much Effects Mentally, some Fans Tried to Harm themselves,
    This Channel Blindly Supported Violence ,Abused & Soft Porn content for TRP
    The Constant Siddharth Shukla pushing & Abused families to other from last 2nd Week to till the time , but makers does not even Warned Him, Even The Host Bollywood Actor also Promote This Violence Openly for Money only
    They are Openly playing With Viewers Emotions
    As it’s Family Reality Show but they Cross all the Limits
    There are 1 Contestant that name is Asim Riaz, who is Not a Big Name in Industry
    Who Comes From Jammu & Kashmir, that Makers harassed him so Badly, as their is a Contract so he can not leave the show, as if he leaving without Elimination he has to pay 2 Crore Rupees, which he can not pay,and he getting so much Vote from Audience as he playing with so much Dignity,
    But makers not taking a single Action on that, who bully Him, Pushed him more than 20 times so hard, also Abused him & his Family so low level
    Even not to allow to any one to Support him, Sidharth shukla openly threatened him that he will kill Asim Riaz after this Big Boss, threaten also on front of Host Salman Khan Today As well
    No no action taken by Any one
    Also Makers Planning to Announced on finale Fixed Winner to Sidharth Shukla ..

    Note– I am writing behalf of More than 1 Million Viewers who actually going through this Pain..
    Request to please Warn them to Take Action as Per noms and Eliminate to Sidharth Shukla Asap

    Only 3 weeks are left for Finale, so take action Asap

  6. ZEE BANGLA is daily soap broadcasting channel,the medium being Bengali.This Channel has been airing a daily called “KRISHNOKOLI AMI TAREI BOLI” where the protagonist is shown as a woman with dusky complexion.Meanwhile showcasing objectionable behaviour towards the women with every new episode,this week’s episode started off with subjecting the girl to torture and racist comments based on her dusky complexion.They have gone overboard with it now.This will be brought to notice anytime soon now.So it is suggestive for the franchise to scrutinise and show valuable and less ridiculous content already.Its 2020.Shame on you Zee Bangla!

  7. I am Veteran Colonel Ashok Naik from Army, now in Pune. I want to Complain against against A Marathi Serial on ‘Zee Yuva’. ‘Prem, Poison, Panga’. It is Promoting SUPERSTITION. It started on Monday 28 Oct 2019 from 2030 to 2100 Hrs. It shows A Young Girl turning into a ‘ICCHA DHARI NAGIN’, RIGHT FROM FIRST EPISODE. I am Sure that All of You will Agree that This Serial MUST BE STOPPED. It is REALLY SICKENING to see Such Content. Being a Simple Soldier I do Not know how to Complain to the Authorities, Will Someone Kindly Help Me & Do it on My behalf ??

  8. The serial Tarak Mehta ka ulta chasma needs to control the womanizing attitude of Jethalal character.He is shown flirting around whenever Babita is around. Is it acceptable to flirt with your neighbour’s wife ??? Very cheap & unfortunate that the contents are inserted just because the program is running out of funny ideas.
    Kids grow up watching such vulgarity and records this as good habit.

    You are requested to restrict this kind of vulgarity as Tarak Mehta ka ulta chasma watched my most of the kids.

  9. Hi , This is Umamagesh From chennai.

    My family most of time watching vijai tv and sun tv for serials and shows.But channels are allowing half nude dressed adds (like poomex & naidu hall and other lady inner wear adds ) now a days. Some time they repeating two times too that adds. Also they are fixing this adds for important shows.

    This is really notacceptable and bad to see with family(mother children and daughters) and it will make some bad impacts with childrens.

    Kindly make a quick step to stop these add.

    Thanks a lot

  10. The torture given to Anandi in Nayagi serial beings telecast in Sun TV at 8.00 pm is horrible and shows police in bad light. Just can’t watch a pregnant lady being treated like this. Please step in.

  11. All television serials should write a statuatory warning or.message before the show starts. All the characters shown in this show are only not identical and any.kind of activities shown are not roxbe replicated or behaved in same manner. Killing of humans or thiniking of such activity are offensive. Please implement as telugu serials are showing lot of wrong things like planning for killing, different methods. And so on. Please do something. Also message should be shown in regional language. ” we all are responsible Indian citizens and should not behave negatively or hate cocitizens and live peacfully with equality

  12. I am writing to complaint against a TV show promoting illegal second marriage.

    “Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata hai” this show has been running on Star Plus from last 10 year. Millions of people watches this show world wide and get inspired; infect I am myself is writing from North America but lately this show is showing an illegal second marriage which is a very bad message to the ociety.

    This show has been watched by every age people, Kids, Youth,Old, Male Female everyone.

    In this show right now the Lead Pair who are not just married twice in the show but they have been portrayed as Ram Sita and Shiv Parvati in the show. about 2 months ago show has taken 5 year leap where lead were separated and Male lead thinks that his wife is dead but her dead body was never found, later it was shown that she is alive and living with her son alone.

    Now when makers are showing male lead going to remarry; fans has asked question that this marriage is illegal as per Indian Law and Hindu Marriage Act 1955 no one can remarry for 7 year if spouse is missing and dead body not found. So many people has requested Makers not to show this illegal Marriage Track as this is a very bad message for the society but the Team is so adamant to show all this.

    Team is very rude to these request and did not want to answer that why they are promoting such thing. Team is telling people that don’t watch if you don’t like but we will show whatever because we are getting TRP with all this. They are also telling people that its fiction so they can show illegal content. this is a big insult to Indian Law, Hindu Marriage ACT 1955 and also our believe in marriage.

    They are making mockery of Hindu Marriage Act and Also Indian Law Order by showing this illegal Marriage, A Husband and a father of 4 Year old will have 2 wives now. A kid will witness his father’s second wife other than his mother. This is way beyond disgusting, so many people has quit watching the show but I am sure there are still millions of who are watching.

    This illegal marriage is going to pollute the society and upcoming generation as you may have an idea how much impact these shows leave on our mind. Never have seen such a pathetic and disgusting thing on TV ever which we are witnessing now.

    I am writing you on the behalf of many people who wanted to make a compliant against this illegal marriage track.

    No one has right to make fun of Indian Law Order and Hindu Believes.

  13. Sony ten HD is regularly showing condom ads during India WI matches between 8pm to 10 pm even though these are banned from 6am to 10 pm.
    I hope authorities will do the needful and penalize the broadcaster.

  14. Hello
    This is Pranali M Karande. I stay in pune
    Now a days there is new serial started jeevlaga on star pravah. They show episodes only for 10mints brak time for this serial is around 20mints

    This serial time is just so less. I feel this serial is making fool to audience which is not good

    Second and most important thing is they show in recap different but in actual serial that not happens at all I think they should be clear loyal with the audience if they can’t maintain healthy relationship with audience then audience is not going to show any interest in this serial

    Please check my comments and take some action on jeevlaga serial which is on star pravah


  15. Recently in the serial “Happu ki Ultan Paltan,” a LIVE chicken was brought, they gave it to their neighbor and asked him to make chicken dinner. In that they also describe from their dialogues the various body parts of that chicken how they enjoyed eating it. For non vegetarians it would be a very normal content but actually it is directly promoting violence towards animals. It is giving a very bad impact to the society. I request the channel not to show such contents on TV.

  16. The serial Nayagi the episode dated 20/04/2019 shows women in a very bad manner. Two girls are approaching their collage mates to morph another girl’s photo with some unknown people to create a pic that girl is in a compromising position. These sorts of scenes are creating a very bad and vulgar example as the serial is being watched by even children. This is highly condemnable. This was telecast in SUN TV and the director is KUMARAN. Serious action is to be taken against this serial director and the entire team.

  17. Hi there are many tamil serial which is broadcasting all negativity within a family which usually creates major impact in the family i request all tamil channel broadcaster for increasing yiur TRP dont telecast these types of serials. And also to those who are acting in the negative character are you all not ashamed of doing this or when the director ask you to these roles. If they are giving you money will you do anything they adk you to do. Do you care about the society what will happen and the impact which you are creating in the families. For the director and producer if you want to really care for the welfare of our families and children stop taking these types of serials and get into a comedy like serials or educational types one where you will have good audience also and people will appreciate

  18. “Complain against the makers of Krishna Chali London for Logicless and Wrost Story content/Ideas”. Women heater KCL makers make Krishna Shukla (Main female character) a “Call Girl/VESHYA” because before marriage she loved and engaged Prashant after death of his beloved husband Radhe Lal Shukla she wants to love Dr Veer (who intensionally killed Radhe by a car accident). How can Krishna (as an Indian lady) love Dr Veer? How is it possible? Krishna should expose Dr Veer as a Murderer and should Punish him for Life Long and prove herself that she is not a characterless woman and loyal wife of Late Radhe. As a woman we have dignity, reputation and self respect but makers feel women are weak, leg shoes and characterless. As a loyal viewer I very much suppot “Widow Marriage”. I protest against the content of story ideas and demand for either Off Air or want to see a daring emotional romantic drama between a young dashing man (look a like of Radhe actor Gaurav Sareen can do a
    Guest appearence) and a young widow lady. We audience make it a Super Hit TV. Please help and co-oprarte us and take a Big step against Saurabh Tiwari (makers of KCL). Hope we will get a valuable reply very soon. we

  19. The director us justifying a man’s second marriage showing the victim as antogonist and pity he is trying to give divorce and why it is showing a wrong things via serial of Mouna ragam in Vijay TV Tamil channel. So better stop this serial or ban many of the serials which are really misguiding for the sake of trp rating

  20. I think today’s producers and directors of indian tv serials taking advantage of uneducated womens inspite of creating some realistic and knowledgeable shows which will improve the standard of our society they are just making “Saas-Bahu” serials in which saas is shown as Villain and the only innocent is only “Bahu” who is most caring, does lots of sacrifices and the beginning motive of any serials is something and even that motive is achieved they jump to some another topic.

    one more thing i have been observed if nothing is remains for a channel to broadscast in a show they are just making the loops of that particular topic.

    For Youth there is nothing.Nowadays indian television industry is targeting only ladies.I would like to request to You Guys Plz make something for every one

  21. Ban the Indian Censor Board for not doing their job properly and giving permission to every other shit to air on Indian Channels. The days are not very far when xvideos and pornhub will have their own channel airing in India. Also, the soap operas these days are more responsible for increasing domestic crime rate than any other weapon.
    I would happily drop a nuke over all the fkng persons responsible for such a bad content broadcasting.

  22. I would like to complaint against daily telugu serial broad casted through Zee telugu at 6.30 pm title name ‘Ganga Manga’ . In this director is showing how to learn jealous, hatred and revange among children. This will act as negative force among small children. Please ask them to give good moral messages or else ask them to stop this serial.
    Thank you
    Sivarami Reddy

  23. Dear Team,

    Request your view… One of the newly broadcasting Channel JANAM TV in kerala making commual issue inside the kerala peoples… You can subscribe the channel news updations..They are supporting only BJP and RSS violences and they all making issues and communal violence through channel Report about sabarimala issue….

    India is the one of the largest republican nation in the world…There is no difference between the religion, and caste..

    But now BJP and RSS Making issues and violence… They area supporting hindus only.. They are making issue in all hindus and making issues with other religions… That Janam TV supporting all the violence

    you can watch issues making in One of the most famous and religious temple Sabarimala. I am also a Hindu and devotee.. But First I am taking care about Supreme court…

    Its is a compliant against Newly launched Malayalam New Channael JANAM TV… In the Sabarimala issuse the channel supporting BJP and Rss and making communal issue inside the hindus.. No news they are giving is true.. I am doubt about that. There are so many evidences for they are making issue after supreme court verdict. The channel supporting all violence and you can watch all the channel programs.. Their news, debates, Channels speeches.. All programs… Watch and take can action against the channel

  24. I saw serial ‘tumse hai rabta’ today (04/11/2018) first the way girls are tied up n put on auction sort of selling, is highly objectionable…what message is being given through such acts..?As if it was not enough, another scene where girl gets a gift in which chopped finger of another abducted girl is sent n there is a dialogue afterwards that all fingers would b cut n sent one by one…!! Disgusting….!! Why such things are shown…giving ideas to the miscreants…!! Please check such things..!!

  25. Param avtaar shri krishan me makers apni marzi kuch bhi faltu ulta sidha stroy bnakar dikhate hai only trp or earning ke liye. Public ko pagal bna rahe hai radha krishan avtaar me bhut stroy different trha se dikha rahe vo kirdaar vo lila jbki radha kor krishn k jiwan me hui hi nahi….for example….radha ko aadhishakti bna diya or 9 rup me pesh kr diya sach me aisa lgta h jese public pagal hai jo marzi dikha do or bhkto ki aashta ke sath khelo…or dhrm ko apni marzi se kuch bhi mod do dilha do…..mahisasur or rakatbij ko devi gori durga ne mara tha….or 9 rup parvati ke hai…naaki radha ke hai….pgal bna ke logo ki aastha se khel ho raha hai…pta nhi jo log jante hai sab fir bhi kuch nhi bol rahe hai…please dont missue or misguide public…radha krishan ki alhadini shakti hai prema shakti anandmya shkti jo krishan ke sath golok dham me viraajman hoti or vhi vaikunt me vishnu ke sath laxmi rup me hai…..naaki aadhishkti naa hi unke 9 rup hai…aadhishakti durga gori parvati hai or shiv ki patni hai…jo kailash lok me viraajman hai….agr thodi akal hoto granth utaou pdo or tab serial banou…

  26. One of telesope serialmuskan which is on telecast on air on dated on 22oct2018 onchannel star bharat on time about 10 pm in which they intensnally impeach the Hindus bhagwan colour by using illigal kidnapping in the serial please take appropriate action against the producer and director of musk and serial

  27. I want to file complaint about the TV Show
    BIG BOSS….. which is creating a bad impact on Society.
    I wonder…how so many people are interested to see it.
    May be due to influence of Celebraties who are involved with that.
    With passing time it has come to Season 12.

    Where will we go????
    How much we lose or forget our values??

    Would anyone listen?????

  28. I want to request to stop the serial Silsila badalthe riston ka which is telecasting in colors channel
    The makers always try to encourage extra martial afire is in good way.
    This show spreading negative impact and ruin the minds of all
    One of my friend recently effected badly by this worst concept and totally injustice to the wife who loves her husband much got cheated by him and also her friend.
    Please stop this serial immediately.

  29. Now a new program has started. This serial has heard a string in the buground, this word #haiyaa_allal_falah, which is given in the word, words come in it ajan, then you are requested to please stop it.

  30. Dear sir,
    There is an advertisement in a telugu tv which is very abusing, damaging and degrading about women and girl child. The advertising creates very much in security feeling about to woman and girl child herself. If your authority has not stopped the upcoming serial, the viewers especially women and girl children will face a lot of insult and insecurity which is not proper without stopping on part your controlling authority. Pls take immediate steps to stop this immediately for the concern of viewers.
    If at all your authority is only for doing good protecting and respecting the feelings of the public viewers and not for protecting the commercial cheap business tricks, pls stop the upcoming serial immediately.

  31. I want to complain about the serial SILSILA BADALTE RISHTO KA because it is giving a wrong message to society. It is effecting the mental state of people seeing this serial. Concept of serial is totally non sense plz stop this serial asap

  32. i really want this serial to stop the unappropriate content from the show i am tlaking about the serial Silsila bdalte rishto ka how can you show such nasty relation where a friend is helping pity friend of her who cant stand for herself against her husbnd and on the other hand same friend is in love with her friends husband and friend husbnad is falling in same feeling this un appropreate relation is showing bad impact in society why will any women stnd for her own friend struglling with a bad situation whn her own house and husbnds are being snatching away.. they all are mature enough to have control on emotions and realise what they are for each other how can they just fall in away…. i really want producer need to chnge this stupid concept of his

  33. I not want to complaint about any content of any channel but just I want to ask a question ?……Why our news channels show most of time only political news. There are lots of content to show, but only for TRP they show that kind of news which is really not relevant to normal people life. Our most of channel just show about cricket as a sport. But, not even one channel take personally interest to show about all the sports like cricket. They can show news about football and all the other sports but nobody is interested in it. As FIFA comes near all the channel start to show about football as FIFA gone nobody even remember football and all other games. If media don’t do this then how football and other sports can get motivate. You tube can’t do everything like official media and news channels. News channels just show, what happened in politics. Why why why our news channels not interested in to change our India. If news channel wants then they can help to much to change our India by doing a such good tasks. All time news channel just interested in to show which political party is how much power full in which area , how the progress of any political party. Why media not understand that, normal people like me not interested in this kind of news all the day. If one person has a power to change something and he/she don’t use that power to do something good change then what is the meaning of that power. That’s I want to know. They can show innovative shows , different idea show and lots of.

    Thank you.

  34. Sir
    i have having Dish TV , During normal days we can see DD national channel but during international match timing the same channel is blocked by service provider and urge to pay additional money to see these matches on private channels
    Need intervention

  35. Please dnt telecast some Telugu news Chanel’s (TV9,ABN,TV5,maha TV),very abusing and worst Chanel’s,and public very sufferd to this

  36. TV9 ,TV5, ABN channels are waste channels these channels not maintaining gernolism politics telecasting wrong news pease ban it

  37. I want to complain of various TV channels who are doing just all objectionabls grounds like :
    Broadcasting anything which creates superstition in the minds of the viewers.
    Any content which creates a communal disturbance or promotes violence, it can be in the form of any speech, statement or any video. Also, the content which is against the law and order the country.
    (1) All Indian newschannel selectively targetting Muslim community try to showing all are criminals implementing hidden criminal political agenda in which big riots may happen thousands to lakhs of people may be killed.
    (2) Almost all Indian channels just spreading superstition by way of making twisted mythological contents.
    (3) Sony and Crime Patrol channel are just creating the serial based on muslim criminal trying to spread hatred among non-muslims creating base for riots.
    (4) Last but no least Indian Film Industry in which almost every film the vilian is Muslim or Muslims are being shown as criminal try to spread hatred in Non Muslims again making foundation for riot.

  38. Recent ban on condom ads between 6am to 10pm is a welcome move.
    Similarly, there should be ban on Sanitary Pads as the content is becoming more obscene, wherein the camera focuses on rear and sometimes even zooms-in.
    There are now ads showing school girls looking behind and dancing on songs, this is not necessary.
    Some are now showing fragrance emitting so foul smell doesn’t come and people in public places smell the fragrance.
    WTF, this should tone down or banned completely. Girls / Women know what they need and village women need different type of education, not this.

  39. Recently I came across Voot app advertising on colors tv, in this ad they show a boy in swimming attire near the pool engrossed watching cartoons on a cell phone. This ad delineates such wrong message to young kids, please it’s not ok for kids to use cellphones to watch videos and specially while you are outside in a public swim centre, it is also a major safety hazard. What are we teaching kids ! “Unacceptable “

  40. Savdhaan India is a crime show and it’s running daily for about 6-10 hours on Star Bharat channel.It shows crime scene and it’s investigation but in a brutal way and that cruel things may affect children, adolescents and teenagers.most of all mentality of those become aggressive and they even start thinking killings and in a brutal way torturing someone is “Normal”.This program can also be motivation for some criminals and criminal minded to find out new ways of crimes in a negative manner.So I request you to please shut down,Not only this but also many more crime/investigation genre TV shows,As these may spoil future of those children and vulnerable and humanity as well.These are future of India , getting spoiled by such daily”dose” of crime… Just think about it…

  41. Hi want to file a complain against the bigg boss 11 contestants on colours Tv puneesh sharma and bangadi karla they are such cheap and shameless showing shameless behaviour on TV,bigg boss is a family show keeping such cheap and shameless people on the show is only damaging the value of the show and the efforts of the deserving contestants,please I request colours TV to evict both of them ,they just damaging our ethics and values of indian cinema .

  42. Channel Mtv is totally offensive. Splitsvilla and India’s next top model both shows are offensive.
    Both shows should be banned.
    Both shows leave a bad impact on audience .
    Both shows there is violent language and use of offensive word .

  43. M.D.Koushik is an artist and magician. He behaves like a rude manners against fans and programme conductors. I request to take a proper action against him. This complaint will be auctionable as soon as possible. This is rahul. He scolded using a local languages. M.D. Koushik phone No:080-39627586
    No,2414/64, 10th main, E-Block, Rajajinagar, 2nd stage , Bangalore-560010 Near east -west school.
    Thanking you sir,

  44. Star plus serial ” Mere agne mei ” is the most disgusting and abusive language serial towards women . On the name of so called traditional middle class family , how they can use derogatory comments for any women who gets married for the second time . Can’t a women get marry second time , only males have this right ? They can be shown marrying 100 times and it’s ok , but if a women wants to get marry for second time the abusive words are mandatory to use to derogat her image just because she is wants to get marry again . Disgusting serial ” Mere Agne mei ” I hate these types of cheap things , i just hope soon this serial will go off air .

  45. As soon as possible..Crime Patrol,Savdhaan India..all shows should be banned? What it is actually teach you? How to do crime without any fear of our Law..because it is showing flaws of our laws..i think crime patrol & other show are enough to increase the ratio of crime..only showing negative parts & our mentality is easily adopt the negative points first not positive points..simple person can also do crime if it watching daily basis beacuse it will get new idea by this show to do perfect crime & last nothing happened with criminal..ASAP please banned these types of show.
    Most of the stories are fake & most of the story attractive why because most of the stories have Sex & rape only. After that How easily Crime Patrol, Savdhaan India shows the crime scene means nothing is easy to kill someone..why we show the negativity of the people..why don’t we show the positivity of peoples instead of negativity & you also encourage the peoples for do some positive work on daily basis…because on daily many peoples doing good job for others, you mainly focus on how to stop these types of crimes specially in India.what action should be taken by us. Please don’t do you business for long time in the form of Crime Patrol serials. . unneccesarily create fear in mind. it is an harmful serial…Please do needful for the Country…otherwise you will definitely kill innocent peoples by this show..because this show encourage killer to do more crime.

    • I totally agree with you…!! Savdhan India n Crime patrol is running on the basis of rapes n filthy dialogues of rapists..!! Extra marital affairs are shown as if its so common…!! You people are giving ideas to commit such disgraceful acts…!!

  46. I want to file a complaint against the television programmes like crime patrol and savdhaan india etc.
    they all are creating extra preventive effect on the minds of our parents
    I am an engineering student, proceeding into my last year..
    the new hostel rules says closing of gates and food stalls at 8..
    so we friends decided to go to the city and live as paying guests
    but my dad..
    he is restricting me just because his mind is affected because of watching such programmes..
    he is not allowing me to go just by saying that, you may not be guilty, but you may suffer due to your friend’s mistake…
    i would be able to earn money by own in upcoming 4 years..
    and such chidish restrictions..
    I request you to please stop such programmes because altough they are doing a great job but indirectly creating a sense of fear and overprotectiveness in the minds of our parents..
    This is the question of my future living..Please..I request

  47. there was one serial i was watching on &tv, BADO BAHU, which started on an OK note but soon became very derogatory to women who have weight issues. The episode showed physical torture of the protagonist Komal who is made to wash clothes & draw water from well with one hand as her other arm is broken. All this torture because she is fat. A young manipulative cousin is shown to be breaking marriage of her cousin brother Lucky by using all conniving & dirty tactics.By showing this they are demeaning a fat girl with a golden heart. Projecting that goodness is stupid & evil always conquers, is setting bad examples in a society which is full of disputes, crime & ugliness. A marriage being broken only because of obesity, implies that good heart has no value. Writer should consider happiness, acceptance & some comedy in the serial which is required more in the current scenario.

  48. Vikatan Televistas-Prodcution House in Chennai Tamilnadu is an established house of values – is the impression what I inherited from my parents and to an extent personally. But their Deivamagal Mega Serial on Sun TV has trashed my belief and respect on you looking at the way it is screenplayed. Disgrace to a learned society and demeaning to women folk across strata.

    The wickedness enacted by the character Gayatri is very disgusting and a threat to Indian womanhood. Whatever be the opinions of modern thinkers claiming equal rights, in this serial and some of your other serials,woman is certainly portrayed as very heinous and without any morals and ethics in her life. I am sure TN women are iconic for good culture and obedience. On contrast your presentation of Gayatri and her sister Vinodini character is disgrace and dangerous to a good society.Is the Directorial team working with senses and sensitivity of society or such culture is prevailing in their own family is what I doubt.

    What is wrong if we have to sue you for carrying such anti-cultural content enacted by next-door-characters and thus spreading the venom in the society.For God sake don’t get into trap of TRP race. Please guide society not ride on their emotions and values to channel’s gain, your disgrace and most importantly the vulnerable relationships in prevailing society.

    If let to continue the serial may damage society more thus leading to a bad precedent to coming generations who actually need a good cultural grooming.

  49. Dear sir
    my self Vinita Singh On dated 16th Feb 2017 evening some people interchange my debit cards at ATM center in Gurgaon . At that time I am not able to find that but when the do the transaction at that time I come to know that my debit card get change .

    Now I have the CCTV footage of that person from where he did the shopping with my card along with all detail. I go to police station but they also refused to write the FIR .

    PL help me because I must sure this is the proper gang who are cheating people with such type of fraud .

    NAME : Vinita
    PHONE NO .09654790266
    Place. Gurgaon

  50. Colors shows have such derogatory content.. they cover everything like child abuse,black magic,violence against women,foul language,reincarnations… 3rd gender is also not spared now…spare us the horror please…

  51. Ji, JAI HIND! I am a Doctor, I dont watch the idiot box because there is nothing GOOD you can learn all you see is that eeach one is plotting against the other!! Occasionally I watch the Sas Bahu aur Betian Serial in Aaj Tak channel @ 2.25pm on my PC Today I was aghast !! They were showing a clipping of Saath Nibhana Saathiya in which one lady’s throat is deliberately slit by a Kite Manja by a wamp* called GORA or whatever! Tomorrow any person, any kid, teenager, will attempt to murder anyone,and no one would ever know police will register a case of accidental death and the Killer would roam Scot-free.* Are we not aware about the number of crimes inspired by TV serials ?.This is too much !! Why depict HINDU FESTIVALS in a Derogatory way?….Do they have the guts to show anything about MUSLIM or CHRISTIAN FESTIVALS/GOD . Enough is Enough…I want this serial Saath Nibhana Sathiya to be Banned..!! And the Producer/ Director behind Bars!! Any serial or movie or news that does not show high Indian Values should be banned and the promoters and sponsors should be shamed/ exposed and fined heavily so that they will think 100 times before promoting/ producing/ directing any serial/ movies in INDIA.

  52. DT. 09.01.17
    Dear Sir

    Many channels are showing ISIS terror live video. Especialy broadcasted by ABP , AAJ tak etc .This type of videos are not proper to shown. You will notice how meaningless and negative they are.

    Kindly ask news channels to not to air this type of video in future.


  53. Hello
    this is Deepak from Pune, Maharashtra

    i love to watch BARCLAYS PREMIERE LEAGUE football matches on Star Sports 1,2,3 & 4,
    but i think from 01st December 2016 the all matches is broadcasting just on HD channels,
    i dont have an HD TV at home, so what can i do about that???

  54. there are two TV serials being telecasted on ZEE TV namely 1. KUM KUM BHAGYA and 2. MEHAK, comment on the middle class girls” character that these girls sleep with anybody for their financial/personal benefits. Commenting in general about any class of people is highly objectionable. I don’t understand what the viewers feel when they lesson such comments on these serials. Why can not the authorities stop such serials. It seems common man in India means a cheap community, and any Tom Dick and Harry can give any derogatory remarks about this group. I request the people to wakeup and fight for there status and respect in the Indian society.

  55. Dear Sir

    All serials in Malayam channels are anti social and damaging with negative dialogue. Especialy broadcasted by Asia Net. Some are even abusive and damaging to children. Kindly watch these serials for last 15 days – you will notice how meaningless and negative they are.

    Also none of the channels show voluntary disclosure of IB requirements regarding complaints address and contact Details Tel No: etc… Even if it is displayed it is shown very rarely, is small letters– and only for few seconds – – before one is able to read it it passes over.

    Suggest these IB voluntary requirements showing ” COMPLAINT REGISTRATION ADDRESS” be displayed for over one minute every day several times- especially between 7pm to 12 pm. Channels are deliberately not showing these requirements.


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