Event Name: Internationalism Awadh Forum

Date: March 2, 2019

Venue: Uttar Pradesh Urdu Akademi, Lucknow

Organizer: (Abhivardhan, on behalf of) Internationalism

Timings: 11.30 am to 3.00 pm

About the Event:

Awadh is known for its literary aspect, and certainly is the multidisciplinary connotation of life. And, we at Internationalism, believe with that instinctive effort to produce the same initiatives. We thus again announce a special event, with the name of #IAF, Internationalism Awadh Forum. Join us in this confluence, where we are going to address some of the most irresistible global issues of the world with eminent scholars and professionals.

It is a talk event, which comprises of a panel of eminent speakers and professionals, who are going to deal a cracking role on the agenda this year: “Is Globalization 4.0 a Pandora Box?”


  • Prof (Dr.) Bhanu Pratap, Professor of International Law, University of Lucknow
  • Dr Shlesh Gautam, Poet and Assistant Professor in Law, University of Allahabad
  • Anshuman Chaudhary, MUNer and Student, University of Allahabad


  1. Talk Session by Prof (Dr.) Bhanu Pratap on “Future of International Law in the 21st Century”
  2. Talk Session Anshuman Chaudhary on “How we can change scenario for MUNs in UP?”
  3. Talk Session by Dr Shlesh Gautam on “Constitutional Conundrums and the fate of Constitutional Conundrums”
  4. Special Pitching Session by Abhivardhan, Co-Founder, Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law
  5. Introduction to the ISAIL-LIGE chapter at Lucknow
  6. A Poetry Session by Dr Shlesh Gautam.

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